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What is Chromia?

Chromia (CHR) uses what they refer to as 'side chains', which is one of the primary characteristics that differentiates it from other blockchains. These side chains are made to be used by various applications, each of which have its own set of rules and governance frameworks. This means the platform can be made more adaptable and flexible so that it can be tailored to the requirements of different users and applications. The blockchain can process about 10000 transactions per second and is built to be scalable and effective. The project team hope to increase this to 1 million transactions per second at some point.

The utilisation of smart contracts by Chromia is yet another important aspect. These are self-executing contracts that can help parties to transact and come to agreements, which aim to open up new opportunities for interactions between organisations and people.

Chromia History

The Chromia team has been putting a lot of effort into realising their goal of a better, more approachable blockchain since their launch in May 2019. Many upgrades and additions have been made available. The Chromia team has a strong background in both the public and private sectors and has a track record of delivering sophisticated business solutions. They've a distinctive viewpoint on how to deal with the problems that blockchain technology is currently facing from their combination of experience and knowledge.

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Buy Flights with Chromia

It's so easy to book your flights with Chromia! You can choose Chromia as your preferred cryptocurrency at checkout if you book your flights through Alternative Airlines. Also, you can choose from 600+ global airlines operating to a variety of locations throughout the world.

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Benefits of Buying Flights with Chromia (CHR)?


With Chromia vault, which customers may utilise to store their coins safely and worry-free, Chromia places a high importance on security.


The platform is constructed on a highly scalable and secure Chromium blockchain technology, which can handle a large amount of transactions at once, making the process quick.

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Chromia for Flights FAQS

What makes Chromia special?

For its distinctive security measures, such as the Chromia vault where users may deposit their coins safely and worry-free, Chromia stands out among other cryptocurrencies. The scalability of CHR means they can process a lot of transactions quickly and at a large volume.

How can I buy Chromia?

The top cryptocurrency exchanges for trading Chromia stock right now are Binance, Bitrue, Bybit, BTCEX, and Bitget. If you're looking to buy Chromia, it can also be bought with fiat currency like the USD or EUR.

What's the currency code for Chromia?

The currency code for Chromia is CHR.

Can Chromia be used to buy flights?

Yes! Chromia allows you to pay for your trips with Alternative Airlines regardless of where you're travelling, the route you're taking or even the class fare that you choose. You can choose from 600+ airlines that we have tickets for and you can pay with Chromia. Simply follow the steps listed below to get started and book your flights with Chromia right away:

  1. Fill out the search form at the top of the page by scrolling up and selecting your choice departure and arrival cities, your desired departure and arrival dates, your desired cabin class and the number of persons you will be travelling with. To start a flight search, click the button.
  2. Press 'Confirm Selection' once you're satisfied with the flight you've chosen.
  3. As your desired payment option, choose 'Cryptocurrency'.
  4. To continue with the booking process, select 'Chromia'. Your booking will be immediately verified after you've established a connecting with your cryptocurrency gateway.
Alternatives cryptocurrencies to Chromia

In addition to accepting Chromia at checkout on the Alternative Airlines website, we also support DashBitcoinUSDTLitecoinRipple and UTK. Check out our guide on purchasing flights with cryptocurrency for more information on cryptocurrency payments.