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Flying with a Canoe

Canoe on a lake

Book Flights and Add a Canoe

If you're looking to book flights and add a canoe, then you've landed on the right page! Many airlines won't allow you to take your canoe as a carry-on or checked baggage due to its size, instead, you'll likely have to purchase excess baggage. Canoe policies will depend on the airline that you're flying with.

Booking flights and adding a canoe to your booking is really easy when you book through Alternative Airlines. We've put together a handy guide that shows you exactly how to book flights and add a canoe.

The Best Airlines For Canoe

Listed below are some of the airlines' policies for flying with a canoe. Please note that each airline has different canoe allowances.


If you wish to take a canoe on easyJet flights then you can purchase one piece of sports equipment per passenger. When flying with easyJet there are no size or dimension restrictions. Canoe equipment must simply not exceed 32kg.

Air France

Air France allows you to bring your canoe equipment as long as it doesn't exceed 23kg. With Air France, there are no size or dimension restrictions. Please note that the transportation of canoes will only be available on selected flights.


With Qantas, you'll be able to bring your canoe as long as it doesn't exceed 277cm in size and 32kg in weight. Qantas advises that your canoe is packed in a high-quality travel bag to ensure there is no damage to the sports equipment.


KLM customers need to purchase special baggage if they wish to bring their canoe on the plane. When flying with KLM you can bring your canoe as long as it doesn't exceed 158 cm (L+W+H). Your canoe must not weigh more than 23kg when flying in Economy and 32kg when travelling in Business Class.

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How To Add a Canoe to your Booking

  1. Using the search form at the top of the page, select if you wish to fly a 'one-way', 'return' or 'multi-city' flight. Then enter the departure and arrival destinations as well as the dates you want to fly, the number of passengers, and the cabin class you want to fly in. Press the 'Search Flights' button. Browse through all the available flights and select the flight that best suits you. If you want to fly with a certain airline, you can use the 'Airlines' drop-down tab to only show flights with a specific airline. Once you've found the ideal flight for you 'Confirm Selection' and proceed to the next page.
  2. Then enter your passenger and contact details on this page. To add a Canoe to your booking, head to the 'Special Baggage' section and select 'View Special Baggage' options. Press the '+' button to add a Canoe to your booking. Usually, you'll only be allowed to add 1 canoe per passenger, but this all depends on the airline your flying with.
  3. Once you're happy with your flight choice and added your canoe to your booking, head over to the payment section to confirm your booking. At Alternative Airlines we take pride in offering 40+ different payment options including Buy Now Pay Later options, cryptocurrencies and virtual wallets such as Apple Pay and Google Pay.
  4. Once your booking has been confirmed, you'll get your e-ticket straight away via email. Please note that in some cases it may take up to 24 hours for you to receive your e-ticket.

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Book Flights and Add a Canoe FAQs

Which airlines allow you to bring a canoe on a plane?

There are a number of airlines that allow you to carry your canoe as checked baggage or special baggage. This includes Virgin Atlantic, Southwest, Frontier, easyJet, Air France and many more. Please don't exceed the airline's baggage policies as this will result in extra fees.

How to book a flight and add a canoe?

Booking flights and adding a canoe to your booking is easier than it may seem. Just simply the step-by-step guide from earlier that shows you exactly how to search for flights, add a canoe and secure your booking. Please note that Alternative Airlines doesn't allow you to add canoe equipment to your booking at this moment in time.

How to pack a canoe?

We advise that you invest in a high-quality canoe travel bag to protect your canoe equipment from damaging. By investing in a canoe travel bag you'll have the correct amount of storage for your canoe equipment and won't need to stress about packing any extras. Please ensure that the travel bag is well-padded and will protect your canoe during transportation.