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Airlines with Beds

Airlines with Beds

Everyone knows how difficult it can be to catch some Zzz's whilst onboard an aeroplane. When flatbeds were first introduced by British Airways, it was revolutionary for those travellers who like to get some much-needed rest whilst flying high in the sky. 

Alternative Airlines offers you over 600 airlines to book flights with, including those with flat beds.

Read this handy guide on which airlines offer beds onboard their aircraft.

Airlines with Beds in First Class

First-class tickets are the most exclusive airfare that you can purchase onboard an aircraft. Known for its luxury and finesse, first class has a lot of features, including flatbeds, that other classes don't possess. The beds will often be singular and not connected to anyone else, some have privacy screens, most will offer turndown service and a luxury sleep set is provided.

Some of the most popular airlines with beds in first-class are Etihad, JetBlue, Cathay Pacific and Emirates.

Airlines with Beds in Business Class

Business Class cabins are considered to be one of the more premium cabin classes onboard, with exceptional, personalised service. Business Class often provides flyers with complimentary services and added extras, such as luxury food and drink, flatbeds, a personal workspace, travel kits and more.

Some of the most popular airlines with beds in business class are British Airways, Japan Airlines and Qatar Airways.

Airlines with Beds in Premium Economy

Premium Economy is a class that is offered between Business class and Economy. Premium economy seats provide passengers with a larger amount of legroom and seat comfort than that of a standard seat in Economy. Passengers in these seats will also be offered priority boarding and increased luggage allowance on most airlines.

Premium economy doesn't offer its passengers a flatbed, however, they do provide upright seating that can be reclined.

Some of the most popular airlines that offer premium economy are Air Canada, Air France and American Airlines.

Airlines with Beds in Economy

Economy Class is the most basic of airfares and is what the majority of flyers go for. Flying economy is different depending on whether your flight is short-haul or long-haul as some features are not provided on both. The seats in economy are very basic and offer the smallest amount of legroom in all cabins, there may be a small selection of food and drink for you to purchase and there are no added extras.

Despite the majority of airlines following this model, in 2021 Lufthansa announced its three-seat-sleeper ticket that allows passengers to purchase a row of 3 seats which are available to convert into their very own bed. Air New Zealand also has plans to introduce sleeper pods to its economy class in 2024.

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Can I book a flatbed seat with Alternative Airlines?

Booking with Alternative Airlines is super easy! When selecting your flight and confirming your details you're able to add on a selection of amenities and extras, seat selection being one of them. 

Can I pay for my First Class ticket in instalments?

Yes! With Alternative Airlines you can choose from over 40 payments when booking your flights. We offer buy now, pay later options so you can spread the cost of your ticket over a period of time, saving you the worry of finding the full airfare in one go.