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Buy Flights with Crypto to Argentina

Book flights to Argentina with your favourite cryptocurrencies

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Book flights with crypto to Argentina

Using the search bar above, browse a variety of flights from over 600 airlines across the world and pay using over 100 cryptocurrencies. At Alternative Airlines we believe in making it possible for everyone to fly. That's why we ticket everything from big name airlines, including Argentina's flag carrier Aerolíneas Argentinas, to smaller carriers to ensure you can fly wherever you are. On top of that we accept a range of cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether (USDT), giving you the freedom to pay the way you want. Check out our best fare finder to find the cheapest flights to Argentina today!

Why visit Argentina with Crypto?

Argentina’s appeal lies in its variety of cultural experiences and areas of natural beauty. The countries’ culture blends familiar European influences with local traditions to create a unique atmosphere that is warm, friendly and passionate. Argentina has something for everyone. Foodies can indulge in the nations world famous cuisine, nature lovers can explore breathtaking areas like Iguazu Falls, and for more laid back travellers a stay in the wine town of Mendoza for rest and relaxation. Book flights to Argentina today for an unforgettable travel experience that will keep you coming back for more.

Over the last few years Argentina has emerged as an unlikely leader in the cryptocurrency space, embracing digital currencies with open arms. This crypto-friendly country is a great destination for crypto enthusiasts as a growing number of businesses, hotels, restaurants, local shops and more, are accepting crypto for payments. On top of that in the capital, Buenos Aires, there are over 130 businesses alone that accept crypto and approximately 11 Bitcoin ATMs. With its stunning scenery, captivating culture, and progressive approach to crypto, Argentina promises a unique and exciting crypto-fueled adventure.

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Why pay for flights to Argentina with Cryptocurrencies?


Cryptocurrency transactions are recorded on a public blockchain, which ensures their security and prevents them being manipulated. Compared to traditional banking, they offer greater anonymity as they don't directly involve personal information. Additionally, stablecoins like Tether (USDT) comply with international standards and regulations, providing users with further security when using this crypto.


Cryptocurrency eliminates the need for pre-travel currency exchange and exchanging currencies during online purchases. This allows cryptocurrency users to avoid unfavourable exchange rates and conversion fees. This simplifies the payment process and potentially allows you to get better value for your money, especially when dealing with international transactions.


Purchasing flights with cryptocurrency doesn't require a traditional bank account, opening up travel opportunities for anyone who does not have access or chooses not to use traditional banking services. This means that with cryptocurrency anyone can fly, making it one of the most inclusive ways to pay.

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What airlines accept cryptocurrency for flights to Argentina?

Many airlines and online travel agents don’t accept digital currencies, making it difficult for people to fly with crypto. At Alternative Airlines we believe that you should be able to book and pay for flights in a way that suits you. That's why we offer flights to Argentina from over 600 airlines, all of which can be paid for with over 100 cryptocurrencies. Looking for forward-thinking airlines? We also ticket crypto-friendly carriers, such as American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, British Airways, KLM Airlines and many more.

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How to buy flights to Argentina using Cryptocurrency

Search for flights

Enter the destination in Argentina you would like to fly to, when you would like to fly and the number of passengers flying into the Alternative Airlines search form and click ‘Search Flights’.

You can search in any currency of your choice, including over 100 cryptocurrencies. Select the flights that you wish to fly on and click ‘Confirm Selection’.

Step 2 - Select Cryptocurrency

How to buy flights to Argentina using Cryptocurrency

Select Cryptocurrency

Once you’ve inputted all passenger details and have chosen all your options, you can scroll down to the payment method to see all the payment options that we offer. Select ‘Cryptocurrency payment’ to continue.

Search for and select cryptocurrency

How to buy flights to Argentina using Cryptocurrency

Select your favourite cryptocurrency

Select your chosen cryptocurrency from our list of accepted crypto coins and press ‘Continue to Payment’ to continue.

Step 4 - Confirm your booking with Tether

How to buy flights to Argentina using Cryptocurrency

Book your flight with cryptocurrency

Follow the instructions on-screen to buy flights to Argentina with crypto. You have now made your payment in your chosen cryptocurrency with airlines that accept crypto. Now you know how to buy flights to Argentina with cryptocurrency, you are now all set for your crypto getaway.

If you want to learn how to buy your flights using specific coins, click on the following links: Bitcoin, Ethereum, Tether, Litecoin


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Cryptocurrency Flights to Argentina FAQS

Which airlines accept cryptocurrency?

At Alternative Airlines, we offer over 600 airlines for our customers to choose from and accept over 100 cryptocurrencies. This means that all of our customers can pay with their favourite cryptocurrency on any flight with us, including flights to Argentina. Find the top crypto-friendly airlines.

How long will my crypto flight transactions take?

Cryptocurrency transactions can take 3 hours or more depending on the crypto coin you're paying with. Until then flight transactions will show as 'pending'. If you are having issues in finding your flight transaction, you can contact us by email or phone and we'll be more than happy to help.

Is Argentina crypto-friendly?

Argentina has become one of the world's most crypto-friendly countries in the last few years making it a great destination for crypto enthusiasts. Unlike many nations, Argentina's government recognises Bitcoin as a valid currency, which in combination with high inflation rates has lead to a higher adoption rate of cryptocurrencies throughout the country. As a result many businesses throughout the country accept cryptocurrencies, especially in areas like Buenos Aires, which has a significant amount of crypto infrastructure, making it more accessible.

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What cryptocurrencies can I use to pay for flights to Argentina?

With Alternative Airlines you can pay for your flight to Argentina with over 100 cryptocurrencies. Choose from crypto coins including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Tron, Cardano and many more. Discover more cryptocurrencies you can use to book your flight to Argentina.

Have any questions?

Alternative Airlines' Customer Service team is on hand and ready to assist you with any crypto flight queries. You can contact us by using our contact us page to do so.