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Travel your way when you book open jaw flights. Open-jaw flights will fly you to one destination and fly you back from another. The method of travel in between is completely your choice.

Whether you hire a car, ride a train, bike or set sail on a boat, the great thing about open jaw flights is that they fly you to and from the area of your choice and then give you the freedom to travel the most convenient way for you, without having to follow a schedule! Use the search bar at the top of the page to search and buy open jaw flights from over 650 airlines.

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What Are Open Jaw Flights?

Open jaw flights are two separate flights. The first flight flies from one airport (DESTINATION 1) to another airport (DESTINATION 2) and the second flight flies back to the first airport you flew from (DESTINATION 1) from an entirely different airport (DESTINATION 3).

For example, your first flight flies from London to Miami and your second flight flies from New York back to London. How you travel from Miami to New York is entirely up to you. It can be as direct or indirect as you like and you can visit as many other places as you want along the way - just make sure there is reliable transfer.

With open jaw flights, you can discover more than one city during your time away without having to take the time and money to return to the airport you originally departed from.

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Open Jaw International Flights

Many people book open jaw flights when travelling around areas such as Europe or Southeast Asia from an international destination. Open jaw flights are great when travelling in these areas as they have railway systems that can be used to travel from country to country in between your open jaw flights.

How to Book Open Jaw Flights with Alternative Airlines

Step 1 - Select multi-city and enter destinations

Select multi-city & search

When using the search bar for Alternative Airlines, select multi-city flights. Enter the airports you want to fly between in each row along with the dates you wish to travel.

How to Book Open Jaw Flights with Alternative Airlines

Step 2 - Apply filters to your search

Use our filters

On this page, you'll see options for both legs of your open jaw flights. Using the airline filter, select which airline you want to fly on for each flight and then select 'confirm selection'.

How to Book Open Jaw Flights with Alternative Airlines

Step 3 - View flight details and confirm booking

Confirm your booking

Continue with the rest of the booking and your open jaw trip is complete! It's that easy to book open jaw flights with Alternative Airlines.

Once your booking has been confirmed you'll receive an e-ticket via email. Please note that it may take up to 24 hours for you to receive your ticket.

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Best Airlines for Open Jaw Flights

If you are wishing to fly with the same airline on the outbound and return journey, then it may be easier for you to fly with an airline that has a wide selection of routes and destinations. Another tip for selecting a great airline for an open jaw flight is to look at domestic airlines if you will be arriving and departing from the same country.

Best Airlines for European Open Jaw Flights:

EasyJet, British Airways, Iberia, Lufthansa and many other European Airlines.

Best Airlines for North American Open Jaw Flights:

American Airlines, United, Alaska Airlines, Allegiant Air and many other Domestic USA and Canadian airlines.

Best Airlines for African Open Jaw Flights:

South African Airways, Ethiopian Airlines, Airkenya, EgyptAir and Royal Air Maroc

Best Airlines for Asian Open Jaw Flights:

Air China, Emirates, AirAsia X, ANA and IndiGo

Best Airlines for South American Open Jaw Flights:

LATAM, GOL, Avianca, Aerolineas Argentinas and Azul

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Open Jaw Flights to Europe

As such a well-connected continent, Europe is one of the most popular areas for open-jaw flights. Alternative Airlines offer hundreds of different airlines that operate open jaw flights to Europe. Select a European city in the search bar at the top of the page to begin looking at open jaw flights to Europe. If you're planning to travel around Europe, why not take a look at our blog on the cheapest countries in Europe to help your budget stretch a little further?

Alternatively, take a look at some of the airlines that fly to and from Europe, from all over the world:

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Open Jaw Flights FAQS

Are open jaw flights cheaper?

Yes. Open-jaw flights can be cheaper. However, it'll depend on the airline that you fly on. Booking open-jaw flights through Alternative Airlines is highly beneficial as you can easily compare prices on both legs of your open-jaw flights for each airline. Have a read of our blog on the cheapest day to buy flights for tips on how to find cheaper fares.

What is an open jaw flight?

You're probably thinking what on earth are open jaw flights? Well, an open jaw ticket is a roundtrip itinerary that arrives in one city but departs from a different city. Open jaw flights are common among tourists who love to visit multiple cities during their time away without having to fly across to another city.

Open jaw flights let you make the most out of your trip. Why not fly over to the south of Spain for the perfect beach days then return from Barcelona after visiting the gothic buildings?

How to book open jaw flights on United?

Booking open-jaw flights on United is the same as booking any other open-jaw flights through Alternative Airlines. You can book United Airlines open jaw flights with Alternative Airlines by using our search bar and selecting the flights that you wish to book. We'll give you the option to book all available flights from every airline that flies your selected route, but if you wish to fly with United, then use the airline filter to narrow down your search.

How to book open jaw flights to Europe?

Booking open jaw flights to Europe is easy with Alternative Airlines. Use our search bar and select the 'multi-city' option. Choose the first leg of your flight to arrive at your chosen European destination, then select the second leg of your flight to depart from another chosen European destination.

Open-jaw tickets to Europe are perfect if you're looking to visit the most popular tourist attractions in the world. Head over to London to see the London Eye and Big Ben, then head back home from Paris after visiting the 'City of Love'.

How to book an open jaw flight?

If an open jaw flight sounds like something right up your street, then Alternative Airlines is the perfect site for you. Here, at Alternative Airlines you can book open jaw tickets, simply follow our how-to guide from above. If you're struggling to book open jaw flights, then use the search form at the top of the page and select the 'multi-city' option. Then fill in the required destinations you wish to visit along with dates, number of passengers and cabin class.

What's the difference between open jaw flights and multi-city flights?

The main difference between open-jaw flights and multi-city flights is that open-jaw flights only get you in and out of the continent, country or area you're travelling within. If you want to book flights for travel within your chosen area as well, you should book multi-city flights. Visit our multi-city flights page for information on how to book multi-city flight tickets.

Where can I book open jaw flights?