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At Alternative Airlines, you can search for flights from over 600 international airlines and pay using cryptocurrencies through xMoney (rebranded from Utrust).

You can pay for flights using 100+ cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash and more through our cryptocurrency payment providers, xMoney, CoinGate, and Binance Pay.

Why Buy Flights with xMoney

Why book flights with xMoney?

Effortless and Cost-effective

When acquiring flight tickets with cryptocurrency through xMoney, transactions happen instantly and incur minimal fees. xMoney boasts some of the most competitive transaction fees available in the market.

No Registration

When buying flights using xMoney at Alternative Airlines, there is no sign-up process required. All you have to do is opt for cryptocurrency payment during checkout and then attach one of your existing cryptocurrency wallets, before finalising your airline ticket payment using your favourite cryptocurrency.

Supports Major Wallets

xMoney is fully compatible with leading cryptocurrency digital wallets. This means you can utilise your preferred cryptocurrency wallet to buy flights hassle-free.

Accepts Major Cryptocurrencies

xMoney accepts a wide range of cryptocurrencies, including many of the most prominent. This includes Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dash, Tether and more.

Buyer Protection

xMoney provides comprehensive buyer protection for all transactions, ensuring you're safeguarded in case of any issues with your flight purchase.

Select Cryptocurrency

How to book flights with xMoney?

No login is needed for xMoney. Just choose 'Cryptocurrency' Payment when checking out, pick the cryptocurrency you'd like to use for payment, and move the funds from your current xMoney wallet or any other well-known cryptocurrency wallet. xMoney, is a payment solution, which enables flight payment in your preferred cryptocurrency. It's compatible with all major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Dash and others.

How do I pay for flights with xMoney?

Step 1 - Search for Flights

Search for flights

To begin, enter the airports you intend to travel to and from, the travel date(s), number of passengers, as well as Cabin Class into the Search Field before clicking 'Search Flights'. Once you've found the flight you'd like to take, press 'Confirm Selection'.

How do I pay for flights with xMoney?

Step 2 Select cryptocurrency

Selecting your payment method

Once you've entered the passenger and contact information, you'll need to scroll down to view the payment options we offer. Click the 'Cryptocurrency' category and then select 'Pay with Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum and 50+ other cryptocurrencies', before clicking 'Continue to Payment'.

How do I pay for flights with xMoney?

Step 3 - Select Preferred Cryptocurrency

Select Cryptocurrency

On the cryptocurrency selection page, you can type in, or scroll down until you see your preferred cryptocurrency from the list mentioned above. Click on it and then proceed to make a payment through the xMoney portal.

How do I pay for flights with xMoney?

Step 4 - Confirm Booking with chosen Cryptocurrency

Book your flight with xMoney

Follow the steps on the screen to complete your payment using xMoney. As soon as we have received the payment, your flight tickets shall be delivered to your email.

Airlines logos

Airlines that accept xMoney as a payment method

A majority of airlines do not permit xMoney or any other type of cryptocurrency as a valid payment option on their websites. However, at Alternative Airlines, you have the opportunity to utilise xMoney and over 70 cryptocurrencies for transactions across more than 600 airlines. This grants you the ability to make payments using cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and a diverse range of other tokens.

To begin searching for airlines that accept xMoney, use the search feature located at the top of the page. Begin your search promptly and once you've identified the ideal flight, you can secure your long-awaited xMoney journey. Alternative Airlines enables you to conduct xMoney transactions for airlines such as American Airlines, Delta, Air Canada, Alaska Airlines, Spirit, United, Allegiant Airlines, Southwest, JetBlue, Hawaiian Airlines, British Airways, easyJet, Aegean Airlines, Emirates, Air India, Qantas, Lufthansa and numerous other airlines worldwide. Reserve your flights now using xMoney!

Trusted globally

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

We’re super proud of our Trustpilot rating, but don’t just take it from us. See why millions of others love booking their flights through Alternative Airlines

xMoney Travel FAQs

Is xMoney a safe way to pay?

Generally, paying in Cryptocurrency is safer and a lot harder to track than regular payments. This means that using xMoney to book your flights is an extremely safe way to pay. You can also add buyer protection to all your xMoney purchases, giving you an extra peace of mind if any complications do occur.

Which cryptocurrencies can I use with xMoney?

All major cryptocurrencies are available through xMoney, including Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, Tether, Elrond Gold, USD Coin, Polygon and the companies own digital currency, UTK. 

Which fiat currencies can I use through xMoney?
Which digital wallets can I use with xMoney?

xMoney will work with any of the major digital wallets. You will not need to sign-up to xMoney or register an xMoney wallet to buy flights. Wallets that xMoney supports include Uphold, Trust, Ledger, Coinbase, MyEtherWallet, Electrum and plenty more.

Can I use xMoney on mobile?

Indeed, you can choose to pay with xMoney using a variety of cryptocurrencies through your mobile, tablet or desktop device.

Is it expensive to use xMoney?

Using xMoney is one of the cheapest ways to book your flight with cryptocurrencies, as it has very low fees.

How do I use xMoney to pay for flights?

First, locate the flight you want to buy, to begin your flight search utilise the search form located at the top of the page. Once you have navigated yourself to the checkout area, select Cryptocurrency as your payment method. Once you've selected your favourite Cryptocurrency, access your xMoney Wallet or other digital wallet and confirm your booking. To see a step-by-step guide of how to book with xMoney, please scroll up.

Why should I buy flights in crypto?

There are many exciting reasons to use cryptocurrency for booking flights, and the main ones are safety, speed, and convenience. On the Alternative Airlines website, you can choose from a variety of cryptocurrencies to pay for flights with over 600 airlines. To learn more about why using cryptocurrency for booking flights is a good idea, check out our blog.

Where can I fly with xMoney?

If you're interested to on finding out some of the top places to travel using crypto, check out our blog. With Alternative Airlines and xMoney, you can travel anywhere your heart desires and pay for flights with cryptocurrencies.

What is the currency code for xMoney?

The currency code for xMoney's own cryptocurrency is UKT.