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Buy Flights in GUATEMALAN QUETZAL with Alternative Airlines

Search for flights and book in Guatemalan quetzal at Alternative Airlines. We offer a seamless flight booking experience, which can be completed in over 160 different currencies — including Guatemalan quetzal!

How to Book flights in GUATEMALAN QUETZAL

Follow these two simple steps to book flights in GTQ.


Change the currency that you're searching in from default to Guatemalan quetzal with our currency changer tool. You can type in either the currency name or the currency code to do this.

Once you've filled in the details of your search, click 'search flights'.

Alternative Airlines currency changer Guatemalan quetzal


The flight search results page will now display all available flights in GTQ. Select the fare that you want to purchase to and confirm your selection.

Then, just follow the simple instructions on the next page to buy your flights in Guatemalan quetzal.

Alternative Airlines Guatemalan quetzal search results page


The Guatemalan quetzal is the national currency of Guatemala. The quetzal was inserted into the economy in 1925 when it replaced the previous currency — the Guatemalan peso. Since then, the quetzal has remained Guatemala's official currency, with the currency divided into 100 centavos.