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The Best Airlines For First Class

Best First Class Flights | Travel in the highest comfort

Read on to discover what makes an airline first-class, the facilities and services it offers and what airlines offer the best first-class flights.

What makes an airline First Class?

Are you tired of being cramped in the back of the cabin and having to rub shoulders with others? Or frustrated by the lack of meal choices and entertainment? Throughout your travel flight with First Class, you'll experience the comfort and enjoy an ample amount of legroom, sit back in high quality and comfy seats, recline fully to 180 degrees position, taste exclusive meals crafted to perfection and virtual entertainment to the highest degree.

There are many ways an airline can be counted as offering top quality first-class service, including:

Ground Experience

The services provided on the ground to first-class passengers by some airlines are totally remarkable. You can expect to be driven to your plane in a car or a limo, receive a complimentary spa and massage treatment, and dine at a top-quality restaurant and also before and after your flight, you can enjoy relaxing in the airlines dedicated luxurious lounges.

There some great business class lounges such as Qatar Airways Al Mourjan Lounge Doha and Virgin Atlantic Clubhouse London but with first-class, you also get ground experience which can be fully personalised to your requirements.

Executive Menus and beverages

First-class meals are actually an experience. From wine, lobster tail and caviar to exclusive menus customised to your preferences and handcrafted to perfection by top-class chefs. This doesn't appeal to everyone but some top airlines have a great drink selection in first class, whether it Hennessy Paradis, Dom or Krug. There’s a high amount of variety here. It' rated that Qatar Airways business class has the best champagne than but overall you will find some first-class products with incredible drink selections. American Airlines serves Laurent Perrier Grand Siecle on its first-class flights.


A good night of sleep isn’t just about the amount of personal space, but also about what the airline does to make it comfortable. Many first-class products come with added amenities, like pyjamas, blankets, headphones and amenity kits which can compete with the sleep you have at home. Also, several first-class products offer name products.

Generous amount of space

The most valuable item on a plane is space, and this is something first-class normally provides more of. If you're flying on a long-haul flight or a red-eye flight space and sleep are important. Airlines try to be innovated in their designs to offer space, for example, Singapore Airlines Suites Class, which a double bed, or Etihad’s First Class Apartment, which allows you to actually walk around inside of your apartment.

The Best First Class Airlines that offer a great service


Emirates First Class 777-300ER and A380 are some of the best first-class experiences you can get. Emirates Airlines is famously known for having more attractive and exclusive first-class products.

In early 2018, Emirates brought in its new first-class cabin on a selection of 777-300ER and the products it offers are amazing. Emirates is the first airline ever to bring about a fully enclosed suite in first class. The apartments don't only have doors that add to the privacy but are completely enclosed from the floor to the ceiling.

The seats are designed with high attention to detail. The spacious suite has a big TV screen, a very comfortable bed, and can control the lighting and temperature in the suite to suit your needs. You can enjoy free-flowing Dom Perignon, to their dine on-demand menu with all kinds of great options as well as caviar.

Emirates was awarded Trip Advisor's World's Best First Class in 2019 for several reasons. On the Emirates A380 First Class Cabin, you'll find golden touches, polished wood and motorised window shades. Couples can unwind and enjoy the flight journey together on comfortable reclining seats which can be converted into beds.

Emirates is the perfect First Class option for Couples. The First Class treatment begins with a personal chauffeur who drives you directly to your departing airport. During the flight, you'll have access to a range of entertainment options, exquisite food, and free drinks for the duration of your flight. You'll also have access to your own private space which you can use to freshen up before arriving at your destination.

Air France

Air France offers an incredible experience and provides great first-class products. Air France’s 777-300ER first-class cabin is designed in a single row of seats, a 1-2-1 configuration. The cabin is very elegant, and instead of offering suites with doors, they offer curtains which you can pull around your suite. You’ll also enjoy exclusive and traditional French dining along with a lot of privacy.

Air France is continuously winning awards for its premium First Class Cabin. The La Premiere First Class experience on the 777-300ER is the spotlight of the aircraft. There are only 4 seats in first class, arranged in a 1-2-1 configuration. The curtains dividing the seats make it easy for you to speak to your companion on the seat next to you.

