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Top Airbnb Adventures

Your next adventure awaits! Airbnb has introduced experiences like never before for daring travellers to channel their inner spirits and discover from over 200 bucket list worthy experiences worldwide. Hosted by local guru explorers who take groups to unimaginable remote locations and submerge them in unique cultures and communities. Airbnb Adventures makes it easy to introduce guests to the hidden natural gems of this world, its cultures, wildlife, and communities which are difficult to visit on their own.

These mind-boggling adventures range from hunting for paranormal activity in Nevada, tracking lions on foot with Sabache Warriors in Kenya to cliff camping in Colorado and travelling the world in 80 days, which are hosted and led by local experts who have fascinating stories to share. Whatever the activity involves, guests can bring something back from their experiences such as having made personal connections, fought difficult challenges, overcome personal fear and maybe discovered a new trait within themselves.

There’s an Airbnb Adventure to match anyone’s passion and skill so whoever you are you’ll always be able to find an adventure that suits you. These experiences are fully exclusive to Airbnb and are offered by small local operators that can’t be found on any other large booking platform. Once you’ve found the adventure you’re dying to start be sure to book your flights through us at Alternative Airlines and we’ll be able to offer you a round trip flight at an affordable price.

Each adventure below is labelled by a level of activity that is determined by the trip host. The level is meant to give you an estimation based on the activities taking place during the trip:
Light: Travellers should be happy with standing, sitting or walking for extended periods of time. Daily activities may include walking tours, easy hikes, cooking or art classes.
Moderate: Travellers should be comfortable with being involved in a three hour or more physical activity. These can daily activities can include long hikes, biking, kayaking, horse or camel riding, snorkeling.
Strenuous: Travellers should be comfortable with being involved in highly active activities that can last the entire day such as six hours or more. These activities can include all-day bike rides, all-day hikes, all-day kayaking or other physically demanding activities.


Around the world in 80 days

This adventure is placed on the top of our list for those feeling really adventurous and are dying to circumnavigate the globe. This 80 day trip allows you to have the bragging rights of exploring the world.

You’ll discover the traditions and cultures of the world, including the former Soviet Union, medieval Europe, the Middle East, eastern Africa, the South Pacific, northern and southern Asia, the Americas, and a Nordic island. This adventure takes travellers through 6 of the world's 7 continents, traversing 18 countries, 2 oceans, 5 seas and on 8 different forms of transportation as well as on a hot air balloon.

This adventure is similar to the novel written by the famous French novel writer, Jules Verne who wrote ‘Around the World in Eighty Days’, which started and ended in London. This is a trip of a lifetime so if you’ve already saved over £4,000 then make this your next adventure. All you need to do is to ensure that you have sufficient amount of empty pages in your passport and buy a round-trip ticket with us flying from London.

A close up shot of a globe, with Africa, Europe and Asia facing forwards.

Price: The whole trip costs over £4,200 GBP per person with accommodation, transportation, food and drink all included.
Duration: 80 days
Activity level: Moderate

Take me to London

To get to London, you would need to fly to London Heathrow Airport (LHR) and you can do this with the following airlines United AirlinesBritish AirwaysAmerican AirlinesVirgin Atlantic.

Top tip: If the thought of buying a flight on top of the £4,200 Airbnb adventure cost seems daunting to you, then why not check out our finance options to help manage the cost of your flights?

Colorado, United States

Camp on a cliff in Estes Park

With Dustin and his group of expert mountaineers, you’ll get to climb up the face of a cliff in Estes Park, Colorado and then set up a campsite in the sky.

Before anything takes place, you’ll be trained and be given safety instructions at headquarters before a short drive to the site. You’ll then be hiking up for about an hour or so on a well-maintained path that ascends a route that most people will be able handle. It’s around a kilometre long, an easy hike with a quarter of a kilometre an upward trek. The walk will take you around an hour to make it to the top. Once you get there, you can set a campsite in the sky and enjoy the views of the Rocky Mountain National Park at around 9,000 feet until some really nice dinner is served and you can tuck in under the bright stars. Once you're awake on day 2, you'll enjoy breakfast on the side of a cliff before rappelling back down to earth.

