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Which Airlines Have Free WIFI?

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Which Airlines have Free Wi-Fi?

Discover which airlines provide free Wi-Fi onboard so you can stay connected throughout your journey, enjoy entertainment on all your devices and keep up to date with the world down below.

Free Wi-Fi

Whether you're travelling for business and need to keep up with emails, or you want to stay in touch with loved ones during your flight, there's a handful of airlines worldwide that provide free Wi-Fi onboard. Things to consider when choosing to fly with an airline that provides free Wi-Fi are coverage and speed. Most airlines that offer free Wi-Fi onboard let you browse the internet, send and receive emails and use instant messaging services so as not to use too much of the bandwidth, letting as many passengers as possible stay connected while above the clouds.

Airlines with Free Wi-Fi

JetBlue Airways

JetBlue is currently the only US airline that provides free, high-speed Wi-Fi to its passengers. The entire JetBlue fleet is equipped with 'Fly-Fi', in partnership with Amazon Prime, keeping JetBlue passengers connected whilst in the air. Passengers can stream Amazon Video and other content using Fly-Fi on their personal devices.


The US, the Caribbean and Central America (when flying on Airbus A320 and A321neo), flights to/from London (when flying on Airbus A321).


Up to 20Mbps

Norwegian Airlines

Norwegian Airlines, a low-cost carrier based in Europe, offers unlimited free Wi-Fi on shorter intra-European flights. There are two packages that the airline offers when it comes to Wi-Fi: Basic and Premium. Choosing the Basic option means passengers have access to free Wi-Fi that lasts for the duration of the flight, meaning you can browse the web, keep up to date on social media and still communicate with family, friends or for business.




Up to 1.33 Mbps

Emirates Airlines

With Emirates, free Wi-Fi is only available to Emirates Skywards members. Emirates Skywards is a frequent flyer program which is currently being used by over 8.4 million passengers. Free Wi-Fi, provided by OnAir, on Emirates flights means access to Whatsapp, Messenger and other text services. Unfortunately, media streaming and sync services are restricted due to limited bandwidth provided onboard.


Africa, Middle East, India


Up to 1.17 Mbps

Philippine Airlines

Philippine Airlines provides passengers with 30 minutes of free Wi-Fi or 15 MB of data, however, it's only available on select international aircraft, including the majority of the A330s, 777-300s, and all A350s serving Manila to London/New York routes.


Available on most of the A330s and 777-300s. Also provided on all A350s flying between Manila and London/New York.


Up to 7 Kbps


Passengers flying with Qantas will have access to free high-speed Wi-Fi on board all domestic Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 flights within Australia. Free Wi-Fi isn't available on international Qantas flights just yet but it's a possibility for the future. You'll be able to check on your emails, use instant messaging services and browse the web all while being above the clouds!


All domestic routes within Australia on the Boeing 737 and Airbus A330 aircraft


Up to 15 Mbps

Hainan Airlines

Hainan Airlines, a mainland China carrier, offers unlimited free Wi-Fi to all passengers on board the Boeing 787-9 aircraft. There's no limit to how many devices can be connected to the Wi-Fi, meaning you can be connected on your mobile phone and your laptop at the same time if needed.


All routes operated by Hainan Airlines' Boeing 787-9 aircraft


Up to 76 Kbps

Nok Air

Free unlimited Wi-Fi is available to everyone onboard all Nok Air flights. This is perfect for business travellers that need to stay connected when travelling regionally within Thailand. Passengers can freely browse the internet, check on socials, send/receive emails and even stream their favourite Netflix shows!


All Nok Air routes within Thailand


Up to1.33 Mbps

Air New Zealand

Air New Zealand currently provides free Wi-Fi onboard all their Airbus 320neo jets (of which there are 11), but there are plans to expand their connectivity to a handful of the 787 aircraft. Having access to Air New Zealand's free Wi-Fi means you can browse the web up in the air, send and receive emails and messages, as well as check and post on social media. To ensure all passengers get their fair share of free Wi-Fi, you won't be able to do video/voice calls or download apps.


Flights to and within Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands when flying on Airbus 320neo aircraft.


Up to 4.7 Mbps

Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia offers free Wi-Fi to its passengers on domestic and trans-Tasman flights within Australia. The airline was the first of its kind to offer Wi-Fi onboard international flights from Australia and due to its success, decided to roll out Wi-Fi on their domestic flights too, making it easier than ever for everyone to stay connected.


All domestic flights within Australia and trans-Tasman flights (Australia to New Zealand)


Up to 1 Mbps

Aer Lingus

When flying with Aer Lingus, free Wi-Fi is available to passengers travelling in business class or AerClub Concierge members. The Wi-Fi is also only available on certain aircraft in Aer Lingus' fleet such as the A330 and A321neoLR aircraft. Once connected, you'll be able to access emails, instant messaging, social media and online shopping. The airline's network provider is Panasonic.


All transatlantic flights, including Dublin to North America East Coast and vice versa


Up to 1 Mbps

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Airlines With Free Wi-Fi FAQs

Is WiFi free on American Airlines?

No, American Airlines doesn't currently offer Wi-Fi free onboard. High-speed WiFi is available to buy on domestic American Airlines flights, but normal Wi-Fi can be purchased onboard almost all routes with American for as little as $10 USD.

Do United Airlines offer free Wi-Fi?

Unfortunately, United don't currently offer free WiFi onboard, however, with paid WiFi you are guaranteed 100% connectivity coverage on all long-haul flights with United Airlines. Check out our blog post on the best airlines with in-flight Wi-Fi to find out what other airlines, alongside United, offer high-speed paid WiFi onboard.

Instead of WiFi, can I use 5G on my flight?

There is a lot of debate on whether you can use the 5G cellular network on board your flight or not, however, the general consensus is that it depends on the airline you're flying with. When 5G was first deployed in the US at the beginning of 2022, there were many safety concerns about how 5G could potentially interfere with the frequencies used by pilots when operating the aircraft in low-visibility conditions. Some airlines let you use your mobile data on board (after takeoff and before landing). Take a look at our guide on the effect 5G has on flights for more information.