During the First Class experience, couples will be able to access the airport's private lounge for peace and relaxation as well as enjoy delicious cuisine and free drinks on the flight.

Singapore Airlines

Singapore’s A380 First Class Suites has its your own private seat, as well as a separate bed that you can turn into a double bed with 2 seats. You can control lighting, request service and much more. You can recline your chair and close your door to increase your privacy.

The luxurious amenities along with the 32-inch display monitors would make this the most memorable experience. Also, it offers an unlimited amount of Dom Perignon champagne.

Singapore Airlines offers an incredible first-class experience, especially for couples. Singapore Airlines First Class Cabin is loved by all travellers for its exceptional service. On the A380 First Class suites, you'll have 50 square meters worth of space all to yourself. On a First Class cabin with Singapore Airlines, you'll have a private suite that has a spacious armchair as well a bed.

Singapore Airlines offers 6 of these luxury suites on each aircraft and they are set out in a 1-1-1 configuration. First-class suites are available to purchase on selected A380 routes including:

  • Singapore (SIN) - Hong Kong (HKG)
  • Singapore (SIN) - London Heathrow (LHR)
  • Singapore (SIN) - Sydney (SYD)

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific First Class 777-300ER HAS 6 SEATS IN A 1-1-1 configuration. They have got industry-leading seat width at 36 inches wide which can fit up to 3 people comfortably.

You can enjoy one of the most comfortable full-flat beds in the sky, as well as caviar, champagne, and a high standard of service that is far quite rare these days.

Etihad Airways

The first-class flight on Etihad's A380 is without a doubt the most memorable commercial flight experience you can have. Passengers can get 3 separate rooms on board: a bedroom, living room, and shower room. The double bed that you're offered is 6 feet 10 inches long, your living room has a leather double seat sofa with a 32-inch inflight display monitor, and your own private en-suite bathroom with a shower at your needs.

With this luxury comes a private butler and inflight chef. You can ask for any types of customised food ahead of time, ask for a luxurious chauffeur, and nearly anything legal you want.

Etihad Airways is known to have some of the most amazing First Class amenities. You're First Class experience will begin with a personal chauffeur that will drive you to the airport. Once you've checked in for your flight you'll be taken to a First Class lounge and spa whilst you wait to be called for boarding. When boarding the plane, you'll be located in your own private suite. Amenities include comforting armchairs, real beds, a shower that you can use and more. When making a First Class reservation with Etihad you and your partner will be offered unlimited drinks and a range of a la carte food you can select from a menu.

The A380 aircraft offers the most luxurious escape, which is perfect for couples who are planning to fly together. Once you've had a nap during your flight you can head to the living room where you'll be presented with your own loveseat with a long ottoman.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is one of the most underrated First Class cabins! The cabin beds are almost 79 inches long and you'll be offered free drinks throughout your flight, what more could you want?

Japan Airlines First Class cabin offers 8 seats which are displayed in a 1-2-1 configuration - a perfect design for couples as it allows easy communication access. When you feel like talking to your partner and sharing some quality time you can use the motorized privacy remote to lower the privacy curtain.

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Can I book first-class flights to Australia?

If you're searching for first-class flights to Australia, you've come to the right place. At Alternative Airlines, we've got 600+ airlines for you to choose from when you book your flights through us, making booking first-class tickets to Australia super easy! With over 40 different ways to pay for your tickets, including flexible Buy Now Pay Later methods, you can manage the cost of your first-class tickets and spread the payments over time, making First Class more affordable!

Australia is one of the world's most exquisite travel destinations in the world. No matter what kind of traveller you are, there is something to entice you here. It is regarded as a popular backpacking, camping, and road-trip destination. From Uluru to the outback, rainforests to immaculate white sand beaches, and of course, the Great Barrier Reef, the nation is awash with extraordinary natural beauty. Sydney's Harbor Bridge and Opera House are well-known man-made beauties, and Melbourne's café scene will make you think you're in Europe.

