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Which Aircraft Will I Fly On?

What aircraft am I flying on/will I be flying on?

Discover how to find out what plane you will be flying on through the Alternative Airlines booking system.

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Why would you want to know what type of plane you are flying on?

Many people will want to know what type of aircraft they are flying on for a number of reasons. Nervous flyers often find it helpful to thoroughly research details of their flight, such as the specific plane information. Other people are simply interested in and intrigued by this information.

There are some aircraft that have a 'hype' around them making people want to fly on them. Examples of these are the Boeing 787 Dreamliner and the Airbus A380. There are also aircraft such as the Boeing 737 Max models, that people want to double-check they will not be flying on them.

Some people simply have a preference of the aircraft type, some preferring wide-body jets to the narrow-body jets which are smaller with only a single aisle.

How do I find out what aircraft I will be flying on?

When booking with Alternative Airlines, you can find out what aircraft the flight will operate on before you even book. Follow our step-by-step guide below for finding out the aircraft of your route:


Use the search bar on the Alternative Airlines homepage to enter your search details. Click 'Search Flights'.


Browse the flight results page to find your preferred airline and time. You can narrow down the results using the filters on the left-hand side, choosing stops, connections or preferred airline. When you have chosen, click the 'Details' button.


In this popup, you can see all the details of your flight, including the airline, the flight number and the aircraft (the location of this information is found in the red highlight). You can also check other information such as checked and hand baggage, which fare it is for and times of the flight.

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Which aircraft am I flying on FAQs

Will the aircraft information change before my flight?

Sometimes the airline will change the plane which was due to be used before your flight. This can be due to many reasons. For example, if a plane is needing maintenance, cleaning or repair, it will not fly and will instead be replaced with a similar plane, but may not always be the same model. Alternatively, there are sometimes weather disruptions which mean the original intended plane is unable to fly.