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Top Cryptocurrencies For Travel

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Top Cryptocurrencies for flight booking

Unsure of which Cryptocurrency to use for booking flights? Here are some of the top Cryptocurrencies recommended for travel. You can book flights on 600+ global airlines with Alternative Airlines using over 100 cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, and Tether. Simply search flights, choose 'Cryptocurrency' at checkout, and pay with your preferred digital currency. Enjoy seamless crypto transactions for your next journey!

Buy flights with Bitcoin

Buy flights Bitcoin | BTC

Bitcoin, represented by the symbol '₿', is a leading cryptocurrency with around 5 million users. Invented in 2008 and released in 2009, Bitcoin operates as a decentralized virtual currency, free from control by banks or governments. Stored in a digital wallet, Bitcoin can be sent for transactions or to individuals, with each transaction recorded securely on a public ledger through blockchain technology. At Alternative Airlines, we offer a seamless way to use Bitcoin for booking flights through our cryptocurrency payment providers: xMoney (formerly Utrust),, Coingate and Binance Pay. This allows travelers to enjoy the advantages of Bitcoin, including increased security, smooth transactions, low fees, and global accessibility, making it a top choice for purchasing flight tickets. Check out our page on buying plane tickets with Bitcoin if you’d like to find out more.

Buy flights with Ethereum

Buy flight tickets with Ethereum | ETH

Ethereum, the second-largest cryptocurrency globally, stands out as a secure and efficient choice for booking flights through Alternative Airlines. Released in 2014, Ethereum serves as the 'fuel' for its decentralized blockchain platform, offering resilience against shutdowns and hacks. Our cryptocurrency providers, Binance Pay,, xMoney and Coingate, facilitate Ethereum transactions alongside various other cryptocurrencies, providing flexibility for travel payments. Utilizing Ethereum ensures the security of your data and assets through cryptography, offering a decentralized alternative that doesn't rely on institutions or corporations. With the ability to make payments from any device with internet access, Ethereum provides unparalleled control over your funds, enabling global purchases without limitations. The absence of interruptions from banks or governments results in fast and seamless transactions, making Ethereum a top choice for those seeking a swift and secure means of booking flights. Find out more on our page around booking flights with Ethereum.

Buy flights with Tether

Buy flights with Tether | USDT

USDT, also recognized as Tether, established in 2014, stands out as a stable and dependable option for booking flights. Offered through our cryptocurrency e-wallet providers xMoney, Binance and Coingate, USDT payment offers a user-friendly experience. Functioning as a stablecoin, Tether maintains a consistent 1:1 value ratio with the US dollar, effectively addressing concerns related to market volatility. With an impressive transaction processing capability of 50,000 transactions per second, Tether surpasses the transaction speeds of Bitcoin and Ethereum. Supporting multiple currencies, including the US dollar, Great British pound, and Chinese Yuan, Tether provides both stability and versatility. Ensuring security and compliance with international standards, Tether transactions offer a protected and regulated financial environment. Whether on a mobile device, desktop, or tablet, Tether enables straightforward flight bookings, requiring only internet access. Discover the simplicity and stability of USDT payments with our comprehensive guide on utilizing Tether for flight bookings.

Buy flights with Binance (BNB)

Buy flights with Binance Coin | BNB

Binance Coin (BNB), originating from Binance, the world's largest cryptocurrency exchange platform, is a top-choice for hassle-free flight transactions. Initially an Ethereum-based token, BNB has transitioned to the Binance Chain, offering users a reliable and stable means of payment beyond the platform. It has robust security measures, involving proactive protocols and frequent audits, Binance ensures high transaction security, making BNB an ideal option for users seeking a trustworthy cryptocurrency payment method. The coin's stability and liquidity provide peace of mind. With BNB, flight payments are not only secure but also convenient, allowing users to complete transactions directly from their Binance wallets. Additionally, the dual benefits of reduced transaction fees and speedy processing make Binance Coin an attractive and efficient choice for those looking to streamline their travel bookings. Head over to our page on booking flights with the Binance Coin for more information.

