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Alternative Airlines, bonded by the International Air Transport Association ("IATA"), specialises in finding the best available fares on the widest range of airlines and making them available to you online, with prices in Euros (€ EUR).

You can pay with Euros in the way that suits you with many flexible payment methods, including Klarna or PayPal Credit.

If your journey takes you off the beaten track, consider some of the lesser-known airlines that we feature, and book with confidence on our secure site. All fares include pre-paid taxes and service charges, so the price you see is the price you pay, in your chosen currency.

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How to Book Flights in Euros

About the Euro

The Euro is a currency that is used in 19 of the 28 member states that are part of the European Union. The Euro was introduced in 1999 and was automatically adopted by 11 member states, with more countries following in the following years.

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