Price: The trip costs £854 GBP per person with equipment, accommodation, transportation and food all included.
Duration: Two days
Activity level: Moderate

Take me to Estes Park

To get to Estes Park, you would need to fly to Denver International Airport (DEN) with any of the following airlines Frontier AirlinesSpirit AirlinesJetblueLufthansa. If you are looking for flights to Denver from elsewhere in the US, check out our domestic flights page.

Nairobi, Kenya

Track lions on foot with warriors

Explore Kenya's wildlife in their natural habitat with Samburu warriors and a conservationist.

Once you arrive at the camp, you’ll learn the basics of the culture and ecology. Later in the day, you’ll get to explore the area and you're likely to spot hundreds of different bird species and many other wildlife species such as the elephant, leopard, lion, gerenuk, kudu, giraffe, zebra, wild dog, hyena and much more. In the evening you’ll spend the time learning about the African wildlife and the Samburu traditions around a campfire.

The next morning, you’ll drive to the main safari location, put on some comfortable shoes and trek on a safe route to encounter lions, as well as other animal species. There will be a picnic lunch and even more lion tracking till the late afternoon. After trying a traditional African bush tea, you’ll return back to base camp for an interesting cultural talk around the campfire and an evening meal under the extensive African night sky before snoozing off to bed. On the final day, you’ll return back to Nairobi which is a five hour drive from the Sabache Camp or an hour flight if you choose to fly. If time permits you may even stop for lunch at Mount Kenya and the equator marker in Nanyuki on your drive to Nairobi.

A villager from Nairobi, Kenya, walking through the tall grasses of the landscape.

Credit: Sho Hatakeyama

Price: The trip costs £427 GBP per person with accommodation and drinks all included.
Duration: Three days
Activity level: Moderate

Take me to the Sabache Camp

To get to the Sabache Camp, you would need to fly to Jomo Kenyatta International Airport (NBO) with any of the following airlines: British AirwaysAir CanadaCaribbean AirwaysAmerican Airlines

Manaus, Brazil

Explore deep into the Amazon jungle

Travel thousands of miles away from tourist hotspots and mobile reception to a memorable experience you’ll never want to forget.

You’ll travel with Eduardo, a local who was born in the Amazon rainforest. On the first day you’ll travel by plane and a speedboat deep into the Amazon forest to Maraã, which is located at 920 km west of Manaus. Flying from Manaus to the town of Tefé, you'll then travel on a 6 hour long speedboat journey to Lake Comapi, located in the Maraã region, and rest until the next day.

On the third day, you’ll be taught how to spot animal tracks in the forest as well as identifying plants, forest survival traits that are important for the native people living in the Amazon. On day 4, 5 and 6, you'll be able to go on a jungle trek to see the nocturnal tapir and sleep in a lakeside hammock. You’ll also then paddle a canoe to a village and connect with the aboriginal people. In the remaining few days, you’ll see deadly piranhas, search for the black caimans and learn how to find unique and ancient curing rainforest herbs. After all the exploration and observation in the Amazon rainforest, on your final day you’ll return back to Manaus.

A luscious green environment with waterfalls and a backpacker in the foreground looking up at the falls

Credit: Christoffer Engström

Price: The trip costs £1,342 GBP per person with equipment, accommodation, transportation, food and drinks all included.
Duration: Nine days
Activity level: Strenuous

Take me to Manaus

To get to Manaus, you will need to fly to Manaus International Airport AM Eduardo Gomes (MAO) using any of the following airlines: American AirlinesUnited AirlinesLATAMTAP Air Portugal.

Las Vegas, United States

Paranormal tour of U.S Southwest

You’ll first meet Nathan, an extraterrestrial expert, in Las Vegas before travelling together from southern Nevada to southern Utah, stopping to explore haunted towns, alien locations, possessed hotels and the main entrance to Area 51, a paranormal hotspot. Nathan is also a keen photographer who will capture some great shots for you on anything interesting, from Joshua Tree forests to a 19th century cemetery. These three days are great for curious travellers and extraterrestrial enthusiasts to enjoy. Also there isn’t much physical activity involved, which means it’s suitable for anyone and everyone.

Price: The trip costs £1,336 GBP per person with accommodation, transportation and food all included.
Duration: Three days
Activity level: Light

Take me to Las Vegas

In order to get to Las Vegas, you would need to fly to McCarran International Airport (LAS) with any of the following airlines: Delta Air LinesBritish AirwaysUnited AirlinesAmerican Airlines.

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