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Book Flights for Unaccompanied Seniors

Airline Rules and Tips for Unaccompanied Seniors

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Unaccompanied Seniors
(Seniors Travelling Alone)

An unaccompanied senior is an older individual who travels alone without the company or support of family, friends or caregivers. Unaccompanied seniors may choose to travel alone for various reasons including seeking independence, visiting loved ones or exploring new destinations.

However, their solo journey can present unique challenges, including mobility issues and medical concerns. To cater to their needs, airlines often provide special assistance programs for senior travellers such as priority boarding and wheelchair services to ensure a safe and comfortable travel experience for these individuals.

Unfortunately, you cannot book flights specifically for unaccompanied seniors yet at Alternative Airlines. Instead, you can follow this guide we've created that will cover all the tips, advice and frequently asked questions when it comes to seniors travelling alone!

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Why Book Flights for Unaccompanied Seniors?

Booking flights for unaccompanied seniors is crucial to ensure their safety, convenience and overall well-being during their flight. Senior individuals may face mobility challenges and health issues, making dedicated assistance throughout their journey vital.

By booking with senior-friendly airlines and informing them of specific needs in advance, senior travellers can enjoy a smooth airport experience with wheelchair services, priority boarding and personalised attention from flight attendants.

Ultimately, booking flights for solo senior travellers supports their independence, exploration and desire to travel with confidence.

Important Factors to Consider Before Booking

There are some important factors to consider before booking flights for unaccompanied seniors:

Senior-Friendly Airlines

Take some time to research which airlines offer special assistance that will be beneficial for senior travelers.

Mobility and Health

Consider the senior's mobility level and any specific health concerns that may require attention throughout their journey.

Flight Times

Make sure to choose flight times that align with the senior's energy levels and medication schedules.

Baggage Policies

Understand the airline's baggage allowances and any restrictions, particularly for essential medications and personal items.

Special Meal Requests

Reach out to airlines about options for requesting special meals that cater to dietary preferences or medical requirements.

Necessary Documents

Ensure the senior has all the required travel documents, such as passports, visas and emergency contact information.

Airport Assistance

Research the availability of assistance options at airports, such as wheelchair services and dedicated support personnel.

Comfortable In-Flight Experience

Consider seating options and suggest strategies for staying comfortable during the flight.

Communication and Language

Provide basic language tips and encourage the senior to stay connected with loved ones during the trip.

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Airport Assistance for Seniors

Many airports worldwide provide wheelchair services to assist unaccompanied seniors who struggle with walking long distances or require mobility support. You can request wheelchair assistance either during your flight booking at Alternative Airlines or directly at the airport on the day of the flight. Some airports offer escort services, guiding unaccompanied seniors through check-in, security and locating their gates.

Airlines often give priority boarding privileges to elderly passengers, allowing them to board the plane before the general boarding process begins, providing enough time to settle in comfortably. Pre-boarding briefings are available at select airports and airlines, allowing unaccompanied seniors to seek information and address any travel-related concerns before boarding.

Certain airports feature dedicated security lines catering to passengers with special needs, including seniors - this results in a faster and more convenient security screening process. Furthermore, airport staff may be readily available to assist unaccompanied seniors with their luggage, easing their navigation through the airport.

To enhance accessibility, many airports provide facilities such as restrooms and seating areas specially designed to accommodate unaccompanied seniors as well as passengers with disabilities.

Take a look at these guides below which go into more detail on the different special assistance services that unaccompanied seniors can benefit from while travelling alone:

Senior-Friendly Airlines

Singapore Airlines

Renowned for its exceptional service and attentive staff, Singapore Airlines has continuously received positive feedback from senior travellers who appreciate the comfortable amenities offered on their flights.


Highly regarded for its top-tier service, spacious seating and excellent in-flight entertainment, Emirates is a preferred choice for seniors seeking a more comfortable experience on long-haul journeys.

Qatar Airways

Qatar Airways is particularly favoured by older travellers embarking on extended flights due to its luxurious in-flight services and amenities.

Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific has a reputation for providing excellent customer service and offering additional legroom in its Economy Class, ensuring a more comfortable and pleasant journey for elderly passengers.

Virgin Atlantic

Acknowledged for the warmth and helpfulness of its cabin crew, Virgin Atlantic caters to the needs of seniors, making their flights to various destinations enjoyable.

Japan Airlines

Japan Airlines is celebrated for its exceptional service and attention to detail, making it an excellent choice for senior travellers seeking a first-class experience.


Another Japanese airline, ANA, is highly regarded for its exceptional service and care for all passengers, including seniors.

Air France

With an extensive network and a strong commitment to customer service, Air France is a favourite amongst many senior travellers.


As Australia's flag carrier, Qantas is praised for its friendly staff and reliable service, making it a popular and senior-friendly airline option.


Germany's leading airline, Lufthansa, is always applauded for its reliability and dedication to meeting the needs of all passengers, including seniors.

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Unaccompanied Senior FAQs

How can I request wheelchair assistance for the senior traveller?

If you're booking flights at Alternative Airlines for an unaccompanied senior that requires a wheelchair, you can reach out to our Customer Service Team after the booking is confirmed - our friendly staff will happily help you organise any wheelchair arrangements for the unaccompanied senior, making their journey as relaxing and seamless as possible!

Can an elderly person travel alone?

Of course! However, there are a few important factors you need to consider such as any health/mobility issues, dietary requirements, medication schedules, communication and more. If you have any concerns regarding a senior travelling flying alone, please reach out to our Customer Service team who will be able to provide advice.

What are the benefits of booking priority boarding for unaccompanied seniors?

Priority boarding for unaccompanied seniors provides them with early access to the aircraft, ensuring a more relaxed and less crowded boarding process.

This allows them to find suitable seating, put away their belongings conveniently and receive any necessary assistance from airline staff before other passengers board.

Overall, it enhances the travel experience for seniors, particularly those with mobility or comfort considerations.

Are there any discounts or special fares available for senior travellers?

Yes, some airlines offer discounted fares or special deals specifically targeted for senior travellers, usually for passengers above a certain age (e.g., 65 or 60 years old). However, the availability of these discounts may vary and depend on the airline, route and travel dates.

You can take advantage of deals and discounts for senior travellers when booking your flights through Alternative Airlines! Take a look at our Flight Deals and Discounts page to see all the promo codes we currently have available on our site!

How can I ensure the unaccompanied senior's safety and comfort during the flight?

We recommend informing the airline well in advance about the unaccompanied senior's needs (e.g., medication schedule, mobility issues, health concerns, etc) and choose appropriate seating with plenty of legroom and easy access to the in-flight facilities.

We also suggest packing essential items in the senior's carry-on baggage and advising the unaccompanied senior to stay hydrated and communicate with the flight attendants should they need any assistance during their flight.

What should I do if the unaccompanied senior needs special dietary requirements on the flight?

If the unaccompanied senior has specific dietary requirements, we can help you arrange this. Please contact us to request any special dietary meals for the unaccompanied senior.

Alternatively, you can book flights for an unaccompanied senior with specific airlines that offer special airline meals.

Can the unaccompanied senior bring medical equipment or assistive devices on the flight?

Yes, unaccompanied seniors can bring necessary medical equipment and assistive devices on the flight, such as wheelchairs, walkers and CPAP machines, as long as they comply with the airline's policies and regulations regarding such items.

We suggest informing the airline in advance about any medical equipment to ensure a smooth and hassle-free boarding process.