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Buying your flights with Apollo is so simple! When you book your flights through Alternative Airlines, you have the option to select Apollo as your chosen cryptocurrency at checkout. What's more, we have 600+ global airlines for you to choose from, flying to a range of destinations worldwide.

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About Apollo

Apollo is a popular, proof-of-stake coin that has become the world's fastest cryptocurrency with a sustainable blockchain. It's the world's most feature-rich cryptocurrency and can process transactions in under 2 seconds. Apollo has the vision to provide every mainstream feature on 1 sustainable platform.

Apollo History

The Apollo cryptocurrency was first launched in 2017 by a small group of people who had hopes of creating a coin that did it all in one single universal ecosystem. In the last year, the price of Apollo Currency has changed by -71.17% but over the past weeks and months has fluctuated.

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Why use APL to buy flights?


Apollo claims that their coin will eliminate the need for government regulation and instead allow users to manage their own finances indefinitely, going above and beyond just a regular cryptocurrency by introducing it to every part of users' lives.


Apollo currency claims to be a safe and secure cryptocurrency that allows people to buy and sell with complete assurance that their information remains private. Behind Apollo are an experienced and reliable team of people, including John McAfee, the founder of McAfee anti-virus protection.

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APL for Flights FAQs

What makes Apollo special?

The team behind the Apollo coin are said to be pushing the limits on what is possible with technology, their aim being to exceed any expectations and limits that have previously been set within the industry. Apollo was also the first blockchain to develop and implement true database sharding.

How can I buy Apollo?

Apollo can be bought on cryptocurrency exchanges such as CoinTiger and BitMart, an account will need to be set up before a deposit can be made and then you're free to buy into Apollo.

Should I invest in Apollo coin?

We advise that you do your research before investing in Apollo (APL). Each coin in the crypto space has its advantages and disadvantages so therefore decisions can be made under your own judgement.

Can Apollo be used to buy flights?

Yes! There are no limits on where you're flying, which route you're taking or even the class fare that you prefer, you're able to use Apollo to pay for your flights with Alternative Airlines. We ticket 600+ airlines for you to choose from and pay for using Apollo. To get started just follow the steps below and buy your flights with Apollo today.

  1. Scroll up to the search form at the top of the page and fill in your preferred departure and arrival cities, along with the dates you wish to travel on, the cabin class and the number of passengers travelling. Hit the "Search Flights" button.
  2. Once you're happy with the selected flight, then press 'Confirm Selection'.
  3. Select 'Cryptocurrency' as your preferred payment method.
  4. Select 'Apollo', and proceed with the booking process. As soon as you've connected with your crypto gateway, you're booking will be confirmed right away.
Alternative Cryptocurrencies to Apollo

We don't just offer Apollo to buy your flights with, instead, at Alternative Airlines we offer a large number of cryptocurrencies on our site, including Bitcoin, USDT, Ethereum, Ripple and more. Secure your flight with any of the 100+ cryptocurrencies available on our site. If you want to learn more about purchasing your flights using cryptocurrency, check out our useful guide on how to buy flights with cryptocurrency.