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Book Flights in St Helena Pound

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Buy Flights in St Helena Pound With Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines, bonded by the International Air Transport Association ("IATA"), specialises in finding the best available fares on the widest range of airlines and making them available to you online, with prices in St Helena Pounds.

You can pay with St Helena Pounds in the way that suits you with many flexible payment methods, including Klarna or PayPal Credit.

If your adventure leads you to unexplored paths, explore the selection of lesser-known airlines we showcase. Feel assured as you make bookings on our secure platform. Every fare covers pre-paid taxes and service fees, ensuring that the displayed price is the final price you pay in your preferred currency.

How to Book Flights in St Helena Pound

Step 1 - Search for flights

Search for flights

Firstly, fill out our search form at the top of the page with your departure and arrival airports, the dates you plan to travel, how many passengers will be flying and the fare type you'd like to purchase.

Press the 'Search Flights' button when you're ready to proceed!

How to Book Flights in St Helena Pound

Step 2 - Select currency converter

Select the currency converter

The currency the flights are displayed in should be set to your local currency based on where you reside by default.

However, if your default currency isn't set to St Helena Pounds, you can use our currency converter above the search form to set your currency to St Helena Pounds.

How to Book Flights in St Helena Pound

Step 3 - Search for St Helena Pound

Search for St Helena Pound

To set the currency to St Helena Pounds, enter 'SHP' into the search field and select SHP.

How to Book Flights in St Helena Pound

Step 4 - Confirm booking

Confirm your booking

You should now be able to see all the flight search results with the cost of the flights displayed in St Helena Pounds. Another way to change the currency you're searching in is by using the 'Currency' filter above the results.

If you've found the flights you were looking for, you can confirm your selection and proceed with your booking!

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About the St Helena Pound

The Saint Helena Pound (SHP) is the official currency of Saint Helena, Ascension, and Tristan da Cunha, which are British Overseas Territories located in the South Atlantic Ocean.

While the Saint Helena Pound is the official currency, the British Pound Sterling is also widely accepted and used in these territories. This acceptance of both currencies is due to the fixed exchange rate between the two. The Saint Helena Pound is divided into smaller units called pence, similar to the British Pound. One Saint Helena Pound is equivalent to 100 pence.

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