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Buy Flights using GAL

Are you looking to pay for your flights online and pay securely using Galxe? At Alternative Airlines, we provide the option to buy flights using cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether with any of the 600+ airlines we ticket to destinations all around the globe. Begin your search at the top of the page!

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About Galxe

Galxe Token (GAL) formerly Project Galaxy, is a decentralised token built on the Ethereum and Polygon blockchains which launched in April 2022. It aims to build a credential data network that is open to all developers in Web3.

You can make speedy and low-cost transactions, due to the innovative blockchain technology they're built on. It also offers peace of mind for user data where all its transactional details are kept private.

We aren't currently offering Galxe as a cryptocurrency payment method at Alternative Airlines. However, you can choose from alternative cryptocurrencies to help you securely pay for your flights on our site.

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Why use GAL to buy flights?

Fast and secure transactions

Ethereum blockchain technology lets Galxe offer fast and secure payments, making the flight booking process seamless.


Reduced fees

GAL offers lower transaction fees potentially helping you to save cost compared to traditional payment options when buying flights online.

Privacy in mind

Galxe is focused on user privacy and any transactional information is kept private with zero-knowledge proofs. This means the privacy provided by GAL will allow you to transact with them anonymously especially when it comes to booking flights.

Trusted globally

Rated Excellent on Trustpilot

We’re super proud of our Trustpilot rating, but don’t just take it from us. See why millions of others love booking their flights through Alternative Airlines

Galxe for Flights FAQs

What is Galxe?

Galxe, previously known as Project Galaxy, is a leading Web3 credential data network and a decentralised cryptocurrency that launched in April 2022 and was built on the Binance blockchain.
Galxe distinctive features include:

  • Being eco-friendly by reducing its carbon footprint by utilizing energy-efficient consensus techniques like proof-of-stake.
  • Allowing its GAL holders to participate in decision-making processes regarding its development and direction.
  • Offering low transaction fees compared to other cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin.
  • Positions itself as a cryptocurrency that is prepared for the future by embracing emerging technologies like artificial intelligence, the Internet of Things and decentralised finance.
Can Galxe be used to buy flights?

Unfortunately, we currently don't offer Galxe at Alternative Airlines, however, we do offer alternative cryptocurrency options that you can use to pay for your flights safely and securely including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether and many others.

After GAL becomes available at checkout, simply select the coin as your preferred payment method and follow the instructions to complete your booking.

What's the currency code for Galxe?

GAL is the currency code for Galxe.

Alternative cryptocurrencies to Galxe

At Alternative Airlines, we offer over 100 cryptocurrencies that can be used to pay for flights with any of the 600+ airlines we ticket. Currently, Galxe isn't available on our site and instead, you can choose from other cryptocurrencies to book your flights with including BitcoinEthereumTetherLitecoinRipple and UTK, among others.

Check out our guide to buying flights with cryptocurrency to find out more!