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Split Payment for Flights

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Cancellation Protection
Illness Refundable Booking Mechanical Breakdown Emergency
Trusted Choice
  • 65,000 happy customers
  • Rated 4.5 Stars. Based on 3,581 service ratings over the past year
  • Dedicated customer service team on hand to help
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Split Payment on Airline Tickets

Divide the full price of your airline tickets across two different card payments, in one single transaction.
Or split the total airline ticket price between two people!

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Can I split the payment of flight tickets between two people?

Split Payment allows you to divide the total amount of your flight into two portions at checkout, between two people, when booking with Alternative Airlines. This means that if you’re booking flights with a friend or a family member, you have the option to each pay for the flight ticket individually within the same booking. This could be flying anywhere for a city break, gap year or a family event!

Once you have chosen your flights through Alternative Airlines, select 'Split Payment'. Enter one member of the party’s payment details for the first portion of the booking and another member’s payment details for the second portion. See all our different ways of paying for flight tickets.

A simple example: a £100 flight ticket can be divided into two amounts of £50, on different cards or PayPal accounts.

Split Payment can only be used at the time of purchase. To spread the cost of airline tickets, please click here. Use PayPal Credit, Klarna, Affirm (US), Quadpay, Sezzle or see all other available ways to finance your flights.

Follow our step-by-step guide below which shows you exactly how to use Split Payment.


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How do I make a split payment for flights with Alternative Airlines?

Making a split airfare payment online with Alternative Airlines is simple. There are not many travel sites that allow for dividing the cost for airline tickets and even less give you the option to do it online. We realise how convenient making a split payment for airfares are is and offer a quick, safe and easy way to do it through the Alternative Airlines website.



On the Alternative Airlines search form at the top of the page, choose where you want to fly to and from and click 'search flights'.

Split Your Payment Guide — Step 1


Select the flight(s) best suited to you.

Split Your Payment Guide — Step 2


Enter the details of all passengers and your contact information.

Split Your Payment Guide — Step 3


Under 'Payment type', select 'More Options (including Split Your Payment) as shown in the image below.

Split Your Payment Guide — Step 4


By selecting 'More Options' this will direct you to 'Split Your Payment' where you can select to highlight your method of payment. Then click 'Continue to Payment'.

Split Your Payment Guide — Step 5


You're now through to the Split Your Payment checkout page. From here you can see the payable total of your flight(s) and can choose how much to pay for your first payment.

First, enter the amount you'd like to pay for the first payment. In this example, we have chosen to pay £90GBP. Next, select the payment method you'd like to pay with. Please note: The '1st amount' and '2nd' will change depending on how much you choose to pay in the first payment.

Split Your Payment Guide — Step 6


If you choose to pay by Credit/Debit card, enter your card details in secure pop up window and click 'Pay' to complete the first payment.

Split Your Payment Guide — Step 7a


If you're paying using PayPal, you'll be redirected to log-in to your PayPal account to complete your first payment.

Split Your Payment Guide — Step 7b


Once your first payment is complete, you'll be asked to pay the remaining amount of your flight(s). Select your payment method and complete Step 7a or Step 7b to complete your second payment. 

Please note: Split Your Payment can be used to pay for flights between two different people. Simply enter the payment details for the second person paying in this step to split payment of flights between two people.

Split Your Payment Guide — Step 6


Split Your Payment is complete! You have paid for your flight(s) using two different payment methods. Your Travel Documents will be emailed to you within 24 hours.

Split Your Payment Guide — Step 10

Split Your Payment FAQs


What is Split Payment?

Split Payment is being able to divide your total airfare price into two payments at the point of transaction! With Alternative Airlines, you can split the payment of your airline tickets from 650+ airlines into a maximum of two separate payments - handy between family and friends! Pay with two different payment methods such as PayPal combined with Visa or two people.


Can I split the payment on flights?

Yes, you can divide the total flight ticket cost into two amounts at the point of purchase or spread the cost over various months with flight instalment plans available at checkout too. Dividing the cost of a flight ticket is a convenient way to pay between friends and family or between various bank cards. Alternative Airlines allows you to divide the flight ticket cost with using a credit and debit card or PayPal and PayPal Credit accounts. This can be done with your own accounts or with someone else. By choosing "Split Your Payment" at the checkout, the process is easy to do.


Can I split payment for flights using PayPal?

