Flight Assistance For Seniors and the Elderly

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Flight Assistance
for Seniors

Information on all flight assistance for senior (age 65+) and elderly passengers; senior and elderly air travel, flying with seniors, assistance for Veterans and injured Armed Forces and Soldiers.

Airlines and airports will offer help to all seniors (passengers aged 65 or over) that may be required for their journeys. Find out how to request special assistance when you book through Alternative Airlines.

Buying Flights for
Senior and Elderly Passengers

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You can buy senior airfares with Alternative Airlines, just select "Adult" when making a flight search. Senior fares are available online with us and if you are worried about flying as a senior or elderly person, buy flights with Alternative Airlines and we'll make it stress-free for you. We provide an understanding of the different things that airlines can offer for senior and elderly passengers, passengers flying with seniors and assistance for Veterans, injured Armed Forces and Soldiers.

When booking your ticket, if you have any special requests or any other queries regarding these, please contact Alternative Airlines and we will contact the airline for you.

Request special senior assistance when you buy your flights with Alternative Airlines

Alternative Airlines can arrange assistance for senior and elderly travel services when you fly so that your flights are safe, easy and convenient as possible. Contact Alternative Airlines if you would like any information on services available to you through our airlines. We will inform the airline you are flying with that you require assistance on board and provide you with any additional information you may need. Senior and elderly travel assistance is listed below.

2020 Update

Senior travellers during the coronavirus outbreak

Are you an older traveller, or do you have an elderly loved one, who has booked flights? If you have any concerns about how the outbreak of coronavirus might impact your travel plans, please visit our COVID-19 travel advice guide.

If you've made a booking with Alternative Airlines and need to get in touch in regards to the status of your flights, please contact us via our contact form.

Top Tips For
Senior and Elderly Passengers

1: Always ask for help

Don't be afraid to ask for help. Airline cabin crew and airport ground staff will be at hand to help you carry baggage and other requirements that you may have.

2: Don't fly with too much jewellery, cash or material items

We advise not to fly with too many materialistic items or jewellery because older travellers may be less aware of the surroundings of the destinations they are flying to and therefore more vulnerable to theft. We also advise this for cash. Don't need to travel with too much cash, there is usually the option to change the currency or retrieve cash at the airport of your final destination.

3: Take care of the medication you need when flying

Don't pack medication in your checked luggage and make sure you have extra in case a flight is delayed for unforeseen reasons. All medication information is found below.

4: Reserve Special Services

When reserving a ticket, ask for a seat with extra legroom. Also, ask for early boarding can so you can get settled in before the plane becomes full. For longer flights with meals, check our guide on special airline meals that meet will meet your dietary requirements.

If you plan to borrow a wheelchair at the airport rather than of bringing your own, ask in advance when reserving one as some airlines run out of wheelchairs at busy times.

Unaccompanied Minor Option

Many people believe that the unaccompanied minor option is just for solo travellers under 12 years. However, unaccompanied seniors can use this option as well. This helps give peace of mind for many families worried about their older relatives travelling alone. We advise you to check with the airline or contact us to see which airlines provide the unaccompanied minor option and on which routes.

Advice for unaccompanied minors under 12 years can be found here

Flying with Medication

We know that many senior and elderly travellers need to take their medication on board the flight.

Our first tip: Check before travelling if there are restrictions in place on medications when taking them out of our a certain country and into the country you are visiting. Also, check the amount and type of medication that you are flying with.

Useful guides:

Flying with medicine

Booking special services on your flight

Assistance for Veterans and injured Armed Forces and Soldiers

For all injured, wounded soldiers and veterans, we advise contacting the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) to request assistance through security screening processes. The TSA will verify the status of those injured and wounded, through the appropriate military branch. They may use the TSA Precheck screening at available locations at departing/arriving U.S airports.

Find more information on TSA Precheck here.

Reduced Mobility Assistance

Find all information about needed mobility assistance, wheelchair assistance and the types of wheelchair assistance with Alternative Airlines.


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