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A photo of the coastline somewhere in Greece with turquoise seas. In the forefront, someone is holding a Cryptocurrency coin in front of the camera

Top 8 Travel Destinations you can Travel to using Crypto

If you enjoy travelling and are also a cryptocurrency lover who prefers to use digital currency rather than cash, there are plenty of cities around the world that accept cryptocurrency payments. We have come up with a list of 8 cities where you can spend your crypto with no worries at all. After you’ve discovered the destinations you wish to travel to, why not go ahead and book your flights using cryptocurrencies through Alternative Airlines?

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San Francisco, United States

Throughout the US, the city that holds onto the highest number of crypto and blockchain companies is San Francisco. Across the city, you’ll find more than 60 Bitcoin ATMs and over 200 companies that have embraced crypto as payment, many of which are restaurants and bars. These include Curry Up Now, Pizza Patrón and Spirito’s Italian Diner, among many others.

Not only does the city allow you to pay for your meals using cryptocurrencies but it also allows you to use the digital currencies at the many shopping centres, cafes, nightclubs and hotels. The city is a must on any list of crypto-friendly destinations.

City shot of San Francisco at sunset

Take me to San Francisco

If you want to travel to San Francisco, you should fly to San Francisco Airport (SFO). As a bonus, we recommend that you also take a connecting flight to New York City as it’s another city that has displayed its love affair towards cryptocurrencies. For more information on this, our guide on domestic flights within the US offers lots of helpful information.

Airlines that fly to these cities include DeltaUnited AirlinesKLM and Swiss International Airlines. You can look to book your flights using Bitcoin (BTC)Ethereum (ETH) and other tokens within currencies that accept crypto bookings such as Great British Pound (GBP)Euros (EUR)United States Dollar (USD) and more.

Berlin, Germany

The capital city, Berlin, is a remarkable destination for travellers who want to use crypto as the city in total has around a hundred bars, restaurants and apartments accepting digital currencies.

When it comes to exploring this amazing city, why not do so with OBike rental service to help you get around the city quicker. What’s more interesting is that you can actually rent with crypto. You can pay with crypto at places like Lieferheld for some tasty pizza, Leuchtstoff Kaffee Bar for a nice warm cup of coffee and many other places to do your shopping.

Cities like Frankfurt, Hanover and Munich are some of the other cities in Germany that are becoming more crypto-friendly. If you’re looking to fly to other cities within Germany, you should therefore read up on our guide on domestic flights in Germany.

A city shot of Berlin during summer with lots of green trees

Take me to Berlin

If you want to travel to Berlin, you can do so by flying to Berlin Brandenburg Airport (BER). We recommend that you also take a connecting flight to the other cities we’ve mentioned above. The airlines that fly to these cities include DeltaUnited AirlinesKLM and Swiss International Airlines.

Ljubljana, Slovenia

The city of Ljubljana isn’t known to be one of the most popular cities in the crypto world. In spite of that, the city has shown its dedication to Bitcoin and blockchain technology by constructing the world’s first Bitcoin-friendly shopping centre, the ‘Bitcoin City’. With around 500 retail stores and covering more than 1.56 million square feet of commercial space, the mall is full of sellers who have adopted the digital currencies as payment.

Bitcoin City welcomes over 20 million visitors who find many opportunities for entertainment and relaxation. This city is a must for anyone that would like to splurge out on their crypto tokens. Once you’ve arrived at the iconic BTC City, you can look to check-in at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel and enjoy your time at the Arena leisure centre, the Atlantis water park, the Casino Rio gaming salon and the Xpand Vision 3D cinema. You can also find many bars and restaurants and enjoy your time at a nightclub on the rooftop of the tallest building in Slovenia, Crystal Palace.

The city continues to adopt more ways to pay, it now has four bitcoin ATMs and over 200 merchants who say they accept cryptocurrencies. You’ll be able to find this trend across many other cities within Slovenia including Maribor and Trieste.

A photo highlighting the architecture of buildings in Ljubljana, including cobbled streets and red tiled roofs

Take me to Ljubljana

To get to Ljubljana, you would need to fly to the Ljubljana International Airport (LJU) which you can do by using the following airlines Delta Air LinesAir FranceLufthansa and Turkish Airlines. Why not also book domestic flights to the other two mentioned cities above and book using cryptocurrencies such as Ripple (XRP)Litecoin (LTC) and among other tokens in currencies that accept crypto bookings such as Czech KorunaPolish Zloty (PLN)Ukranian Hryvnia (CZK) and many more.

Zug, Switzerland

When you picture Switzerland, you would probably imagine Swiss chocolates, spectacular mountains, cheese and luxury goods. What we shouldn’t forget is that it has also been quick to adopt blockchain and cryptocurrency.

The small city of Zug is quickly becoming one of the most popular crypto and blockchain cities in the world. This is due to the fact it being home to Crypto Valley which has over 840 businesses in blockchain and cryptocurrency including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Monetas, Tezos, Xapo and Suisse.

