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UT Air

UT Air is an airline from Khanty Mansiysk in Russia operating domestic flights and international flights throughout the region.



UT Air flights

UT Air has been operating under it’s current name since 2003 having previously been known as Tyumenaviatrans Aviation and was originally formed to meet the demands of the oil and gas industry development in Siberia. It has developed into an airline which now operates to sixty five domestic, regional and international airports serving the business, manufacturing and leisure sectors. UT Air has also been involved with the UN having operated relief flights on their behalf. The all Russian fleet is on the way out with one Boeing 737 having already joined the fleet and the remaining Tupolov, Antonov and Yakovlev aircraft being replaced with modern Boeing aircraft in the coming years.

UT Air

UT Air is part if a large corporation that operates companies in Russia as well as overseas. It owns outright or has a large stake in many Russian airports owns it’s own aircraft catering company and is heavily involved in helicopter operations. this hardworking airline strives to offer a western level of customer service and on board services. Travel business class you will get plenty of legroom, comfy seats and excellent in flight food and. Then there is comfort class which is upgraded economy with more room and better food. Then there is Russian economy class..........go on give UT Air a try, you may be surprised.

UT Air operates Boeing 737-500 and European ATR’s along with a mixture of Russian manufactured craft of varying size, vintage and seating capacity.