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What is Toko?

Tokocrypto operates a blockchain platform that allows users to exchange cryptocurrency, deposit funds, set up savings programs, cross-platform DeFi applications and NFT marketplaces. The token was released in April 2021, attracting interest from both private and enterprise users. It was created in collaboration with Binance and they've provided significant support for the project and its future development. Tokocrypto is the organisation that owns the Toko Token and they aim to bring revolutionary technology to the financial world in Indonesia by being the first to deploy blockchain technology and hybrid token functions in a single platform, bringing decentralised finance to Indonesia and integrating them into a modern-day global financial system. This creates business prospects as well as community growth.

Toko History

Pang Sue Kai, the CEO and founder, established Tokocrypto in September 2018, with development beginning in 2017. It was the first organisation under Indonesia's Commodities Futures Trading Regulatory Agency to offer a unique hybrid token concept, as well as the first Indonesian cryptocurrency.

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Buy Flights with Toko

Booking with Alternative Airlines makes paying for flights with Toko a breeze. Simply select 'Cryptocurrency' at the checkout after selecting the appropriate flight on the website and then select Toko/TKO from the list of available coins. The e-ticket will be sent to you as soon as your payment is authorised, so link the e-wallet where you hold your Toko.

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Benefits of Buying Flights with Toko (TKO)?


TokoCrypto maintains a high level of security by implementing two-factor authentication and storing client funds in cold wallets. Cold wallets are offline wallets, which are greater protected against hackers.

Fast Transactions

They have a quick verification process as well as an easy signup. The transaction fees are also low.

Trusted globally

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

We’re super proud of our Trustpilot rating, but don’t just take it from us. See why millions of others love booking their flights through Alternative Airlines

Toko for Flights FAQS

Can I use Toko to buy flights?

You've come to the right location if you want to pay for flights with Toko, which is now accepted as a form of payment at Alternative Airlines and can be used to book plane tickets.

What's the currency code for Toko?

TKO is the currency code for Toko.

Can Toko be used to buy flights?

If you want to visit places that accept cryptocurrencies, you can use Toko to book flights at any time. When checking out with one of our 600+ global airlines, you can pay with Toko. If you wish to achieve this, please follow these simple instructions:

1. Enter the following information into the top-of-the-page search: departure and arrival airports, trip dates, cabin class and the number of passengers.

2. From the list of available flights, choose the flight that best meets your needs. Once you've decided on a flight, click the 'Confirm Selection' button.

3. Choose 'Cryptocurrency' as your preferred payment option.

4. Choose 'Toko' and continue the booking process. Your flight reservation should be confirmed as soon as this is completed.

Alternatives to Toko

We accept a variety of cryptocurrencies, not just Toko, at our checkout. We also provide a variety of other cryptocurrencies, including some of the most popular, such as DashBitcoinUSDTLitecoinRipple and UTK.

To make it easier for you to pay with Cryptocurrency at our checkout, we've put together a very informative tutorial on buying flights with cryptocurrency