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US Regional Flights

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Regional Flights in The USA

A regional flight is a that tends to stay around a focus city or region. For example, a regional flight in the US would be a flight that departs from Chicago, Illinois and arrives at a destination within Illinois' or one of its surrounding states.

Although the majority of US regional flights are domestic, they can also be international if they travel across borders and the two destinations are close together. For instance, although one destination is in the US and the other in Canada, a flight from Seattle to Vancouver could be considered a regional flight. Similarly, the same could be said for a flight that departs from a southern US state and arrives at a North Mexican city.

There are a number of airlines that focus their operations on providing regional flights and can be both subsidiaries of larger airlines, or independent regional airlines. These airlines often operate on smaller, regional aircraft, and are sometimes called commuter planes.

Although there are regional airlines that fly only regional flights, a regional flight doesn't have to be operated by a regional airline. For example, the USA's biggest low-cost carrier, Southwest Airlines, flies a number of regional routes, despite also flying across the country and to international destinations.

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Endeavor Air

Endeavor Air is an airline that operates flights on behalf of Delta Air Lines domestic subsidiary, Delta Connection. Endeavor Air offers regional flights around the North East, South and Mid-West with respective hubs in New York City, Atlanta, Detroit, Ohio and Minneapolis. Overall, the airline flies to more than 100 destinations, including Canada.

Envoy Air

Envoy Air is one of the seven airlines that fly on behalf of American Airlines domestic subsidiary, American Eagle. The airline flies to more than 150 destinations and offers regional flights from its hubs in Miami - Florida, Chicago - Illinois, New York City and Dallas, Texas. The airline also offers cross-border flights to Mexico and Canada, as well as international flights to the Bahamas.

Horizon Air

Horizon Air is a regional partner airline of Alaska Airlines that operates flights as Alaska Horizon. The airline has hubs at Seatle, Washington and Portland, Oregon and offers regional flights along the West Coast and other areas within the West of the US, as well as to cities win the south of Canada. The airline flies up to 50 destinations.

Mesa Airlines

Mesa Airlines is an independent airline that operates flights on behalf of American Airlines subsidiary, American Eagle and United Airlines subsidiary, United Express. The airline offers regional flights from its hubs in Washington D.C, Virginia and Houston, Texas. Overall, it flies to around 200 destinations.

Ohana by Hawaiian

Ohana by Hawaiian is a regional airline owned by Hawaiian Airlines that offers regular flights to four different destinations within the Hawaiian islands — Honolulu, Lahaina, Lanai and Molokai.

Piedmont Airlines

Piedmont Airlines operates regional flights on behalf of the American Eagle brand. It has hubs in Charlotte, North Carolina and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and flies to more than 55 destinations overall.


PSA Airlines is a regional airline that flies on behalf of American Eagle. It has hubs in Charlotte - North Carolina, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and Washington D.C, Virginia. It flies to more than 130 destinations overall.

Republic Airways

Republic Airways is a regional airline that flies for the subsidiaries of the US's three major carriers, American Eagle, Delta Connection and United Express.

Republic Airways has several bases across the US from which it flies regionally, including Miami - Florida, Chicago - Illinois, Indiana - Indianapolis, Louisville - Kentucky, Boston - Massachusetts, Kansas City - Missouri, Newark - New Jersey, New York City - New York, Columbus - Ohio, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania, Houston - Texas and Washington D.C - Virginia.

The airline flies to more than 100 destinations overall.

Skywest Airlines

Skywest Airlines is another US regional airline that flies on behalf of a number of other American carriers, including American Eagle, Alaska SkyWest, Delta Connection and United Express.

The airline has hubs in Chicago - Illinois, Los Angeles - California, Phoenix - Arizona, Portland - Oregon, Seattle - Washington, Detroit - Michigan, Minneapolis - Minnesota, Salt Lake City - Utah, Denver - Colorado, Houston - Texas and San Francisco - California.

Southern Airways Express

Southern Airways Express is a small airline that offers commuter regional flights from various hubs across the US. It has hubs in Dallas - Texas, Memphis - Tennessee, Pittsburgh - Pennsylvania, Nantucket - Massachusetts, West Palm Beach, Florida and Los Angeles, California.

It also owns Mokulele Airlines, which flies inter-island services in Hawaii.

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When is considered a regional flight?

A regional flight is considered a flight that departs from one destination and arrives at another destination within the same region. For example, a regional flight in the US might be a flight that departs in Los Angeles, California and arrives in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Regional flights are usually domestic, however, if two countries border each other, a regional flight can be international. An international US regional flight would be a flight that departs in one of the northern states in the US and arrives in the south of Canada or a flight that departs in one of the southern states of the US and arrives in the north of Mexico.

How many regional airlines are in the US?

There are around 20 regional airlines within the US if you include regional brands as well as the airline that operate on behalf of those brands. For example, American Eagle is one airline brand that seven different regional airlines operate on behalf of.

Who is the largest regional US airline?

The largest regional airline is Skywest Airlines, which serves around 40 million passengers on regional flights each year.

The largest regional US airline brand is either American Eagle or United Express. Although United Express has more destinations in its route network, American Eagle has a bigger fleet and operates a higher frequency of daily flights.