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Buy flights using ARPA

Here at Alternative Airlines, we offer you the opportunity to purchase flights using cryptocurrencies. If you'd like to buy flights with ARPA, you have arrived at the right place. Simply select the flights that align with your preferences, choose 'Cryptocurrency' as your chosen payment method, and pick 'ARPA' from the list of cryptocurrencies available at checkout. Connect to your e-wallet where your ARPA tokens are stored, verify your booking, and within a short period, you will receive your e-ticket via email.

Cryptocurrency tokens

About ARPA

ARPA is a cryptocurrency that aims to enhance privacy and security within the digital world. ARPA stands for 'Arpa Chain' and is built on the Ethereum blockchain. It uses smart contracts to enable privacy-preserving computations and data sharing. ARPA employs advanced cryptographic techniques such as multi-party computation (MPC) and zero-knowledge proofs (ZKPs) to protect sensitive information while allowing for selective data disclosure.

ARPA's main features include privacy-preserving computation. secure data sharing, data monetisation, scalability and interoperability.

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Why use ARPA to buy flights?

Enhanced privacy

ARPA's main goal is to provide privacy preservation. It does this by using cryptographic techniques, such as secure multi-party computation and zero-knowledge proofs, to ensure sensitive payment information is kept private during the transaction process. You'll be protected from potential data breaches or unauthorised access.


ARPA is built on the Ethereum blockchain therefore it leverages security and decentralisation benefits from blockchain technology. Transactions made with ARPA are recorded on a distributed ledger making them transparent, immutable and resistant to tampering.

Fast transactions

ARPA transactions are processed quickly thanks to the underlying blockchain technology. This results in faster payment confirmations and a reduction in waiting times compared to traditional payment methods.

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ARPA for flights FAQs

Can I use ARPA to buy flights?

You bet! At Alternative Airlines, you've got a cool choice of over 100 cryptocurrencies, like ARPA, to pay for your flights. It's super secure and keeps things hush-hush. We work with awesome airlines like Delta, American Airlines, and Emirates, so you're covered no matter where you're jetting off to!

What's the currency code for ARPA?

ARPA is the currency code for ARPA.

Can ARPA be used to buy flights?

Certainly! At Alternative Airlines, you have the option to use ARPA as a payment method when checking out. This means you can safely and securely pay for your flights with ARPA, regardless of your destination or the airline you choose. Here's a step-by-step guide to help you understand how to purchase flights using ARPA on our website:

  1. To start, fill out the required travel details in the search form at the top of the page. Provide information like your departure and arrival airports, travel dates, cabin class, and the number of passengers.
  2. Once you've submitted your travel details, you'll be presented with a list of available flight options. Choose the flights that best suit your needs and preferences, and proceed to payment by selecting the 'Confirm Selection' button.
  3. During the checkout process, simply select 'Cryptocurrency' as your preferred payment method to proceed with the purchase.
  4. To finalize your flight booking, choose 'ARPA' from the list of available cryptocurrency payment options. Once we receive your payment, we will promptly send you the e-tickets for your flight via email.

By following these steps, you can easily and securely complete your flight purchase using ARPA on our platform.

Alternatives to ARPA

On our website, you have the flexibility to choose from over 100 different cryptocurrencies as payment options for flights with more than 600 airlines that we provide tickets for. Along with ARPA, we offer a diverse selection of other widely-used cryptocurrencies that you can use during the checkout process such as DashBitcoinUSDTLitecoinRipple and UTK, among others.

Check out our handy guide on buying flights with cryptocurrencies for more information.