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Health and Mobility on Flights

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Health and Mobility when flying

Explore the sections below to see travel advice for common health conditions and mobility problems. Find out what you can do to prepare and what we can do to help, to help make your journey more comfortable.

From choosing food that suits your dietary needs to getting assistance at the airport to help with mobility problems, there is a wide range of conditions that travellers may need help and assistance with at the airport.

Keep reading to find out more about each condition and how best to improve your air travel experience.

Dietary needs

If you have any type of dietary needs, from a vegan or vegetarian meal to allergies or religious airline meal such as Halal or Kosher, you will usually be able to request this from the airline. Read our guide to special meals for information on see which airlines provide them and when and how you will need to request them.

Flight assistance for seniors

When travelling as a senior (those aged 65+), there may be extra things you’ll need to consider. Find out what advice to follow when travelling as a senior or elderly passenger, and other related things such as airport assistance for those with reduced mobility, travelling with any medication and also what Alternative Airlines can do to help. We also have a guide on booking flights for unaccompanied seniors that covers important factors to consider when travelling alone as a senior and more.

Flying when pregnant

Depending on the individual and the recommendations of their doctor, most women are able to fly until they are 37 weeks pregnant. Although it is important to get guidance from your doctor or obstetrician, we provide tips and general advice for flying when pregnant, including information on what to do and details on many airlines individual policy for flying when pregnant.

Flying after surgery

Although there are many different types of surgery, and each of these differ depending on the individual, we provide overall guidance on flying after different types of surgery, such as flying after knee surgery or flying after brain surgery.

Flying after a stroke

Can you fly after having a stroke? Although it depends on your own doctor's advice and the severity of your stroke, you can find out on our dedicated page to flying after a stroke, information and advice about how to prepare for flying and some FAQs.

Flying with ASD

Adults and Children with Autism can have an enjoyable airport and flight experience with enough planning and preparation. Find out advice on how to prepare in advance and what to do on the day to have a smooth journey.

Flying with emotional support or special service pets

Flying can be stressful for many people, especially those with a fear of flying. For some people, it may help them to have with them their emotional support animal. If you require mobility assistance and need to take your special service pet with you on the plane, you can also do that with Alternative Airlines. Find out information on how to arrange this for your flight, and what you will need to be able to do it over on our page dedicated to taking pets, emotional support animals and special service pets on a plane.

Flying with medical marijuana

Want to know if you can legally take marijuana on a plane with you? What about medical marijuana? Truth is, it depends on the laws where you are flying from and to. Find out restrictions about how much you can take, what form of marijuana you are permitted, and where you are allowed to fly with it over on our dedicated page.

Flying with medication

Flying with medication is difficult to advise on, as there are so many forms, drug names and laws in different countries. However, we’ve put together a comprehensive guide to flying with medication, with information on the rules and regulations that surround it, and advice on where to pack it.

Flying with a hidden disability

Some people with hidden disabilities fear travelling, not only because of the uncertainty of not knowing what will happen but also the fear that staff will not assist them in their travels because their disability may not be immediately apparent. Some airlines offer discounted tickets for accompanied travellers. Read about what to do when travelling to ease your travels and worries with many different types of hidden disabilities, including planning and before travelling, but also on the day of travel.

Flying with a lung condition

Having a lung condition shouldn’t stop you from flying. Although you may need additional preparation, such as medicine and assistance, you can still fly with most lung conditions. Read our full guide which is full of advice on common lung conditions such as asthma, COPD, lung cancer and lung infections and also how to transport a portable oxygen concentrator (POC).

Flying with a nut allergy

If you are flying on a commercial plane with a nut allergy, there may be some additional steps you need to do to prepare yourself. From contacting the airline to arrange pre-boarding to organising a special meal which is nut free, there are some vital steps which will help you be safe on a plane. In our guide to flying with a nut allergy, we also go over some popular airline’s nut allergy policy, to help you choose your airline wisely.

Wellbeing on flights

Need a guide to common flying problems, for both psychological and physical conditions such as anxiety, stress, jet lag, ear pain and DVT? We’ve covered all of these over on our page for wellness for flights, with advice on how to avoid them and what to do if you get them.

Wheelchair assistance

When buying flights with Alternative Airlines, you can request wheelchair assistance for the airport and on the airline. See what we can do to help you if you need any form of mobility assistance, including FAQs such as what to do with your wheelchair when on the plane.

Low blood pressure

Low blood pressure affects many people, but there are simple steps you can take to help! Discover all you need to know about flying with low blood pressure here.

High blood pressure

It is important to understand that air travel can potentially raise blood pressure, so it is important for those with high blood pressure to understand what steps can be taken to help.

The best airlines for disabilities

You can discover our list of the best airlines for those flying with disabilities here. Also discover your rights as a disabled passenger when flying, and how Alternative Airlines can help with your booking.

Flying with chicken pox

Are you allowed to fly with chicken pox? What happens if your child has chicken pox? Can airlines stop you from flying? Find out in our guide: Flying with Chicken Pox.

Flying with a cold or flu

It's very likely that you'll have to fly while fighting a cold at some point! The experience can be uncomfortable, but out top tips can help! Find out more in our guide to flying with a colf or flu.

Flying with MS

Most people with Multiple sclerosis (MS )are able to fly without any problems, but it is worth taking extra steps to ensure you are comfortable and safe when flying.

Flying with epilepsy

Having epilepsy shouldn't need to stop you from flying! But it is important to plan ahead before you fly, and our guide to flying with epilepsy can help.

Flying with cystic fibrosis

Cystic fibrosis shouldn't stop you from travelling and exploring the world! But flying safely will likely require steps to be taken, from prepping and planning beforehand to travelling safely through the airport and on the plane. Our guide to flying with Cystic Fibrosis can help.

Flying with cancer

Most can fly with cancer without any problems. However, our guide can offer some important top tips and insight: flying with cancer.

Flying with Tourettes syndrome

Tourette's syndrome is a condition that makes an individual to make uncontrollable sounds and movements that are called tics. Our guide to flying with Tourettes offers advice for anyone who has questions about flying with Tourettes.

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