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Alcohol Rules on Saudi Arabian Flights

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Alcohol prohibition in Saudi Arabia

In Saudi Arabia, alcohol consumption and possession are strictly prohibited by law. This originates from both cultural and religious contexts. Islam, the predominant religion in Saudi Arabia, forbids alcohol consumption as it's considered intoxicating and harmful. Culturally, the kingdom sticks to conservative values that focus on moderation and social responsibility. To uphold these principles, the Saudi Arabian government enforces a complete ban on alcohol.

If you're wondering whether alcoholic beverages are served on flights to/from Saudi Arabia, here is your answer - the complete ban on alcohol extends to airlines, regardless of their origin, who are not allowed to serve alcohol within Saudi airspace once they enter the country's jurisdiction. You also won't be able to bring your own alcohol into the country.

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Do Saudi Arabian airlines serve alcohol?

Airlines have varying policies when it comes to serving alcohol, especially on flights entering Saudi Arabia. 'Dry airlines', like Saudia, completely abstain from offering alcoholic drinks on all of its flights, to respect the Kingdom's strict prohibition. On the other hand, several international airlines will allow alcohol consumption on board but will stop alcohol service once they enter Saudi airspace - this is to comply with local regulations.

It's also important to know that passengers are strictly forbidden from bringing alcohol onboard flights to Saudi Arabia. If you stick to this rule, you'll be sure to have a smooth and respectful travel experience.

Alcohol availability on Saudi Arabian airlines:

Airlines that don't serve alcohol, regardless of destination (dry airlines):

Airlines that usually serve alcohol but not in Saudi Arabian airspace:

Please note that it's strictly prohibited to bring your own alcohol on flights to Saudi Arabia, regardless of the airline's policy.

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Alternatives to alcohol

Although alcohol isn't served on flights to Saudi Arabia, many other non-alcoholic alternatives can help you quench your thirst.

Saudia has an extensive selection of juices, soft drinks, coffee and tea - it even features regional favourites like dates and cardamom-infused beverages. Flynas provides similar choices, including sparkling water and energy drinks.

International carriers like Emirates and Etihad go a step further with mocktails, crafted to mimic classic cocktails without the alcohol.

Before you fly...

Before visiting Saudi Arabia, it's important to research cultural sensitivities, dress modestly, respect alcohol regulations and be aware of gender segregation practices. You can find out more information about this in our blog - Saudi Arabia Travel Advice.

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Alcohol on Saudi Arabian Flights FAQs

Can I drink alcohol on flights to Saudi Arabia?

No, alcohol is strictly prohibited on all flights entering Saudi airspace. We recommend drinking non-alcoholic alternatives such as sparkling water, juices and mocktails.

What happens if I bring my own alcohol?

Bringing alcohol into Saudi Arabia is illegal and can result in confiscation and potential penalties. It's strictly prohibited to bring alcohol onto flights to Saudi Arabia.

Do all airlines offer non-alcoholic beverages?

Yes, all airlines flying to Saudi Arabia offer a variety of non-alcoholic drinks. This includes Saudia, Emirates, flynas, Etihad Airways and Qatar Airways, among others.

Does Saudia Airlines serve alcohol?

No, Saudia is a dry airline and does not serve alcohol on any flights.

What are the penalties for violating alcohol laws in Saudi Arabia?

Penalties can vary but may include fines, confiscation of alcohol and even imprisonment.