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The Makkah Clock Royal Tower in Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Search and Book Multi City Flights Within Saudi Arabia

Fancy a multi-city trip in Saudi Arabia but not sure which airlines you can fly with or where to? Look no further - we're here to help at Alternative Airlines.

At Alternative Airlines, you can search for multi-city flights in Saudi Arabia and fly between popular Saudi Arabian cities such as Riyadh, Jeddah, AlUla, Medina, Abha, Neom, Tabuk, Ta'if and more. We have 600+ airlines available to book flights with, including Saudia and flynas, which are the most popular airlines to fly with if you're looking to book a multi-city trip in Saudi Arabia.

Booking your multi-city Saudi Arabia flights with Alternative Airlines couldn't be easier - we've created a handy step-by-step guide on how to use our multi-city search tool. You can also manage your multi-city flights all in one place by logging into your Alternative Airlines account and even adding extras such as seat selection or extra baggage.

Use our search form to find and book multi-city flights within Saudi Arabia.

NEOM coastline and cliffs in Saudi Arabia

Airlines operating Multi-City Flights within Saudi Arabia

The airlines below operate domestic flights within Saudi Arabia - this means you can book multi-city flights in Saudi Arabia with these airlines:

Step 1 - Select multi-city option in the search form

How to Book Multi-City Flights within Saudi Arabia

Select the multi-city tool

Scrolling to the top of the page, select the 'multi-city' option on the search form.

Step 2 - Enter multiple Saudi Arabian destinations into search form

How to Book Multi-City Flights within Saudi Arabia

Enter multiple destinations

With the multi-city search tool, you can enter the Saudi Arabian cities you'd like to travel to and the dates you'll be flying for each leg of the journey.

Additionally, you can add how many passengers will be flying and the cabin classes you'd like to travel in. Click the 'Search Flights' button to proceed.

Step 3 - Select multi-city flights

How to Book Multi-City Flights within Saudi Arabia

Pick your flights

Once the search results have loaded, you can refine your search with our filters to help you identify the best flights for your multi-city journey. This includes flying with specific airlines, choosing the time you depart and/or arrive and many more.

Select the flights that work best for you and confirm your selection to proceed.

Step 4 - Review each flight and confirm booking

How to Book Multi-City Flights within Saudi Arabia

Confirm your multi-city booking

If you're happy with your multi-city Saudi Arabia flights, you can book them all in one quick, secure transaction and receive your tickets via email within minutes.

Picture of Medina in sunrise or sunset

What are Multi-City Flights?

Multi-city flights (otherwise known as multi-stop flights) are flights between 2 or more cities/destinations managed in one booking. For example, you may want to explore different cities in Saudi Arabia for your next trip. This means you can start your trip by flying to Riyadh, the capital of Saudi Arabia, then flying to Jeddah, Medina, Abha and other cities, before returning to Riyadh and finishing your action-packed Saudi Arabian adventure!

Multi-city flights are not the same as connecting (or transfer) flights. Connecting flights won't let you explore the city you've landed in for more than 2-3 hours - you'll need to stay close to the airport to make sure you don't miss your next flight. With multi-city flights, you can land in one city and spend as much time as you need (from days to weeks) before hopping on a flight to the next city - you'll get to make the most of your trip with multi-city flights.

Picture of a white building on the coast of Jeddah

Why Book Multi-City Flights in Saudi Arabia?

Booking multi-city flights in Saudi Arabia means you have the opportunity to efficiently explore its diverse cities, such as Riyadh, Jeddah and Medina. This option not only offers potential cost savings through bundled fares but also enhances convenience by enabling the management of multiple flights in one booking.

You can make the most of your time in Saudi Arabia by flying from one city to another, without the need for repetitive travel routes. Whether embarking on a cultural journey through Riyadh's modernity, experiencing Jeddah's vibrant coastal charm, or immersing yourself in the spiritual aura of Medina, multi-city flights in Saudi Arabia cater to a dynamic and personalised travel experience.

Popular Multi-City Stops in Saudi Arabia

Take a look at the most popular multi-city routes in Saudi Arabia:

Plane icon

Riyadh ✈ to Medina ✈ to Jeddah

Plane icon

Jeddah ✈ to Abha ✈ to Dammam

Plane icon

Jeddah ✈ to Riyadh ✈ to Neom

Plane icon

Riyadh ✈ to Abha ✈ to Jeddah

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Multi-City Flights within Saudi Arabia FAQs

Does Saudia do multi-city flights within Saudi Arabia?

Yes, Saudia operates domestic flights within Saudi Arabia which means you can book multi-city Saudi Arabia flights and fly with Saudia, only when you book through Alternative Airlines.

If you'd like to book multi-city flights in Saudi Arabia and only want to fly with Saudia, make sure to use the Airlines filter in the search results and select Saudia as your preferred airline to fly with. We'll aim to show you as many possible Saudia routes as possible for your multi-city trip.

How can I book multi-city Saudi Arabia flights?

With Alternative Airlines, booking your multi-stop Saudi Arabia flights is straightforward and easy to do - we've created a guide showing you how to search and book multi-city flights within Saudi Arabia. You'll be able to compare flight prices and dates, as well as add extras such as Cancellation Protection and Lost Baggage Protection.

Can I book longer multi-city stopovers within Saudi Arabia?

Why not? Saudi Arabia is a popular tourist destination full of sights for everyone to see, so if you need to extend your trip or want to spend longer than a few days or weeks in one city, you can! With multi-city flights in Saudi Arabia, you'll be able to spend as much time as you need between each city when you book through Alternative Airlines.

Can I pay for multi-city Saudi Arabia flights in instalments?

Absolutely! Stacking multiple flights into one booking can be rather costly so we understand the need to manage your travel budget stress-free. At Alternative Airlines, we have over 40 ways for you to pay for your flights including flexible Buy Now Pay Later plans that let you spread the cost of your multi-city Saudi Arabia flights over time.

We have hassle-free plans from Afterpay, Tabby, Postpay, Tamara, Affirm and many more, that can help you split the cost of your multi-city flights within Saudi Arabia into instalments that can be paid back over weeks or even months. Discover all of our convenient Buy Now Pay Later plans here.

Please note that different payment methods will be available at checkout depending on your country of residence and the currency you're paying in.

Are there any travel regulations or rules that need to be followed in Saudi Arabia?

Yes. Before you plan your visit to Saudi Arabia, there are a few important factors you need to know including visa requirements, how to respect the local culture, how to dress modestly and how to follow local customs. Read our blog on travel advice for Saudi Arabia if you're interested in visiting this country.