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Buying flights but want to pay in Honduran currency? Alternative Airlines allows you to search for flights in Honduras Lempira (HNL) and complete your purchase in HNL at checkout. 

How to Book flights in Honduran Lempira

Follow these two steps to book flights in HNL.


By using the Alternative Airlines' currency changer, you can change the currency you're searching in to Honduran lempira .

Once you've done this, fill out the search form with the details of your flight search.

Alternative Airlines currency changer Honduran lempira


Because you selected HNL as your currency of choice, all flights displayed will be set in Honduran lempira. 

Just select the fare best suited to you and follow the instructions on-screen to complete your purchase in HNL. 

Alternative Airlines Honduran lempira search results page

About Honduran lempira (hnl)

The Honduran lempira is the official currency of Honduras. The lempira has been the country's national currency since 1931 when it replaced the peso. The Honduran lempira is subdivided into 100 centavos. The currency is distributed into four different coins with values of 5, 10, 20 and 50 centavos. In addition to a number of banknotes. 

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