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Seoul Tower, South Korea

Buy Flights in Korean Won

Pay for your flights in Korean Won (KRW) with Alternative Airlines. We let you search and buy flights, with all prices presented in Korean Won. The Korean Won is the official currency of South Korea. South Korea is a sovereign state in East Asia, located in the southern portion of the Korean Peninsula. The capital and largest city is Seoul, which has a population of over 10 million people.

Korean Won Denominations

The Korean Won (KRW), the official currency of South Korea, is available in a range of denominations, including both coins and banknotes. Here are the typical denominations of the Korean Won in coins 10, 50, 100, 500 won. For banknotes it comes in 1,000 5,000, 10,000 and 50,000 won.

How to Book Flights in Korean Won

Step 1 - search for flights using the search form

Hunt for flights!

Using the search form at the top of the page, enter the departure and arrival airports as well as the dates you plan to travel, the number of passengers and the cabin class.

Hit the 'Search Flights' button when you're ready to proceed!

How to Book Flights in Korean Won

Step 2 - use our currency converter to search for flights in Korean Won

Select our currency converter

If your default currency isn't already set to Korean Won (KRW), you can use our currency converter at the top of the page to search for Korean Won.

How to Book Flights in Korean Won

Step 3 - type 'KRW' to search for flights in Korean Won

Search for Korean Won

Booking your flights in Korean Won is super easy with Alternative Airlines. To book flights in Korean Won, search for 'KRW' in the search bar and select KRW.

How to Book Flights in Korean Won

Step 4 - select the flights you wish to take

Confirm your booking

You'll now be displayed with all the available flights based on your search criteria with the cost of the flight shown in Korean Won. You can also change the currency you're searching in through the 'Currency' filter above the search results.

Select 'Confirm Selection' once you've found the perfect flight for you. Then proceed with your booking and pay the way you want!


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Buy Flights in Korean Won FAQs

Can I buy flights with Korean Won?

Certainly, when you book your flights through Alternative Airlines, you have the flexibility to make payments in Korean Won (KRW). We provide a diverse selection of currency options, including KRW, to accommodate your preferences, making the booking process more convenient. This means that travelers can confidently reserve their flights using their favored currency, including the Korean Won.