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The Best Airlines for Nervous Flyers

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The Best Airlines for Nervous Flyers

Air Travel is one of the safest forms of transportation. However, if flying makes you nervous, you are not alone. Some estimates suggest that up to 25% of Americans are nervous about flying to some degree.

Many will cite a sense of powerlessness and a feeling of being trapped inside the cabin as a key cause of nervousness.

However, taking some time to research what facilities and services each airline provides can have a real positive impact on your flying experience. Follow the steps below to discover all the information that can help you decide which airline to fly with.

Step 1

Consider your cabin class

Some airlines provide all passengers with free WiFi, which can be a great distraction. On long haul flights, some airlines also provide additional facilities and services, such as a personal entertainment systems and free meals, which can be enjoyed by all passengers. However, on some airlines, facilities and services might be limited in lower cabin classes (Economy), so you might want to investigate whether, for a small upgrade fee, it is worth upgrading your cabin class fare. The upgrade fee from Economy to Premium Economy might not be not be too high, but might offer benefits such as more personal space and entertainment facilities, which can go a long way in helping you to stay distracted and feel relaxed. To help, check out our guide: Premium Economy, is it worth it?

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Step 2

Consider the aircraft you will be flying on

Some of the most contributing factors that will determine your flight comfort will be a result of the aircraft itself. Whether the aircraft is wide bodies or narrow, and the standard configuration of the passenger can have a massive impact on your in-flight experience. This is especially true for economy and premium economy passengers, where seats are often arranged in the most efficient manner (very close together).

The Best Aircraft for Nervous Flyers

Boeing Dreamliner 787-9

Larger aircraft are generally going to be more comfortable. The Dreamliner might not be a wide as its competitors, but the plane has a high emphasis on passenger experience. The aircraft’s cabin air pressure is lower (equivalent to an altitude of 6,000, which compares to 8,000 feet in most other aircraft), making it less stressful on the body. The Dreamliner is fitted with electronic window shades and mood lighting, to help combat jet lag an offer a more comfortable environment. In terms of seating configuration, this will be down to each airline. Standard economy seats are usually arranged in a 3-3-3 configuration.

The largest operators of the Boeing Dreamliner are Turkish Airlines, All Nippon Airways, Japan Airlines, American Airlines, United Airlines, Air Canada, Norwegian, Qatar Airways, and Hainan Airlines.

The Airbus A380

If you are planning on a long-distance flight, then choosing an airline that flies an Airbus A380 is a great option. The aircraft has a spacious interior and nervous flyers are likely to feel much for comfortable in the larger space. The aircraft also provides a very smooth take-off and landing, helping to ease the cause of a lot of flying fear.

Qantas have the most Airbus A380 in their fleet, but other primary flyers of the airlines include Emirates, Singapore Airlines, and Lufthansa.

The Boeing 717

The Boeing 717 has a long and steady history. Delta Air Lines is one of the highest rated United States airlines, and the Boeing 717 is one of the most commonly found in the Delta fleet. Every seat has a charger and USB port, and passengers report a very smooth ride - great for those dreading turbulence.

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Step 3

Take a look at our list of top airlines for nervous flyers


JetBlue offers fliers with loads of complementary facilities. Enjoy live TV, complimentary snacks, cold and hot beverages and free Wi-Fi.

Virgin Atlantic

Virgin Atlantic has a great safety record, and provides free WiFi, meals, and a super modern entertainment system. Passengers even receive a little amenity kit - an extra detail that really helps to show the airline’s dedication to your comfort.


Emirates also provides an amenity kit, free meals, and seatback entertainment screens (with over 3,000 entertainment channels). If you want to upgrade, Emirates has an incredible first class provision, where you can make the most of a private suite.

All Nippon Airways

ANA goes all-out in its luxury provision. On long-haul flights, passengers can enjoy a personal seatback screen and slide-forward seats.

Air France

Air France offers plenty of leg room and a personal video screen. Meals are complimentary on long haul flights. Pillow and blanket are provided, so snuggle up and relax!