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Accompanied Travel and Flying

Accompanied Flying and Travel Companions

Find out about accompanied travel and flying, including what it is and different airline policies here.

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What is accompanied flying?

There are many reasons why a passenger may require an accompanied passenger, such as a disabled or reduced-mobility passengers or elderly passengers who need a travel companions.

Some airlines offer discounted rates, or free tickets for these travel companions, so it is important to know the rules of the airlines to see their policy regarding accompanied travellers.

These passengers are there to provide assistance to a nominated passenger, for their safety and comfort. Their role is often to assist them in case of emergency, especially in the unlikely event of aircraft evacuation.

Although some airlines will not offer a free ticket for a carer, they may be able to ensure that you are both sat together during the flight. Contact the airline directly at least 48 hours before flying to see what they can do to make your flying experience more comfortable.

What are the different airline policies for accompanied travellers?

Air France

Air France state that the require the presence of a travel companion in order to ensure the safety of disabled or reduced mobility passengers. A companion will only be required if the passenger has a severe mental disability, preventing them from understanding and applying safety instructions, if the passengers are blind and deaf, or if the passenger has a physical disability with mobility, meaning they will not be able to participate in an evacuation. The airline state that they offer travel companions of disabled passengers discounted airfares on selected domestic flights. They will try their best to seat both passengers together, to the extent that they will ask other passengers to move so that you can be seated together.


KLM state that if you require help with things such as administrating medicine or evacuating the plane in an emergency, then you will need to arrange your own safety assistant or travelling companion.


Delta state that you can purchase an additional ticket for a companion or personal care assistant for your flight. They are required when disabled passengers are unable to understand safety instructions, or are unable to evacuate in the case of emergency.

British Airways

British Airways also require passengers to book another seat if they are unable to lift themselves, reach an emergency exit unaided, communicate with staff, unfasten a seat belt, retrieve a life jacket or fit an oxygen mask.

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Accompanied Traveller FAQs

Do travelling companions get free tickets?

It completely depends on the airline policy. However, the majority of the time, the airline will not provide free tickets. They may provide them at a discounted rate but this is subject to the airline.

What do I need to do if I need special assistance?

If you can't find yourself a travel companion, you will need to contact the airline and airport directly to see what they can to assist you with your flight or at the airport. You will usually need to do this as soon as you book, but at the very latest 48 hours before flying.