Other cities in Switzerland that are making a big step to becoming crypto friendly are Zurich, Ticino and Geneva. These cities are making efforts to allow travellers to purchase train fares using Bitcoin, opening more Bitcoin ATMs around the cities and allowing many of its companies to adopt cryptocurrencies as payment.

A shot looking down at Zugg showing turquoise water

Take me to Zug

In order to get to Zug, you’ll need to fly to the Zurich International Airport (ZRH) and you can do this through the following airlines United AirlinesKLM and Swiss International Airlines where you can purchase your tickets using a number of digital currencies.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires adopted a more practical route with Bitcoin. With the country being in a recession, possessing high inflation rates and its government-issued currency being highly undervalued. These are one of the few reasons why local businesses have started to use Bitcoin.

The city is possibly the biggest crypto city in South America with more than 130 organisations in Buenos Aires alone that accept crypto as a payment method. This means you can look to use your cryptocurrencies to pay for your cab fares, coffee and meals and drinks at restaurants. The city started to introduce Bitcoin ATMs last year and now you’ll be able to use 11 of them all around the city.

Other cities in Argentina that are also adopting a more crypto-friendly approach are São Paulo and Santiago. You should, therefore, look to take advantage of domestic flights to these cities in Argentina and explore what they offer.

A photo highlighting the architecture of buildings in Ljubljana, including cobbled streets and red tiled roofs

Take me to Buenos Aires

To get to Buenos Aires, you would need to catch a flight to the Ministro Pistarini International Airport (EZE) which you can do using the following airlines British AirwaysAmerican AirlinesLATAM Airlines and United Airlines. You can look to buy your flights using many digital currencies such as Dash (DSH)Tether (USDT) and pay in a range of currencies including Argentine Pesos (ARS)Brazilian Real (BRL), among others.

Tokyo, Japan

When you think of Japan, you probably imagine sushi, cherry blossoms or the sacred mountain ‘Mount Fuji’ but what you may not know is that the country is one of the biggest cryptocurrency nations in the world. Tokyo city hosts more than 100 crypto-friendly companies as well as over a dozen Bitcoin ATMs in and around the city.

Across the city you’ll be able to find numerous crypto-friendly bars and restaurants to choose from. Try out Nikugatou, the first Japanese-style BBQ restaurant on the planet to accept digital currencies. Visit the Hackers Bar, a bar in Tokyo that accepts crypto and attracts the city’s top innovators in technology and programming. We recommend that you vacate at Japan's famous capsule hotels, especially the luxury Anshin Oyado Hotel in Tokyo as it allows you to pay for your nights in Bitcoin.

A colourful city shot of Tokyo, Japan, at a crossroads showing building advertisements, taxis and a bus

Take me to Tokyo

In order to get to Tokyo, you need to fly to Haneda Airport (HND) and we recommend that you also consider flying to Osaka which is another crypto-friendly city in Japan that has been doing extremely well. If you’re looking to fly domestically within Japan, you should therefore check out our guide on domestic flights in Japan. Airlines that fly to these cities include Air CanadaAmerican AirlinesBritish Airways and United Airlines.


Malta also known as the ‘Blockchain Island’ has done extremely well to become one of the most crypto-friendly destinations in the world. The island has laid out laws to allow the trading of cryptos easy for over a dozen of its crypto companies.

If you’re out exploring Malta, you can eat and drink in a number of trendy restaurants including at the Dinner in the Sky, where you actually dine 40 metres above the island’s rooftops, book a tennis class or even pay for a cab with all using bitcoin.

A sunset shot taken at a harbour in Malta with blue rowing boat in the foreground

Take me to Malta

You can get to Malta by flying to Malta International Airport (MLA) which you can do using the following airlines Air MaltaAir FranceLufthansa and Turkish Airlines. You can look to buy your flights using cryptocurrencies such as Dash (DSH)Ethereum (ETH) and pay in a number of currencies including Great British Pound (GBP)Euros (EUR).

Prague, Czech Republic

The City of a Hundred Spires, Prague, is a key city in regards to crypto adoption. You can pay with crypto at almost 200 places including hotels, bars, restaurants and cinemas. Grab a coffee at ‘Paralelni Polis’, rent a bike at Bikeclinic, watch a movie at BioOko and rent an apartment with Siesta all with digital currencies. The city has placed numerous Bitcoin ATMs to allow people to be able to withdraw cash from their crypto accounts.

A photo of a waterway in Prague with cruise boat and architecture

Take me to Prague

In order to get to Prague, you need to fly to Prague Airport (PRG) and we advise that you also consider taking a domestic flight to Plzen and Brno which are some other crypto-friendly cities in Prague. Airlines that fly to these cities include British AirwaysLOTQatar Airways and Ryanair.

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