Below are some of the most popular First Class routes to Australia:

  • Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) ✈ to Sydney (SYD)
  • Hong Kong (HKG) ✈ to Sydney (SYD)
  • Los Angeles (LAX) ✈ to Melbourne (MEL)
  • Los Angeles (LAX) ✈ to Sydney (SYD)

Many airlines offer first-class fares to/from Australia, however, the most popular airlines that provide a great first-class experience and the most first-class routes from international/domestic cities to Australia are Qantas and Singapore Airlines. Other airlines that offer first-class flights to Australia as a fare option include British Airways, Air France, Cathay Pacific and many more.

Are Business and First Class the same?

No, First Class and Business Class are not the same services. Business Class is just above Economy/Premium Economy and provides more legroom and comfortable seating. However, when you fly First Class, you'll get all of the benefits of Business and more, such as your own private 'room' on the aircraft depending on the airline you're flying with, and fine dining. If you're travelling to Australia for business and don't want to spend too much money on the flight ticket, we recommend flying in Business Class.

Is it worth flying first-class?

Absolutely! Flying in first class is a flight experience which is second to none. Flying first class is the best experience you could get onboard a commercial aircraft. The service and amenities for the first class customers are best of the best. For the Europeans who are looking to travel to Australia, first class can be a great option, as the flight times between EU and AUS are quite long and spending that much time on an economy class may not be everyone's cup of tea.

What are the best first-class airlines for couples?

When flying with your significant other you want to make sure that you fly with an airline that provides excellent service. Flying first class with your partner is the perfect date night idea, especially on long-haul international flights as you can make the most out of the special amenities on board and spend quality couple time with your partner. On this page, you'll find a list of favourite airlines that fly First Class and provide an unforgettable experience.

On most First Class airlines, you'll be welcomed in with fine champagne, gourmet cuisine and warm service. When flying on First Class flights you should expect comfortable bedding/seating, suite doors that ensure complete privacy and onboard entertainment. Some of the best airlines with first-class cabins for travelling couples are Emirates, Singapore Airlines, Etihad Airways, Japan Airlines and Air France.

Use the search form at the top of the page to begin your search for First Class flights; use the Cabin Class option to select the cabin you wish to fly in.

Are couples sat together on first-class flights?

Sitting with your partner can significantly improve your in-flight experience. Pre-selecting seats ahead of time is the perfect way to ensure that you and your partner are sitting together during the flight. If you cannot pre-select your seat ahead of time we recommend that you check in as early as possible as you'll get a higher chance of sitting next to the passengers within your booking.

Please note that on most First Class Cabins you'll have the option to pre-select your seats at the time of booking or after.

Can I book first-class flights to Dubai?

Yes! At Alternative Airlines, we have 600+ airlines available for you to book flights with and if you're looking to book First Class flights to Dubai with any of these airlines, you can do so right here on our site. We also have over 40 different ways to pay, including flexible Buy Now Pay Later plans that can help you manage the cost of your First Class tickets and spread payments over time.

Dubai is one of the world's most unique cities, rich with soaring skyscrapers, elegant results and glamourous shopping districts. As one of the fastest-growing cities in the world, it's not difficult to see why it's an incredibly popular tourist destination with travellers from all over the globe. If you're looking to visit Dubai, why not fly in style and book First Class tickets with airlines that offer impeccable first-class services such as Emirates and British Airways?

Popular First-Class Routes to Dubai

Below are some of the most popular First Class routes to Dubai:

  • London ✈ to Dubai
  • New York ✈ to Dubai
  • Tokyo ✈ to Dubai
  • New Delhi ✈ to Dubai
  • Los Angeles ✈ to Dubai
  • Bangkok ✈ to Dubai

Emirates currently offers the most first-class routes between Dubai and the rest of the world, making it an incredibly popular option for travellers who'd like to travel in style to Dubai. Below, we've briefly outlined what to expect when flying First Class to Dubai with Emirates and which cities you can fly from to Dubai with this airline.

