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Airlines that accept Cryptocurrency

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Top Cryptocurrencies for flight booking

Curious about which airlines you can use Cryptocurrency to book flights for? Here are some of the major airlines that we ticket, which you can buy flights with using Cryptocurrency. At Alternative Airlines, we give you the opportunity to book flights on 600+ global airlines and pay using over 100 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Tether. All you have to do is, search for flights using the search bar located at the the top of the page, select 'Cryptocurrency' at checkout, and pay with your favorite digital currency.

Delta aircraft in the sky

Buy Delta Air Lines flights using Cryptocurrency

Delta Air Lines, a major American airline headquartered in Atlanta, Georgia, operates a network of over 5,400 daily flights. With a route network spanning 325 destinations in 52 countries and six continents, Delta operates through hubs such as Atlanta, Boston, Detroit, London-Heathrow, Los Angeles, Minneapolis-St. Paul, New York-La Guardia, New York-JFK, Paris-Charles de Gaulle, Salt Lake City, Seattle, and Tokyo-Narita. Delta is one of the 600+ airlines accepting a variety of cryptocurrencies for ticket purchases, through Alternative Airlines. When booking with Delta Air Lines, you can choose from four cabin classes catering to diverse traveler preferences. In Economy Class, passengers enjoy a range of amenities, including snacks, non-alcoholic beverages, and in-flight entertainment via Delta Studio. Premium Economy, available in main Cabin and Delta Comfort+, offers enhanced services and larger seats with increased legroom. Business Class provides a premium in-flight experience, featuring gourmet meals, a selection of beverages, and a 180-degree flat-beds on most flights. First Class passengers receive personalized service, priority check-in, and access to Delta Sky Club lounges, ensuring a luxurious and comfortable travel experience.

American Airlines taking off from Canada

Buy American Airlines flights using Cryptocurrency

American Airlines, operates from its main hub at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport (DFW), linking travelers to 350 destinations worldwide across the US, Europe, all of the Americas and even to destinations in Asia. Offering an array of class fares, from Basic Economy to First Class, American Airlines caters to all passenger preferences. In-flight dining varies based on the class, from Basic Economy's purchasable snacks to Premium Economy, Business Class, First Class, and Flagship classes enjoying premium complimentary meals and snacks. Special dietary options are available, and advanced food reservations can be made. Entertainment options include streaming movies, live TV and a range of channels on domestic and international flights. With complimentary drinks in the main cabin and elevated beverage options in higher classes. Whether flying in Economy or the enjoying the luxury 5-star treatment in First Class, the airline ensures a comfortable journey. At Alternative Airlines, we allow travelers to effortlessly book American Airlines flights using over 70 cryptocurrencies. Simply begin your flight search using the search bar at the top of the page and then select 'Cryptocurrency' as your chosen payment method at checkout.

United Airlines aircraft parked at airport

Buy United Airlines flights using Cryptocurrency

United Airlines, flies to numerous US domestic destinations and over 100 international locations across Asia, the Americas, Africa, Europe, and Oceania. Offering a mixture of travel experiences, passengers can select from Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class cabin classes. Economy Plus, an upgrade in Economy, offers an array of food and beverage options, varying by route and flight duration. In Business Class, United Airlines provides a relaxed journey with Premier Access benefits, dedicated check-in lanes, and premium meals produced by high-class chefs. The extra-spacious seats in First Class further enhance the travel experience, complemented by Premier Access perks and high-quality meals. United Airlines keeps passengers entertained with an assortment of movies and TV shows and ensures connectivity with 'United Wi-Fi,' available for purchase through monthly or annual subscriptions. The airline caters with complimentary snacks for certain Economy flights and 3-course meals for extended international journeys, with a variety of special meals to accommodate dietary needs. A comprehensive drink service, including alcoholic beverages and premium drinks for premium class passengers, completes the in-flight experience, making United Airlines a reliable choice for an enjoyable journey. Through Alternative Airlines, you can choose from an extensive range of over 100 cryptocurrencies, including popular options like Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, Ripple, and Litecoin to book United Airlines flights.

