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10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Flights with Bitcoin

Bitcoin is thriving and is gaining more and more popularity all over the world. In terms of popularity, it currently takes top place out of the thousands of other cryptocurrencies that exist. More countries have started to legalise Bitcoin payments as it has brought many benefits to economies around the world. The main benefits for Bitcoin users is that transactions are secure, cost effective and simple with less restrictions.

From the success of Bitcoin technology, we at Alternative Airlines have collaborated with XMoney (Utrust has rebranded to XMoney) and to serve millions of Bitcoin users and allow travellers to book flights and complete their purchase using Bitcoin.

Why buy flights with Bitcoin?

1) It’s a secure way to pay

When it comes to paying with Bitcoin, security and discretion take a high priority. Purchases made by a user aren’t associated with their personal identity or financial information and they remain anonymous as it goes through a decentralised platform, meaning that it’s almost like a cash-only purchase where no one can track or trace the purchase back to that user. This is somewhat the opposite to online transactions made with debit or credit cards where personal details are required to complete any transaction.

This reason alone is very important to buyers who feel that their personal data is not safe when carrying out online transactions. This is one of the many reasons why we have teamed up with XMoney who offers buyer protection on all Bitcoin transactions made, meaning that you’d be protected if anything were to happen with your flight purchases. In addition to this, we also have who places security first and has authority over each layer of its system.

We’d like everyone to enjoy a high level of security and anonymity when it comes to purchasing flights using Bitcoin and this is why we have integrated with these two payment providers in order to keep your transactions secure and discrete.

Bitcoin chain links

2) Accepted in a wide range of currencies

At Alternative Airlines, we allow you to pay your Bitcoin flight bookings through XMoney in 36 different fiat currencies as well as in 30 various other ones through These currencies include United States Dollars (USD)Canadian Dollar (CAD)Great British Pounds (GBP) and Euros (EUR). Check out all the currencies that we accept by visiting our Bitcoin page.

3) It can be used to buy flights anywhere in the world

In case you didn’t know already, we allow you to purchase your flights using Bitcoin on more than 600 airlines. These airlines include some of the largest airlines, such as American AirlinesUnited AirlinesQatar AirwaysLufthansaBritish Airways and Qantas in addition to the more domestic and regional carriers. This means you can simply and conveniently book your flights to the most well-known destinations around the world, and similarly reach the most remote locations just as easily — from the Fiji Islands to the most scenic airport in the US, Orlando Airport (MLB). And you can do this all using Bitcoin as a payment method.

plane flying across world map

4) No payment limitations on spending

Many conventional payment gateways sometimes place a limit on how much one can spend. This is with regards to the limitations that it has when it comes to a certain amount of credit or debit card limit that one has and within a certain geographical location. Some banks and other conventional payment gateways may even freeze your payments if you don't meet their requirements.

When it comes to Bitcoin however, you’ll be able to buy as many flights as you wish without the need of worrying about a spending limit and having your account frozen everytime you pass the limit.

5) Convenient for travelling abroad

Bitcoin solves many issues that international travellers are currently facing at this time. It puts an end to the hassle and added fees when it comes to converting to local fiat currencies where banks will charge hefty fees on your exchange or withdrawal. Bitcoin also securely protects payment details of buyers in order to prevent fraud risk from foreign transactions. Bitcoin

We recommend that you take a check out our guide on the most crypto-friendly destinations around the world including Berlin, Buenos Aires and San Francisco, and many others helping you get an idea on where you’d like to make a visit next.

bitcoin token held in Berlin, Germany

6) No interruptions from third parties

Bitcoin uses a peer to peer technology which means it operates without a central banking system. This is useful for travellers who'd like to purchase their flights as it means you won't get third party interruptions from banks or financial institutions recording, tracking, interrupting or delaying your transactions.

7) It can help you save money

Bitcoin is great for travellers who’d like to enjoy their holiday and at the same time save a few bucks. The transaction fees for Bitcoin payments are very low when compared to credit and debit card purchases this is because there are no third parties or banks involved in carrying out a Bitcoin transaction.

In addition to this, we can also help you save money as we offer some really cool deals on all flights across our social media channels with our partners XMoney and So be on the lookout for some awesome Bitcoin discounts which can help you save some money on your next flight booking.

Bitcoin going into pocket

8) It can help you travel the world

If you’re planning on travelling for several months and would like to visit as many different cities or countries as you can in one trip. Alternative Airlines can also help you plan your multi-city route with our multi-stop flight feature. You may find multi-city flights cheaper than making several individual trips to the same area at different points in your life. So why not make the most out of your trip and book a multi-city flight using Bitcoin?

9) Bitcoin is accepted nearly everywhere around the world

Unlike many of the other conventional payment gateways, you can use Bitcoin to make payments nearly everywhere around the world, apart from a dozen or so where Bitcoin is banned, however this isn't the case with international payments in those countries. Bitcoin’s popularity continues to rise and is being considered as a payment many travellers, with more and more countries accepting it as a method of payment.

Bitcoin held whilst canoeing on holiday

10) It has fast transactions

Having fast and speedy transactions are important for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin. Currently, the token can transact 4.6 flight transactions per second which is faster than many of the current conventional payment gateways. We’re not saying that you’d ever need to book more than one flight in a single second but it’s still impressive.

The reason for it being so quick is because Bitcoin doesn't receive third party interruptions from banks or financial institutions that delay your processing time for your transactions.

How can I purchase flights using Bitcoin?

Buying flights with Bitcoin is simple and easy. For more information, take a peek at our step-by-step guide on how you can buy flights with Bitcoin over at our Bitcoin page.

Even though Bitcoin has been in existence for 12 years now, you won’t find many travel agents or airlines that accept Bitcoin. Alternative Airlines is one of the only ones!

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“Trustworthy, fast and cost-effective”

Many of our customers who booked with us using Bitcoin have always left with positive feedback and with a 4 or 5 star rating. Would you like to learn more about Alternative Airlines partnership with XMoney? Discover more here [Case Study].

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