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Browse for flights from over 600 international airlines using Alternative Airlines, a booking and flight search website. All you have to do is enter your chosen departure and arrival destination using the search form at the top of the page to begin. When you have reached checkout, select 'Cryptocurrency' and choose League of Kingdoms Arena as your chosen cryptocurrency.

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About League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA)

League of Kingdoms Arena, also referred to as LOKA, is a unique blockchain. It is based around a Massive Multiplayer Online (MMO) strategy game, that creates the opportunity for the user to earn real income through their actions in the game. Gameplay activities include building kingdoms, raising armies, forming alliances and competing on the battlefields for power and wealth. It has multiple game modes available, which are Player-Versus-Environment (PvE), Player-Versus-Player (PvP) and Party-Play (MMO). The LOKA token allows holders to be involved with decision-making processes on the platform, purchase in-game items and make profit through staking. The token functions on the Ethereum blockchain.

League of Kingdoms Arena History

LOKA token first became available for trading in January 2022, whilst the original League of Kingdoms Arena game was launched in July 2020. The co-found and CEO of NOD Games, the organisation behind LOKA, is Chan Lee. League of Kingdoms was worth about $1.76 as of March 2022. The game was played in more than 210 nations throughout the world, and in March 2022, there were 150,000 daily active players, up from 4000 in July 2021. The likelihood of a future price increase for the League of Kingdoms governance token is reasonable given the current rate of development and the amount of interest the game has already attracted from fans and the media.

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Why use LOKA to buy flights?


The Ethereum Blockchain serves as the foundation for League of Kingdoms Arena. The advantages of Ethereum include a tried-and-true network that has been put to the test during years of operation and through the exchange of billion of dollars in value. It has the biggest blockchain and cryptocurrency ecosystem, as well as a sizeable and devoted global community.


Acquiring League of Kingdoms Arena (LOKA) coins is easier than other cryptocurrencies as you can get them through the traditional method of trading, or by being an active player on their game, which is also a fun way to earn.

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LOKA for Flights FAQs

What makes League of Kingdoms Arena special?

Firstly, the coins function has a strong reliability as it is built on Ethereum which is a heavily used and well trusted blockchain network. It also has a unique way of earning the currency, through playing an MMO Strategy game, on top of the traditional ways of acquiring cryptocurrencies, such as exchanging.

How can I buy League of Kingdoms Arena?

There are multiple crypto exchanges that LOKA (League of Kingdoms Arena) is available to buy from, these include popular exchanges such as Binance,, Tokocrypto, Coinex and Poloniex. Binance is currently the most favoured exchange for League of Kingdoms Arena. You can also earn LOKA through playing the MMO game and completing certain tasks on there.

What's the currency code for League of Kingdoms Arena?

League of Kingdoms Arena currency code is LOKA.

Can League of Kingdoms Arena be used to buy flights?

No matter when or where you plan on flying to crypto-friendly destinations, League of Kingdoms Arena can be used to book your flight. You can pick from over 600 global airlines and checkout using LOKA. Follow these simple steps to get your flights booked using the LOKA token:

  1. Using the search bar at the top, input your departure and arrival airports, travel dates, cabin class and number of passengers travelling.
  2. From the flight options that appear, select the one that best works for you. Once you have found and selected the right flight, click 'Confirm Selection'.
  3. Once arriving at the payment method page, select 'Cryptocurrency'.
  4. From the options, select 'League of Kingdoms Arena' and then continue with the booking process. Once you have completed this, your flight booking will be confirmed instantly.
Alternatives cryptocurrencies to League of Kingdoms Arena

League of Kingdoms Arena is one of the many cryptocurrencies we offer at the Alternative Airlines' checkout. For example, other cryptocurrencies we offer include DashBitcoinUSDTLitecoinRipple and UTK.

To make buying flights with cryptocurrency simple for you, we have put together a complete guide, that covers everything you need to know when it comes to checking out with cryptocurrency on Alternative Airlines.