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Search and book multi-city flights with Flynas

Flynas is a leading Saudi Arabian low-cost airline. The airline was founded in 2007, now operating over 1,500 flights on a weekly basis to over 70 domestic and international destinations. It currently operates low-cost flights across the Middle East, Asia, Europe and Africa, and is a great airline to fly with for multi-city trips in these regions. Flynas offers a budget-friendly alternative to major airlines, focusing on point-to-point travel with a mixture of Economy and Business Class options.

At Alternative Airlines, we make it easy for you to book multi-city flights with Flynas. This guide will show you how to use our convenient multi-city search tool, letting you plan your multi-stop trip with as much flexibility as you need, all in one itinerary!

Popular multi-city flights with Flynas:

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Jeddah - Medina - Riyadh

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Dammam - Dubai - Sharm El Sheikh

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Salzburg - Budapest - Prague

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Amman - Tbilisi - Baku

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What are multi-city flights with Flynas?

Multi-city flights with Flynas are a type of journey that allows you to visit multiple destinations in one trip but with separate Flynas tickets for each leg. Unlike roundtrip flights where you return to your starting point, multi-city flights let you visit different cities on your journey. You get more flexibility with multi-city flights - you can customise your itinerary by choosing the order in which you visit the destinations, how long you spend in each city and also specific airlines (e.g., Flynas) for different parts of the journey.

Are multi-city flights the same as connecting flights? No. Multi-city flights offer more control and flexibility compared to connecting flights. This is because you can choose how many days or weeks you wish to stay in each city, for each leg of your trip. For example, you can book multi-city Flynas flights to visit Jeddah, Medina and Riyadh, with 2-3 weeks between each flight.

How to book multi-city Flynas flights

Step 1: Select the multi-city search option in the search form

Select the multi-city tool

To begin your search for multi-city Flynas flights on our platform, select the 'Multi-city' option in our search form at the top of the page.

How to book multi-city Flynas flights

Step 2: Enter the multi-city destinations into the search form

Enter multiple destinations

Next, you can pick which cities you plan to visit on your multi-stop trip and the dates to want to fly. You can enter up to 6 destinations in one booking at Alternative Airlines. Click on the 'Search Flights' button when you're ready to see the search results.

How to book multi-city Flynas flights

Step 3: Select Flynas as preferred airline to fly with

Select Flynas

If you want to fly on a specific airline, such as Flynas, you can use our 'Airlines' filter. We'll then show you routes that are operated by this particular airline. You can even select 'Operated by a single airline' if you want to only fly with Flynas for the entirety of your multi-city trip.

How to book multi-city Flynas flights

Step 4: Review multi-city trip details

Confirm your multi-city booking

Choose the flights that work best for your multi-city trip, then confirm your selection to move on to the checkout stage. You can review each leg of your journey on the next page. Multi-city flights can be pricey but with our Buy Now Pay Later plans, including Tabby and Tamara, you can easily spread the cost of your tickets over time.

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Popular multi-city flights with Flynas

If you need inspiration on where to go on your multi-city trip operated by Flynas, take a look at some popular multi-stop flight combinations below:

Jeddah ✈ Medina ✈ Riyadh

This route offers a religious journey through the heart of Saudi Arabia in just 3 cities. You can explore Islam's holiest sites in Medina, experience modern Saudi life in Riyadh, and perhaps start or end your trip in Jeddah, a gateway city to Mecca. It's the perfect opportunity to learn about Saudi Arabia's culture and experience the country's development.

Dammam ✈ Dubai ✈ Sharm El Sheikh

Start your trip in Dammam, Saudi Arabia's major port city, for a taste of the country's culture and a chance to relax on its long coastline. Next, fly to Dubai, a global city with world-class shopping, iconic skyscrapers like the Burj Khalifa, and an exciting nightlife scene. End your journey in Sharm El Sheikh, Egypt, a popular resort town on the Red Sea known for its outstanding coral reefs and luxurious hotels, perfect for diving, snorkelling and unwinding on the beach.

A view of Prague

Salzburg ✈ Budapest ✈ Prague

This Central European adventure hits three amazing cities all in one trip! On this journey, you can see Mozart's Salzburg, Budapest's architecture and Prague's historic centre. Each city has its own vibe, perfect for budget travellers wanting a taste of Central Europe's history and culture.

Amman ✈ Tbilisi ✈ Baku

This off-the-beaten-path route lets you discover hidden gems in Eurasia! Explore Jordan's ancient capital Amman, Georgia's lively Tbilisi with its delicious food, and Azerbaijan's Baku with its unique blend of modern and historic sites. Each destination offers a fresh perspective and exciting experiences for adventurous travellers seeking something beyond the usual tourist trail.

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Multi-city flights with Flynas FAQs

Where can I book multi-city Flynas flights?

You can book multi-city Flynas flights here at Alternative Airlines using our multi-city search tool at the top of the page. This allows you to add up to 6 destinations that can be booked all into one itinerary. When you hit the 'Search flights' button, we'll display all of the available routes between your chosen destinations and travel dates.

To see the multi-city routes operated by Flynas, select Flynas as your preferred airline within the search results. Pick the routes that work best for you and secure your booking at checkout - it's as easy as that!

Why should I book multi-city Flynas flights with Alternative Airlines?

There are several benefits to booking your multi-city Flynas flights with us at Alternative Airlines.

  • While Flynas' website might require separate bookings to make up a multi-city trip, at Alternative Airlines you can book flights with various airlines, including Flynas, in a single itinerary.
  • Searching for multi-city flights on our platform means you can compare prices from Flynas routes alongside other airlines that we ticket, so you can find the most cost-effective combination of flights for your multi-stop trip, without any limitations.
  • We have a fantastic Customer Service team that can help you with any queries or issues you might run into when booking and managing your multi-city Flynas flights.
  • We also offer additional services like Baggage Protection and Cancellation Protection for that extra layer of security on your booking.

Start your search for multi-city flights with Flynas today with our multi-city search tool at the top of the page.

How far in advance should I book my multi-city Flynas flights?

Prices of flights will rise during peak seasons (summer holidays, local festivals and religious journeys) and for popular routes. Availability of flights also becomes slim as you get closer to your desired travel date.

Because of this, we recommend booking your Flynas multi-city flights in advance by at least 2-3 months or as soon as your travel plans are confirmed.

Do I need a visa for each destination in my multi-city trip?

Visa requirements differ depending on where you're from and the countries you visit on your multi-city trip. It doesn't matter which airline you fly with - entry requirements are set by each country. Make sure to research visa information for every stop on your trip, regardless of the airline.

For more information on visa requirements, take a look at our guide on travel visas before you fly. We also have a blog post completely dedicated to Saudi Arabia's visa requirements which might be worth checking out if you're not a resident of Saudi Arabia.

What factors should I consider when choosing destinations for my multi-city trip with Flynas?

Before you book multi-city flights with Flynas on our site, you should consider doing the following:

  • Find out Flynas' destinations and understand where they fly. This will give you an idea of where you can fly from and which cities to visit on your trip.
  • Check the frequency of flights operated by Flynas between your chosen destinations. Your flexibility for your multi-city trip might be limited by infrequent flights.
  • Consider the best time to visit each destination based on weather, any events that are happening and potential price fluctuations.
  • If you're flying internationally with Flynas, research the visa requirements for each country you're going to visit. Some countries require visas obtained in advance while others offer visas on arrival.

You can ensure a smooth multi-city trip with Flynas by considering these factors.