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Buy flights using Vai

Here at Alternative Airlines, you can search for your perfect flights and choose from over 100 different cryptocurrencies to pay with, including Vai. Select the flights that work best for you, then choose 'Cryptocurrency' as your preferred payment method at checkout. You can then select Vai from a list of crypto coins, connect to the e-wallet where your Vai coin is stored and receive your e-tickets instantly once payment has been confirmed!

Cryptocurrency tokens

About Vai

Vai is a cryptocurrency that was created by Venus, a decentralised finance (DeFi) platform built on the Binance Smart Chain. Vai was designed to maintain the value of $1 USD. Its price remains stabilised through a combination of smart contracts and algorithmic mechanisms. The stability of Vai coin can be achieved by backing the token with a basket of other cryptocurrencies including Binance Coin (BNB), Venus (XVS) and Swipe (SXP).

Vai History

Vai is a stablecoin that was created by the Venus Protocol, a DeFi platform that launched in 2020 on the Binance Smart Chain. The initial design of Vai relied on a basket of cryptocurrencies to maintain its stability however in February 2021, an upgrade to the Vai stablecoin introduced the VAI 2.0 Algorithmic Stablecoin System. Since its launch, Vai has grown in popularity and adoption - there are more and more users leveraging the stablecoin for borrowing, lending and trading activities on the Venus platform.

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Why use Vai to buy flights?


Designed to maintain a value of $1 USD, Vai is an attractive coin for users who wish to avoid the volatility that is typically associated with cryptocurrencies.


Vai is built on the Binance Smart Chain which is a decentralised blockchain network providing a high degree of security and transparency.

Low fees

Vai transactions have low fees making it an affordable cryptocurrency for users who want to transfer value quickly and efficiently.

Trusted globally

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Vai for flights FAQs

Can I use Vai to buy flights?

YES! At Alternative Airlines, we have over 100 cryptocurrencies available for you to choose from when paying for your flights, Vai included. You can use Vai to securely and privately pay for flights with any of the airlines we ticket including Delta, American Airlines and Emirates.

What's the currency code for Vai?

VAI is the currency code for Vai.

Can Vai be used to buy flights?

Absolutely! Vai will be available at checkout at Alternative Airlines, so you can use it to securely pay for your flights, no matter your destination or airline that you're flying with. Follow the instructions below to find out how to buy flights with Vai on our site:

  1. Using our search form at the top of the page, fill out your travel details including your departure and arrival airports, the days you wish to fly, cabin classes and the number of passengers.
  2. You'll be able to see all the available flights based on your search - select the ones that work best for you and hit the 'Confirm Selection' button to proceed to payment.
  3. Select 'Cryptocurrency' as your preferred payment method when you reach checkout.
  4. To confirm your flights, select 'Vai' or 'VAI' within the list of crypto coins that we offer. We'll email you your e-tickets straight away once payment is received.
Alternatives to Vai

If you'd like to use other cryptocurrencies to pay for your flights, we've got you covered. We offer 100+ crypto coins on our site - these coins can be used to pay for flights with ANY of the 600+ airlines we ticket. Some of the popular cryptocurrencies we offer at checkout include DashBitcoinUSDTLitecoinRipple and UTK.

Take a look at our handy guide on buying flights with cryptocurrencies for more information.