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British Airways is the flag carrier for the United Kingdom and operates services to 183 destinations across the UK, Europe, Africa, Middle East, North America, South America, Asia and Oceania. When booking your British Airways flights with Alternative Airlines you are able to pay in over 160 local currencies and in 1 of 40 different payment methods.

Are you looking to buy British Airways flights using a financing option? Alternative Airlines has all the options for you from the 40+ payment methods we offer. Whether you are looking to spread the full cost of your flight into monthly payments or in instalments, we'll have the option for you.

Buying British Airways flights with Alternative Airlines means you can select your seats and add baggage to your flights in advance, add Cancellation Protection and baggage protection to your flight.

Can I pay for British Airways flights in instalments?

Yes, you can! Because of the wide range of payment methods we offer, you can choose between paying in monthly payments or in instalments. You can choose from our popular payment options including Klarna, Zip, PayPal Credit, Afterpay, Spotii and more. This is applicable to any airline tickets we offer. You can find out more about all the financing options we offer on our buy flights on finance page.

Notice: Some payment options are country-specific so may not be available in your region

Clearpay ✔

Can I use Affirm for British Airways flights?

Clearpay is a Buy Now Pay Later payment plan option that lets you spread the cost of your flight overtime. We accept Clearpay if you reside in the UK and will be paying for your flight in GBP. With Clearpay you can pay in 4 instalments over 6 weeks, completely interest-free. For more information, check out our Clearpay page.

Affirm ✔

Can I use Affirm for British Airways flights?

Affirm is available for British Airways flights. The total cost of your flight can be divided into 3, 6, 12 or 18 monthly instalments. Affirm is available to any customers aged over 18 and reside in the United States of America. This option is available to any of the 600+ airlines we offer, giving you the option to pay for your flights with a flexible payment option.

affirm logo

Afterpay ✔

Can I pay for British Airways flights using Afterpay?

Of course! Booking British Airways flights using Afterpay means you can split the cost of your flights into four equal instalments across 6 weeks with zero interest. This will be available to any flights British Airways offers.

Why should you buy flights using Afterpay? Check out our Afterpay blog to understand more.

afterpay logo

Fly Now Pay Later✔

Can I pay with Fly Now Pay Later on British Airways?

Residents of the United Kingdom will be able to use Fly Now Pay Later as a payment option on British Airways flights. If you intend on paying with this option then you must be paying in GBP and you must book a return itinerary which departs from the UK and arrives back into the UK. If your travel plans don't match this then Fly Now Pay Later will be unavailable. However, if this is an option at checkout then you will be able to pay for your flights using 1 of 3 products, including 'Slice It', 'Flex Basic' and 'Flex-Interest Bearing'. To find out more about these products click the image below.

Fly Now Pay Later Logo

Klarna ✔

Can I use Klarna to pay for British Airways flights?

Absolutely! Buying British Airways flights using Klarna is really simple. You'll just need to select Klarna at checkout and apply for your loan. Depending on where you reside, there are as many as four payment options with Klarna too, Pay Now, Pay Later, Pay in 3 and Pay in 4. 13 countries across the world can use Klarna on any flights Alternative Airlines offer.

Klarna logo


Can I pay for my British Airways flights using Laybuy?

Our UK, Australian and New Zealand customers can buy flights using Laybuy. you can spread the cost of your flights into 6 weekly instalments with free interest and no hidden extra. It makes your unbudgeted travel more affordable with their flexible payment plan. You'll just need to select 'Laybuy' at checkout to buy your flights.

laybuy logo

PayPal Credit ✔

Can I pay for British Airways flights using PayPal Credit?

PayPal offers you an easy and secure way of paying for your flights. Not only that, you can use PayPal Credit to make your flights more affordable by paying with a more flexible payment option. PayPal is available in 26 different currencies and the terms and conditions of your loan will depend on your agreement between you and PayPal and the location you reside.

PayPal Credit logo


Can I pay with Spotii on British Airways Flights?

Yes! If you are a resident of the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia or Bahrain and will be paying in the local currency then Spotii will be available for your British Airways booking. If spotii is available at the checkout then you will be able to make use of one of their financing options. Spotii allows its customers to repay their flight tickets in 3 monthly instalments.

Spotii Logo


Can I pay with Uplift on British Airways Flights?

Uplift is available for residents of the US and Canada, paying in their local currencies. Uplift offers a great level of flexibility by allowing its customers to set the period and amount of instalments they would like to make. For more information about paying for your British Airways flights with Uplift click the icon below.

Uplift Logo

Zip ✔

Can I pay for British Airways flights using Zip?

Zip is available to use in both the UK and Australia. You can split the total cost of your flight into four equal interest-free payments over six weeks. There won't be any hidden fees applied to the total cost. Zip is making payment for your flights more affordable and flexible.

Zip logo

Other Buy Now, Pay Later Options When Booking Flights

No matter where in the world you reside, you can rely on Alternative Airlines to bring you a choice of payment options, including Buy Now, Pay Later.

If you reside in the Middle East, including the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Kuwait or elsewhere, our pay later options include Tabby, Spotii and Postpay.

Tabby: Spread the cost of your flights into 4 equal instalments over 3 months. Tabby also allows you to repay within 14 days, interest-free.

Spotii: Spread your payments across 3 instalments, paid 3 months. No interest or hidden costs.

Postpay: Split the cost of your flights into three interest-free monthly installments, with no interest hidden fees.

Find out more about all our pay later and financing options.

'Buy Now, Pay Later' British Airways Flights

How can I book cheap British Airways flights?

Alternative Airlines can help! Take a look at our guide to booking cheap British Airways flights to find out more.

Can I pay for British Airways flights in instalments?

You can pay in instalments for any British Airways when booking with Alternative Airlines. We have a range of financing options here at Alternative Airlines and they include Klarna, Zip, Laybuy, PayPal Credit, etc. For more details, please check out our page below:


Can I pay later with British Airways?

Of course! Depending on the payment provider you use, you can pay the full cost until as late as 12 monthly payments after in the UK and 18 monthly payments in the US. We just want to make your payment more flexible and more affordable for you to make travel possible!

Why should I book my British Airways tickets through Alternative Airlines?

Not only that you could pay for your British Airways flights in instalments, you could also pay in pretty much any currency including USD, GBP, EUR, JPY, CAD, AUD and many more. On top of that, you can add baggage to your flights, baggage protection, Cancellation Protection, and many more!

When you need help, we also have a team of dedicated customer service to help with any problems you may encounter.

Can I book BA CityFlyer or BA EuroFlyer flights and pay later?

Yes, any British Airways branded and operated flight will be able to be booked using one of our Buy Now Pay Later options.

Can I book British Airways baggage for free?

This will depend on the fare class you purchase. Some fare bundles have baggage allowance with the ticket whereas the others don't. However, you can buy excess baggage whenever you want with a fee. The good news is that the fee applied would add on to the total cost of your flight, which means you can also pay that with financing options.

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