Buy flights with Ripple

Buy flights with Ripple | XRP

To pay with Ripple, you can choose between our three cryptocurrency payment options—XMoney (formerly Utrust),, and Binance Pay. Ripple, known as XRP, operates as a cryptocurrency, that facilitates quick and easy transactions. Released in 2012, Ripple operates independently of banks, utilizing its own technology for rapid processing speeds of up to 1,700 transactions per second. Opting for Ripple for flight purchases offers benefits like low transaction costs, swift processing, and global accessibility with user-friendly payments. With encrypted and distributed storage of payment information, Ripple ensures security against fraud or unauthorized access. Embrace Ripple for efficient, accessible, and secure flight transactions on Alternative Airlines. Explore further details on our page that provides information on purchasing flights with Ripple.

Buy flights with USD Coin

Buy flights with US Dollar Coin | USDC

USD Coin (USDC) is a stable digital currency always worth one US dollar, providing a secure and stable way to send money globally. It operates on the Ethereum blockchain, a well-known platform in the world of digital currencies. At Alternative Airlines, you can easily use USDC to pay for your flights through our Crypto Wallet partners, Binance Pay, and Coingate. The benefit? It's a simple and reliable way to make instant payments, with 1 USDC consistently equaling 1 USD. This stablecoin minimizes the usual ups and downs seen in other cryptocurrencies, making it a straightforward choice for hassle-free transactions. Developed by an experienced team and supported by investors, USD Coin has a promising future in the digital currency landscape. Want to know more about booking flights with US Dollar Coin? Check out our guide.

Buy flights with Cardano

Buy flights with Cardano | ADA

Cardano, represented by 'ADA' and '₳', emerged as a decentralized cryptocurrency in 2017, crafted by a co-founder of Ethereum and BitShares. Based in Crypto Valley, Zug, Switzerland, Cardano operates independently of government and banking control. Its main goal is to streamline cross-border payments through an open-source, peer-to-peer platform. Recognized for its dedication to scaling and working seamlessly with other systems, Cardano processes transactions at an impressive rate of 257 per second, outperforming Bitcoin and Ethereum. For effortless flight bookings, Cardano is accessible through our cryptocurrency payment gateways, Binance Pay and Coingate, on the Alternative Airlines platform. Opting for ADA at checkout guarantees swift transactions and highlights Cardano's ongoing dedication to advancing technology and security, ensuring a reliable user experience. Secured by a robust Proof-of-Stake blockchain, Cardano prioritizes the protection of financial information, using cryptographic techniques to minimize fraud and data breach risks. Additionally, Cardano's global accessibility eliminates the need for currency conversion or international transaction fees, making it a versatile and secure option for travel worldwide. If you're interesting in finding out more, our page on booking flights with Cardano has all the information you need.

Buy flights with Tron

Buy flights with Tron | TRX

The cryptocurrency Tron (TRX) has a commitment to transforming the decentralized entertainment and content sector. Justin Sun's creation, Tron (TRX), powers the Tron Network, employing blockchain and peer-to-peer technology. As the primary unit within Tron's blockchain, TRX plays a crucial role in accessing content on the Tron Network and settling payments for blockchain services. While direct purchase with fiat currency is unavailable, TRX can be obtained through Bitcoin or Ethereum trades. When using TRX for flight purchases, benefit from Tron's impressive transaction speed of 2,000 transactions per second, outpacing it's competitors like Ethereum and Bitcoin and ensuring a speedy transaction. Moreover, buying TRX involves a 0% transaction fee, offering a cost-effective alternative. Backed by substantial financial support and the growing popularity of TRX dApps and the Tron Network, it's become reputable as one of the top cryptocurrencies globally. We offer Tron (TRX) through our cryptocurrency payment providers, Binance Pay and Coingate. Keen to learn more? Our page dedicated to booking flights with Tron contains all the information you require.

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