Yes. You can split the payment for flight tickets with PayPal with either a credit and a debit card or two PayPal accounts through Alternative Airlines. Flight ticket costs can also be split over time to up to either 6 or 12 months options with PayPal Credit or you can find all information on financing airfares.


How do I split payment on flight tickets with Paypal?

Splitting payment on PayPal through Alternative Airlines is easy! When you reach the checkout stage of the booking process, select to pay with “Split Your Payment” and choose PayPal as your preferred payment method. You can split your payment between PayPal and a credit or debit card, PayPal and PayPal credit, or you can split it between two separate PayPal accounts.


Can I pay with PayPal and PayPal Credit at the same time?

Existing funds in your PayPal account can be used at the same time with PayPal Credit to pay for your flight ticket purchase. To do this you have to select "Split Your Payment" at the checkout and at the next page you can choose how much you want to divide the price between the two PayPal payment methods.


Can I use two credit cards to book a flight?

Yes with the travel site Alternative Airlines, you can use multiple credit or debits cards to buy flights. At the point of booking, select to use 'Split Payment' and you can choose the amount you want to divide and which debit or credit cards you want to you use. This can also be divided using PayPal accounts too. Using mixed credit cards is accepted on over 650 airlines when booking with Alternative Airlines.


What cards can I use to divide the total cost?

Split Payment is available with Debit and Credit cards (Mastercard and VISA), PayPal. You can use any combination of these payment methods to divide the total price at the checkout. For example, you can use your Debit or Credit card to pay off one portion of your flight reservation and PayPal or PayPal Credit to pay off the rest. Alternatively, if you have a limit on your credit card, you can pay the remainder of the booking on a separate card.


Can I pay my flight tickets with two cards online?

Any airline ticket booked through Alternative Airlines can be paid with two cards at checkout, either with a credit and debit or two of the same. You can choose how much of the ticket price you want divided between the cards and can be for over 650 airlines


Can I buy airline tickets with multiple credit cards?

Two cards are accepted at the same time to buy flights (either two credit, two debit or multiple) at checkout when selecting Split Your Payment with Alternative Airlines. This can be with VISA and Mastercard to split the payment for airline tickets. All you need to do is enter your first credit card details for the first payment type and your second credit card details for the second payment type.


Which travel site accepts multiple credit cards for one purchase?

Alternative Airlines is a flight booking travel website that allows you to split a single flight ticket purchase between multiple credit or debit cards. This can be split between Mastercard and VISA or even combined with PayPal or PayPal Credit. The option to divide flight purchases between multiple credit cards, at the point of transaction, gives travellers the ease to buy flights easily and quickly.


Can I split the payment methods on American Airlines airfares?

Yes. You can split the payment method of airfares on American Airlines. We give you the option to divide your payment into two on all flights, or finance monthly, including airlines such as Emirates, United, Qatar Airways and Avianca.


What travel websites allow split payments?

Alternative Airlines is a flight search that allows payments to be split into two card types or two people. Just search and select the flights and routes suited to you and select "Split Your Payment" and follow the steps there. Choose either to split between major credit or debit cards and PayPal and PayPal Credit.

If you are unsure about using Alternative Airlines, you can read all about the company and how it is legitimate.


Can I split payment on Delta airline tickets?

Yes. You can split payment on Delta airline tickets. With Alternative Airlines, you can split your payment on all airline tickets, including airlines such as Southwest, Virgin, Norwegian, LATAM and more.


Which payment methods can I use to split my flight payment?

You can use split payments with card (VISA and Mastercard), or two PayPal accounts.


Can I use spread payments over time instead?

Yes, instead of using Split Payment, separate payments for flights tickets over time can be done by choosing Affirm (US only), Klarna, Fly Now Pay Later, QuadPay or PayPal Credit as a payment method.


Can I spread flight costs over two payments with multiple credit cards?

You can pay for flights with two different cards at the same time (either debit or credit card). So you can split the payment between two cards at the time of purchasing the flights. This can be with either Mastercard or Visa (or combined!). If you would like to spread the cost of flights over time, choose to use PayPal Credit, Fly Now Pay Later (UK), or Affirm (US) at the checkout.


Can I use Discover card to split payment on flights?

Discover card cannot be used to split the payment of you airline tickets as of now. Split Payment allows you to divide the cost of your airline tickets by using combination of either Visa, Mastercard, PayPal and PayPal Credit.


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