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Buy Flights with Crypto to the United Kingdom

Book flights to the United Kingdom with your favourite cryptocurrencies

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Book flights with crypto to the United Kingdom

Using the search feature above, browse over 600 airlines and pay with over 100 cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. At Alternative Airlines we ticket a variety of low cost and luxury global airlines, including the British flag carrier British Airways, allowing you to fly using cryptocurrency no matter what.. Got some flexibility with your flight dates? We can even show you the cheapest day to fly with our best fare finder.

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Why visit the United Kingdom with Crypto?

The United Kingdom is a vibrant destination that blends its deep global history with a unique modern culture. From the bustling streets of London to charming countryside villages, there is something here for every traveller. Beyond its world famous landmarks, the United Kingdom is also a technology and crypto hotspot and is a leading innovator in crypto adoption laws and regulations. This has allowed individuals and businesses to adopt cryptocurrencies making the UK an attractive destination for crypto enthusiasts. Sounds good right? 

Explore crypto hotspots like London, Manchester, and Edinburgh, where you can find a variety of establishments, including restaurants, shops, and entertainment venues, that accept digital currencies. So whether you're having a pint in the pub or withdrawing cash from one of London’s Bitcoin ATMs, embrace the freedom and convenience brought by crypto in the United Kingdom. Book your next trip to the United Kingdom with cryptocurrencies at Alternative Airlines.

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Why buy flights to the UK with Cryptocurrencies?

Cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin and Tether, offer users a decentralised platform to spend and store their money. Cryptocurrency is not controlled by a government or bank, giving you complete control over your money. So why should you pay for flights to the United Kingdom with crypto?

Cryptocurrency offers a private and more secure way to pay that puts you in control of your money. Every transaction is put on a public list called the blockchain, which helps keep your digital currencies secure whilst providing a greater degree of anonymity when compared to using a traditional bank account. For added security, stable coins like Tether (USDT) meet international standards and regulations that help make every transaction secure. We'll even send you an email confirmation once your flight has been confirmed too

Possibly one of the most frustrating parts of booking a flight or spending money abroad is high exchange rates. By using cryptocurrencies you can avoid high exchange rates and get more out of your money. Crypto coins hold the same value regardless of what country you are in, meaning you can buy anything from another country without having to exchange your currency before purchasing. This can also make the payment process much more convenient too!

To purchase flights with cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, you do not need a traditional bank account as you are in complete control of your crypto coins. This means that anyone can fly regardless if you have a bank account or not. By buying flights in cryptocurrency you can keep your purchases more private than they would with a regular bank account.

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What airlines accept cryptocurrency for flights to the United Kingdom?

Many airlines and online travel agents like Expedia do not take any cryptocurrency as a form of payment when booking through their website. However, at Alternative Airlines we allow people to pay the way they want. Pick from over 600 airlines and pay with your favourite cryptocurrency, even if that airline does not normally accept crypto on their own website. We accept over 100 cryptocurrencies, allowing you to book flights to the United Kingdom your way!

Looking for the most crypto-friendly airlines for your flight to the United Kingdom? We serve the top forward thinking airlines, including American Airlines, Delta, JetBlue, United Airlines, British Airways, easyJet, Qantas and many more airlines across the world.

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How to buy flights to the United Kingdom using Cryptocurrency

Search for flights

Enter the destination in the United Kingdom you would like to fly to, dates and the number of passengers flying into the Alternative Airlines search form and click ‘Search Flights’.

You can search in any currency of your choice, including over 100 cryptocurrencies. Select the flights that you wish to fly on and click ‘Confirm Selection’.

Step 2 - Select Cryptocurrency

How to buy flights to the United Kingdom using Cryptocurrency

Select Cryptocurrency

Once you’ve finished inputting all passenger details and have chosen all your options, you can scroll down to the payment method to see all the payment options that we offer. Select ‘Cryptocurrency payment’ to continue.

Search for and select cryptocurrency

How to buy flights to the United Kingdom using Cryptocurrency

Select your favourite cryptocurrency

Select your chosen cryptocurrency from our list of accepted crypto coins and press ‘Continue to Payment’ to continue.

Step 4 - Confirm your booking with Tether

How to buy flights to the United Kingdom using Cryptocurrency

Book your flight with cryptocurrency

Follow the instructions on-screen to buy flights to the UK in crypto. You have now made your payment in your chosen cryptocurrency with airlines that accept crypto. Now you know how to buy flights to the United Kingdom with cryptocurrency, you are now all set for your next crypto adventure.

If you want to learn how to buy your flights using specific coins, click on the following links: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin


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Cryptocurrency Flights to the United Kingdom FAQS

Which Airlines accept cryptocurrency?

At Alternative Airlines, we offer over 600 airlines for our customers to choose from and accept over 100 cryptocurrencies. This means that all of our customers can pay with their favourite cryptocurrency on any flight with us, including flights to the United Kingdom. Find the top crypto-friendly airlines.

How long will my crypto flight transactions take?

Cryptocurrency transactions can take 3 hours or more depending on the crypto coin you're paying with. Until then flight transactions will show as 'pending'. If you are having issues in finding your flight transaction, you can contact us by email or phone and we'll be more than happy to help.

Is the United Kingdom Crypto-Friendly?

The United Kingdom is a leading innovator when it comes to the adoption of new crypto laws and regulations making it a great destination for crypto enthusiasts. Across the United Kingdom there are several Bitcoin ATMs in locations like London and Manchester. There is also an increasing amount of businesses adopting cryptocurrencies, making it easier to spend your digital currencies in the UK.

Discover more crypto-friendly destinations.

What cryptocurrencies can I use to pay for flights to the United Kingdom?

With Alternative Airlines you can pay for your flight to the United Kingdom with over 100 cryptocurrencies. Choose from crypto coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, Cardano and many more. Discover more cryptocurrencies you can use to book your flight to the United Kingdom.

Have any questions?

Alternative Airlines Customer Service team is on hand and ready to assist you with any crypto flight queries. You can contact us by using our contact us page to do so.