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Alternative Airlines is a global flight search and booking platform that lets you book flights with over 600 airlines and pay for those flights using flexible payment methods, including cryptocurrencies! You can search for the flights you need today and pay securely using Curecoin. Start your search by filling out our search form at the top of the page, selecting the flights that work best for you and choosing 'Cryptocurrency' as your preferred payment method. You can then select Curecoin from the list of crypto coins that we offer!

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About Curecoin

Curecoin (CURE) is a cryptocurrency designed to incentivise and reward the contribution of crypto mining power to medical research. Much like other cryptocurrencies, it is a decentralised digital currency operating on blockchain technology.

Curecoin's goal is to combine the benefits of crypto with the benefits of distributed computing to support scientific research. To put it simply, the user's computer can help solve complex mathematical calculations required for medical research. The Curecoin network currently supports protein folding research and other medical projects.

Unfortunately, we don't currently offer Curecoin as a cryptocurrency payment method for flights on our site. However, there are alternative crypto coins available for you to use to securely pay for your flights.

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Why use CURE to buy flights?


Because Curecoin operates on a decentralised network, it is resistant to censorship and fraud. This means that any rewards earned by CURE users are always secure and won't be manipulated by any centralised authority.


Users that contribute their computing power towards scientific research will be rewarded by Curecoin. This is an incentive that helps increase the computer power available for scientific research and also ensures the sustainability of the network.


With the Curecoin platform, researchers have access to vast amounts of computing power that can solve complex calculations needed for scientific research. Some of the projects Curecoin is focusing on include protein folding, drug discovery and disease research.

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CURE for Flights FAQs

What is Curecoin?

Curecoin (CURE) is a decentralised digital currency that lets people contribute computing power to further advance scientific research. Users can use their computing power to solve complicated calculations needed for medical/scientific research - these users are then rewarded with Curecoin for their contribution.

How can I buy Curecoin?

Much like Bitcoin and Ethereum, you can purchase Curecoin on a cryptocurrency exchange platform (such as Coinbase and Bittrex). There are different methods of trading Curecoin. You can add funds to your account via bank transfer, you can transfer fiat currencies, you can buy directly from other users or you can use third-party payment channels.

What's the currency code for Curecoin?

CURE is the currency code for Curecoin.

Can Curecoin be used to buy flights?

No. Alternative Airlines doesn't offer Curecoin (CURE) as a payment method for flights. We suggest using alternative cryptocurrencies that we do offer, such as Bitcoin or Ethereum. If CURE is available at checkout, select this crypto coin and follow the instructions on the screen to book your flights!

Alternatives cryptocurrencies to Curecoin

Although we don't yet offer Curecoin as a payment method, we do have many other cryptocurrencies available at checkout including BitcoinEthereumTetherLitecoinRipple and UTK, among others. These crypto coins will let you securely and privately pay for your flights on our site.

Check out our complete guide to buying flights with cryptocurrency to find out more.