Emirates A380

Buy Emirates flights using Cryptocurrency

Emirates, headquartered in Dubai, with its hub at Dubai International Airport, stands as one of the world's largest airlines, boasting over 3,300 weekly flights. As the Middle East's largest airline, Emirates connects a vast network of destinations, across 6 continents, including popular cities like Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, London, and Doha. The airline operates with three distinctive cabin classes – Economy, Business, and First – each designed to offer a unique and tailored travel experience. Economy Class provides affordable comfort, featuring inflight entertainment, Wi-Fi options, and globally inspired meals. Business Class elevates the journey with maximum comfort, delectable cuisine, and exclusive perks like chauffeur-driven rides and lounge access. First Class redefines luxury, offering private suites, onboard showers, and a premium selection of wines and spirits. Emirates prioritizes passenger convenience with services like complimentary Wi-Fi and a variety of dining options inspired by the destination. For those seeking innovative payment methods, Alternative Airlines provides the flexibility to book Emirates flights using a diverse range of cryptocurrencies, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, Ripple, Tron, Fantom, Jasmy Coin and more.

Qantas plane in sky

Buy Qantas flights using Cryptocurrency

Qantas, Australia's national carrier, takes pride in being the largest airline in the country, operating from its hub at Sydney Airport. It has an extensive network covering domestic and international destinations across continents. Offering four distinct cabin classes – Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First – each class provides a unique set of benefits and in-flight facilities to enhance the passenger experience. Economy Class offers premium dining, in-flight entertainment, and reclining seats. Premium Economy passengers enjoy a dedicated check-in counter, priority boarding, and a comfortable seating arrangement. Qantas Business Class provides a spacious and relaxed onboard environment, with exclusive lounge access and fully-flat beds on select aircraft. First Class travelers experience the epitome of luxury, featuring expansive personal suites, premium amenities, and exquisite dining. Qantas has in-flight Wi-Fi on selected flights, making it convenient for passengers to stay connected. From complimentary Wi-Fi to extensive entertainment options, Qantas ensures a delightful journey for travelers across the globe. If you're a cryptocurrency enthusiast, looking to book Qantas flights, then you're at the right place. Here at Alternative Airlines, we offer over 100 cryptos, including Ethereum, Bitcoin, Tether, Ripple, Tron, Fantom, Jasmy Coin and many more.

Row of British Airways planes at airport

Buy British Airways flights using Cryptocurrency

British Airways, the flagship carrier of the United Kingdom, has its hub at London Heathrow Airport and is the country's largest full-service airline. Specializing in long-haul flights, British Airways extends its routes with short-haul and medium-haul services through subsidiaries like BA CityFlyer and BA EuroFly. The airline offers four distinct cabin classes – Economy, Premium Economy, Business, and First Class. In Economy Class, Euro Traveller serves short-haul flights, while World Traveller caters to long-haul journeys, providing comfort with various fare options. Premium Economy or World Traveller Plus, enhances the experience with better seating, power sockets, and larger screens. British Airways' Business Class includes Club Europe for short-haul and Club World for long-haul, featuring fully-flat beds, gourmet dining, and exclusive lounge access. First Class provides private suites, spa treatments, and fine dining. The airline offers in-flight Wi-Fi and entertainment on long-haul flights. With diverse meal options and a refined drinks service, British Airways ensures a high-quality flying experience. Access to luxurious departure lounges and participation in an award-winning frequent flyer program add to the airline's appeal. Notably, British Airways is among the carriers where you can purchase flights using cryptocurrency through Alternative Airlines.