Here at Alternative Airlines, we've made it easy for you to see what other airlines besides Emirates offer first-class services to Dubai. Below is a list of all the airlines that offer First Class fares to Dubai International Airport and which cities they fly from:

  • Air Canada - Toronto
  • Air China - Beijing
  • Air France - Paris
  • Air India - Chennai, New Delhi, Goa, Hyderabad, Indore, Kochi, Kolkata, Kozhikode, Mumbai
  • British Airways - London
  • Cathay Pacific - Hong Kong
  • China Southern - Guangzhou, Shenzhen
  • El Al - Tel Aviv
  • Korean Air - Seoul
  • Kuwait Airways - Kuwait City
  • Lufthansa - Frankfurt, Munich
  • Oman Air - Muscat, Salalah
  • Qatar Airways - Doha
  • Saudia - Jeddah, Neom Bay, Riyadh
  • Singapore Airlines - Singapore
  • Swiss International Air Lines - Zürich
Can I fly First Class to Dubai from the US?

Yes! You can fly from the United States to Dubai on a first-class service with Emirates. Emirates currently offers First Class flights to Dubai from a selection of US cities including Houston, Boston, Chicago, Miami, Seattle, Los Angeles, New York and San Francisco.

Can I fly First Class to Dubai from Doha?

Of course! Qatar Airways operates regular flights between Dubai and Doha. You can book first-class Qatar Airways flights right here at Alternative Airlines. Use our search form at the top of the page to start searching for first-class flights to Dubai from Doha.

Where can I book First Class flights to Dubai from Riyadh?

You can book your first-class flights from Riyadh to Dubai right here at Alternative Airlines. One airline that operates this route with an exceptional first-class experience is Saudia. Use our search form at the top of the page to start searching for first-class flights to Dubai from Riyadh.

Can I book first-class flights to New York?

If you're searching for First Class flights to New York, you've come to the right place. At Alternative Airlines, we've got 600+ airlines for you to choose from when you book your flights through us, making booking First Class tickets to New York super easy! With over 40 different ways to pay for your tickets, including flexible Buy Now Pay Later methods, you can manage the cost of your first-class tickets and spread the payments over time, making First Class more affordable!

New York is one of the world's most visited cities as it's densely packed with iconic landmarks, a jungle of skyscrapers and a multitude of shopping districts. It's a great destination all year round as there are always things to do - you can visit the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty, and even take a long walk in Central Park. If you're aiming to visit New York for a special occasion or that trip you've been planning for ages, why not treat yourself and book First Class tickets to New York? Airlines that provide incredible first-class services to New York include American Airlines and Delta Air Lines, as well as other airlines that fly to New York internationally.

Popular First-Class Routes to New York

Below are some of the most popular First Class routes to New York:

  • London ✈ to New York
  • Dubai ✈ to New York
  • Los Angeles ✈ to New York
  • Vancouver ✈ to New York

The most popular airlines that provide an exceptional first-class service to New York are American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Other airlines that provide first-class routes to New York include:

  • Air China: Beijing
  • Air France: Paris
  • Air India: Delhi
  • Alaska Airlines: Portland, San Diego, San Francisco, Seattle
  • All Nippon Airways: Tokyo
  • British Airways: London
  • Cathay Pacific: Hong Kong
  • China Eastern: Shanghai
  • El Al: Tel Aviv
  • Emirates: Dubai, Milan
  • Etihad Airways: Abu Dhabi
  • EVA Air: Taipei
  • Japan Airlines: Tokyo
  • Korean Air: Seoul
  • Kuwait Airways: Kuwait City
  • Lufthansa: Frankfurt, Munich
  • Qatar Airways: Doha
  • Saudia: Jeddah, Riyadh
  • Singapore Airlines: Frankfurt, Singapore
  • Swiss International Airlines: Geneva, Zurich
  • Virgin Atlantic: London, Manchester
Can I fly First Class to New York from within the US?

Absolutely! The two airlines that offer first-class fares to New York from other US cities are American Airlines and Delta Air Lines. Both airlines fly to New York and offer First Class tickets from cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Dallas-Fort Worth, Chicago, Columbus, Washington D.C., Boston, Miami, Louisville, Detroit, Atlanta, Houston and Minneapolis, among others.

Can I buy first-class flights with cryptocurrency?

Yes! At Alternative Airlines, we give you the option to book first-class seats on any airline of your choice and complete your transaction using cryptocurrency. Some of the popular cryptocurrency payment methods we offer include Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and Ripple, among many others. Book first-class flights with cryptocurrency today at Alternative Airlines!