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Top Crypto-Friendly Countries

The best countries to explore using cryptocurrencies

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Top Countries Where Cryptocurrency Is Accepted

Looking to travel with cryptocurrency but can’t decide where will accept it? Here are some of the top countries around the world where crypto is legal and widely accepted as a payment method. At Alternative Airlines, we give you the opportunity to pay the way you want.

Pick from over 600+ global airlines and pay using 100+ cryptocurrencies through xMoney (formerly Utrust) and, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Ripple and many more. It's as easy as using the search bar located at the top of the page, selecting “Cryptocurrency” at checkout, and paying with your favourite digital currency.

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What Makes a Country Crypto-Friendly?

Crypto-friendly countries are places that encourage the use of cryptocurrencies through the adoption of regulations that give crypto tax advantages and exemptions for digital currency transactions such as smaller capital gains taxes and more leniency on taxation against earnings made with cryptocurrencies for individuals and businesses. 

These countries generally have a legal framework that supports crypto businesses and those wanting to accept cryptocurrencies as payment. On the whole, a crypto-friendly country has a population that is much more open to the use of crypto and has integrated it more into society.

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Paying with Cryptocurrencies While Travelling

Cryptocurrencies can be used to pay for anything such as dining out, accommodation, transportation and even activities. There are a lot of digital currencies to pick from, but which ones should you use when travelling? On average the top three most accepted digital currencies are Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether. As these coins are some of the leading names in crypto, it is a good idea to load up your wallet or crypto card with these coins to make sure you can pay with cryptocurrency no matter where you are.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin

Buy Flights to Germany with Cryptocurrency

Known for its beautiful landscapes and rich culture, Germany has led by example as one of the most crypto-friendly countries over the last few years, making it a great destination for crypto travellers. In 2019, Germany was one of the first nations to adopt a Blockchain strategy, kick-starting its adoption of digital currencies. Unlike many of its neighbours, Germany has recognised currencies, such as Bitcoin, as a legitimate currency for more discreet transactions. As a result there is more confidence around crypto's everyday use with a variety of businesses across the nation accepting crypto transactions.


The capital city, Berlin, is a breathtaking destination, which is home to one of the coolest cultural hubs in Europe and a wide selection of merchants accepting crypto. In Berlin crypto can take you anywhere. There are approximately 100 crypto-friendly businesses across the city and even a dedicated area in Kreuzberg dubbed the “Bitcoinkiez” (Bitcoin Neighbourhood) that is home to businesses dedicated to accepting digital currencies. Whether it be a delicious slice of Lieferheld pizza or a cycling tour on a Obike Rental, experience Berlin your way with crypto.


Proudly known for its status as the UNESCO City of Music, Hannover is another city in Germany that has embraced cryptocurrency with open arms. Home to Germany’s second Bitcoin Neighbourhood initiative, there is a variety of crypto-friendly businesses across Hannover for you to explore.

Looking to explore more of Germany with crypto? Make sure to book a domestic flight within Germany using crypto to enhance your adventure.

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Buy Flights to The United States with Cryptocurrency

The United States is home to a number of crypto-friendly states and cities, which collectively host hundreds of businesses and services that accept cryptocurrencies as payment. The USA also has the most Bitcoin ATMs in the world giving people across the country a unique way to pay for everyday expenses. Cities, such as San Francisco, New York, and Los Angeles, are well known within crypto communities for their adoption of digital currencies like Bitcoin and make for great destinations for crypto travellers.

San Francisco

Known as the technology capital of the USA, San Francisco is a much loved crypto-friendly destination and is home to cryptocurrency trading platforms Coinbase and Kraken. Here you can find hundreds of Bitcoin ATMs and over 200 businesses that accept crypto payments, including restaurants, bars, nightclubs, hostels and more. This is a must visit location for crypto enthusiasts. 

New York

The ‘Big Apple’ is one of the most iconic cities in the USA and is one of the country's most crypto-friendly locations on the east coast. Home to The Bitcoin Store in lower Manhattan and crypto start-ups like CoinDesk and CoinTelegraph, New York is a hot bed for crypto discussion and news. From shopping sprees to fine dining, New York allows you to do it all with Crypto.

See more of the United States crypto-friendly destinations by booking a domestic flight within the USA with your favourite digital currency.

Aerial photo of Valletta, Malta

Buy Flights to Malta with Cryptocurrency

Known as the “Blockchain Island”, the sunny shores of Malta are considered as one of the most crypto-friendly destinations in the world. The island has adopted several laws that make trading and paying with cryptos far easier than other places in the world. In Malta you will find one of the highest acceptance rates of cryptocurrencies as a means of payment, meaning you can easily wine, dine and explore the island with crypto.

Tower on a hill in Ljubljana, Slovenia

Buy Flights to Slovenia with Cryptocurrency

Slovenia, a gem in Central Europe, has a vibrant culture, beautiful landscapes and, in the last few years, the status as one of the most crypto-friendly countries on the continent. The nation has a progressive approach to crypto and has set up a clear legal framework for individuals and businesses alike. The result? Travellers can now seamlessly explore Slovenia using crypto, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum, with many shops, restaurants and hotels taking digital currency payments.


Slovenia’s capital, Ljubljana, is leading the way for crypto in the country. Alongside being one of Europe's greenest capitals, Ljubljana is home to the world's first crypto-friendly shopping centre coined “Bitcoin City.” Located only 3km (1.8 miles) from the city centre, Bitcoin City is 475,000 m2, with over 450 businesses all accepting cryptocurrency. Shop till you drop with over 10,000 brands, 70 places to dine and even more places to relax or be entertained. Whether you are checking in at the Radisson Blu Plaza Hotel, having a splash at the Atlantis Water Park or even catching the latest film at Xpand Vision 3D cinema, Bitcoin City has it all. 

