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Airlines that Speak English

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The Language of the Skies

Since 1944 English has been chosen as the official language in aviation. English is the language used in international flights for all communications between  Flight crew and ground services as well as with the cabin staff, in those airlines with crew of different nationalities.

The are a few important reasons for airlines to speak English, number one is that procedure manuals will be easily understood – as English is the international as well as the aeronautical language, airline checklists and procedures manuals are edited in this language.

Another important reason is so passengers will follow the instructions – in case of an emergency, being fluent in the international language will allow people on board to understand the instructions they must follow, which increases the chances of the incident being solved safely.

It's also so passengers will feel understood – speaking in a language that almost everyone understands, will help to maintain a relaxed atmosphere in case of delays, missed connections or simple landing waits.

To allow a successful flight – in both airport and flight operations, the pilots as well as controllers and ground personnel involved need to be able to communicate.

Heathrow Terminal

Popular English-speaking Airlines

Virgin Atlantic

Since its founding in 1984, Virgin Atlantic has become one of the UK’s leading airlines. Virgin Atlantic’s reputation as one of the best airlines in the UK has been cemented by its commitment to environmental responsibility, safety, and passenger pleasure.

British Airways

British Airways offers passenger connections to over 180 destinations globally and their first language is English. The airline guarantees its passengers a safe and dependable travel experience through its strict maintenance schedules and proactive approach to installing cutting-edge safety measures. Because of this, British Airways is regarded as one of the best airlines in the UK and is well-known for its unrelenting commitment to both safety and passenger happiness.


EasyJet is a pioneer in the low-cost airline industry that has dominated the UK aviation scene since its founding in 1995. The airline was established to increase air travel accessibility for a wider range of people, and it has been successful in growing into one of Europe’s top low-cost carriers.

TUI Airways

TUI Airways lays a significant emphasis on customer service, with its cabin crew trained to deliver a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Due to its dedication to providing high-quality leisure travel, the airline has established a solid reputation among travellers and is regarded as one of the best in the UK.

Wizz Air

The route network of Wizz Air UK connects travellers to many destinations throughout Europe, including outside of the UK. The airline’s reputation for punctuality and dependability is a result of its concentration on point-to-point connectivity and a simplified operational strategy. Despite using a low-cost business strategy, the airline has worked to improve the whole traveller experience.

Other English-speaking Airlines:

  • America: American Airlines, Delta, United Airlines, JetBlue Airways, Southwest Airlines, Frontier Airlines, Spirit Airlines
  • United Arab Emirates: Emirates, Etihad, Fly Dubai, Air Arabia
  • Australia: Qantas, Bonza, Jetstar, Rex Airlines, Air Link, Virgin Australia
  • Spain: Vueling, Iberia, Air Europa
  • France: Air France, French Bee,
  • Canada: Air Canada, Porter Airlines, West Jet, Flair Airlines

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If you'd like to book flights with an English-speaking airline, you can fly with popular airlines such as British Airways, Virgin Atlantic, EasyJet, Ryanair and more!


Where can I book flights with airlines that speak English?

Here at Alternative Airlines! We ticket over 600 airlines, including popular English-speaking airlines like British Airways, EasyJet, TUI Airways and Virgin Atlantic.

How do I book a flight with a English-speaking airline?

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