Turkish Airlines wing above snowy mountains

Buy Turkish Airlines flights using Cryptocurrency

Turkish Airlines, Turkey's national flag carrier headquartered in Istanbul, stands as the fourth-largest airline globally, connecting over 340 destinations across Europe, Asia, Africa, America, and the Middle East. Offering two cabin classes, Economy and Business, Turkish Airlines ensures a comfortable journey for all passengers. Economy Class provides adjustable seating, diverse in-flight amenities and entertainment, while Business Class boasts award-winning meals, an exceptional entertainment system and fully-flat beds. Premium Economy is currently unavailable, but Economy Class passengers enjoy premium meal options. The airline offers high-speed WIFI, extensive in-flight entertainment, and diverse food and drink options, including special dietary meals. Choose Turkish Airlines and enjoy the convenience of cryptocurrency payments and over 40 alternative payment methods when booking through Alternative Airlines.

KLM wing

Buy KLM flights using Cryptocurrency

KLM, the flag carrier of the Netherlands and the world's oldest airline still operating under its original name since its establishment in 1919. Headquartered in Amstelveen and based at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, KLM boasts a global network covering South America, Oceania, North America, the Middle East, Central America, Asia, Africa, and Europe. Travelers booking with KLM can select from three cabin classes: Economy, Premium Economy, and Business. Economy Class offers comfort across both short-haul and intercontinental flights, featuring amenities such as blankets, pillows, in-flight magazines, and a choice of meals and beverages. Premium Economy, introduced in 2020, enhances the Economy travel experience. Meanwhile, Business Class provides elevated services, including larger baggage allowances, access to KLM Crown Lounges, and fully reclining seats for a rejuvenating journey. KLM excels in its commitment to entertainment, offering over 1000 hours of content, spanning movies, TV shows and games in multiple languages, as well as Wi-Fi. Additionally, passengers enjoy a variety of culinary options and those with specific dietary requirements can pre-order special meals. Fly with KLM and book through Alternative Airlines to utilise cryptocurrency payment options or 40+ other ways to pay, aligning with the evolving trends of the travel industry.

Tail of Air Canada plane

Buy Air Canada flights using Cryptocurrency

Opt for Air Canada, the flag carrier and largest airline in Canada, founded in 1937. One of the world's largest passenger airline by fleet size, Air Canada operates from key hubs at Calgary International Airport, Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport and Toronto Pearson International Airport. Covering all six inhabited continents, the airline offers diverse services through divisions like Air Canada Cargo, Air Canada Express, and Air Canada rouge. Choose from two distinct cabin classes, Business and Economy, with select flights featuring Premium Economy. Economy Class ensures comfort with amenities like in-flight entertainment and varied meal options. Business Class provides an exclusive experience, including larger seats, gourmet dining, and lounge access. Signature Class, available in Premium Economy on international routes, offers inspired destination meals with flexible dining times. Special dietary requests are accommodated across all classes, and complimentary drinks are part of the service. Air Canada also provides Wi-Fi on select flights, allowing passengers to stay connected. Book through Alternative Airlines to explore payment options, including cryptocurrency, through platforms like xMoney, Binance Pay, Coingate, and

Front of Air France plane in sky

Buy Air France flights using Cryptocurrency

Air France, a leading French airline and a founding member of the SkyTeam global alliance, offers an extensive flight network connecting travelers to destinations worldwide. Headquartered in Paris with major hubs at Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport and Paris Orly Airport. The airline has three cabin classes: Economy, Business, and First. Economy Class provides individual screens for in-flight entertainment, while Business Class elevates the experience with exclusive airport services and hypoallergenic bedding. First Class offers private suites, memory foam mattresses, and comprehensive entertainment systems. Committed to French-speaking service, Air France ensures its cabin crew is fluent in French to assist passengers. With global reach, including destinations like Aberdeen, Dubai, and Seoul, Air France maintains a reputation for excellence. The airline embraces modern trends, offering in-flight Wi-Fi with affordable pricing. Book with Alternative Airlines for cryptocurrency payment options through our crypto payment providers xMoney, Binance Pay, Coingate, and

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