Crypto in Ljubljana doesn’t stop there! The city also has 4 Bitcoin ATMS and over 200 merchants who say they accept digital currencies. If you are a crypto enthusiast, Ljubljana is a must-see destination that will allow you to travel completely on your digital assets alone.

City Square in Buenos Aires

Buy Flights to Argentina with Cryptocurrency

Unlike its European counterparts, Argentina has adopted crypto more practically and has used it as a more stable alternative to the highly undervalued Argentine Peso. With many Argentinian people turning to digital currencies the country has become increasingly crypto-friendly and a great country to visit for crypto travellers.

Buenos Aires

The cosmopolitan city of Buenos Aires is one of South America’s most crypto-friendly cities. There are more than 130 businesses and 11 Bitcoin ATMs across the city, making exploring the alluring streets of Argentina's capital a breeze. From morning coffee and cab fares to unique dining experiences, this city welcomes crypto users with open arms.

A picture of a clocktower and the Swiss flag in a square in Bern, Switzerland

Buy Flights to Switzerland with Cryptocurrency

Famous for winter sports, mouth-watering chocolate and breathtaking mountains, Switzerland has a lot to love for all travellers, including crypto enthusiasts. A global leader in finance and innovation, Switzerland was quick to adopt the Blockchain and cryptocurrency. Switzerland offers a favourable legal framework, including low to no tax for individuals and business crypto profits, which has allowed many businesses to accept digital currencies. Cities like Zug, Zurich and Ticino have a variety of crypto-friendly businesses, including the ability to pay for train fares in Bitcoin.


Capital of the Canton of Zug, Zug is a small but charming town that is beloved by tourists across the world. Zug is a popular destination for crypto enthusiasts as it is the home of the Ethereum, Cardano and Tezos foundations. Dubbed the “Crypto Valley”, Zug has over 840 businesses that accept cryptocurrency. For a small town that sure is a lot! Zug has everything a crypto traveller will need, making it the perfect location to visit.

Buildings in Prague

Buy Flights to the Czech Republic with Cryptocurrency

The Czech Republic (aka Czechia today), is another country that is becoming increasingly known for its crypto-friendliness. Aside from its beautiful castles and captivating culture, the Czech Republic is forward-thinking with its crypto legislation, which has made it easier for businesses to adopt digital currencies as payment methods.


If you are looking for a beautiful city with interesting culture, vibrant nightlife and places to spend your crypto, the capital of the Czech Republic, Prague, is perfect. Commonly ranked as the second most crypto-friendly destination in the world, Prague is home to numerous Bitcoin ATMS and over 200 businesses that accept digital currencies. So whether you're grabbing a coffee at the Paralelni Polis or catching a film at Bio Oko, discover Prague on crypto.

Mount Fuji in the background with cherry blossom tree in the front in Tokyo, Japan

Buy Flights to Japan with Cryptocurrency

When you think of Japan, what comes to mind? Sushi, cherry blossom trees, Mount Fuji? What you might not know is that Japan is the most crypto-friendly nation in Asia and is amongst the top crypto-friendly countries in the world. Japan has recognised Bitcoin as a legal form of payment since 2017, making its markets a mature adopter of digital currencies. From Tokyo to Osaka, this country has a variety of crypto-friendly businesses making it a great destination for crypto travellers.


Tokyo, is a city that mixes the latest technology with age-old tradition to give itself a truly unique style. Japan’s capital is home to over 100 crypto-friendly businesses and over a dozen Bitcoin ATMs. Experience popular spots across the city, like the innovative Hackers bar and the first Japanese-style BBQ restaurant, Nikugatou all with crypto.

Visit more crypto-friendly locations in Japan, such as Osaka and Kyoto, with a domestic flight within Japan. All of which can be booked here at Alternative Airlines with your favourite digital currencies.

The Rock landmark in Gibraltar

Buy Flights to Gibraltar with Cryptocurrency

Sometimes known as “the rock” or “Britain in the sun”, Gibraltar is a British overseas territory on the Southern tip of Spain that is famed for its history and its natural landmark, the Rock of Gibraltar. The British territory has taken a forward-thinking approach to crypto and has become a haven for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and businesses alike. There are a variety of cafes, hotels, restaurants and even tour companies across the territory allowing you to experience Gibraltar your own way. With more businesses in Gibraltar adopting cryptocurrency each year, this destination is certainly one to watch for any crypto traveller.

Canal in Amsterdam with a boat going through it.

Buy Flights to the Netherlands with Cryptocurrency

The Netherlands is an idyllic tourist destination, best known for its beautiful landscapes, cheese and of course, Amsterdam. The country has a strong and active crypto scene being the home to crypto organisations, such as Bitonic, BitPay and the Bitcoin Foundation. The Netherlands does not have strict regulations against crypto and instead takes a self-regulatory approach. As a result, digital currency investors and businesses are welcomed, making it very crypto-friendly for travellers across the world.


An iconic European destination, Amsterdam is a beloved city best known for its brightly-coloured bicycles, elaborate canal system and deep history. However, it is also home to blockchain innovation with organisations like Bitfury and BitPay operating out of the area. Across Amsterdam, there are over 30 restaurants, shops and services that accept digital currencies. Similar to Berlin, the city has its own “Bitcoin Neighbourhood” dubbed the “Bitcoin Boulevard”, where 10 businesses along the canal all accept Bitcoin as payment.

Unlike some other crypto-friendly destinations, Amsterdam is the host of a “Crypto Embassy”, which acts as a collaborative networking environment that allows the local crypto community to meet up and organise events. Amsterdam is an incredibly crypto-friendly location making it a top pick for travellers looking to use their digital currencies.