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Looking to book flights to your upcoming destination and prefer flying with German-speaking airlines? Look no further! Alternative Airlines has you covered.

We've put together this informative guide to assist you in discovering airlines with German-speaking cabin crews, available destinations, and answers to frequently asked questions.

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Popular German-speaking Airlines


Lufthansa, the national flag carrier of Germany, proudly represents the country's aviation excellence. With an extensive and ever-expanding network, Lufthansa connects passengers to an impressive array of over 310 diverse destinations worldwide. From its home base in Germany, Lufthansa offers travellers the opportunity to explore an extensive range of international and domestic destinations

Busiest domestic destinations:
Berlin, Bremen, Cologne, Dresden, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Friedrichshafen, Hamburg, Hanover, Heringsdorf, Leipzig


Eurowings, a German budget airline, has its headquarters located in Düsseldorf and operates as a wholly-owned subsidiary of the Lufthansa Group. It serves a network of domestic and European destinations, previously including some long-haul routes. Eurowings maintains operational bases at multiple airports in Germany and Austria, as well as in Palma de Mallorca and Pristina.

Busiest domestic destinations:
Munich, Düsseldorf, Frankfurt, Berlin, Hamburg, Hanover

TUI fly Deutschland

TUI fly Deutschland, previously known as TUIfly, is a leisure airline based in Germany and operated by the travel and tourism conglomerate TUI Group. Its headquarters are situated at Hannover Airport, and it maintains operational bases at various other German airports.

Busiest domestic destinations:
Hanover, Düsseldorf, Cologne-Bonn, Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich

Lufthansa CityLine

Lufthansa CityLine, a German airline, is based at Munich Airport. As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Lufthansa, it also operates from hubs at Frankfurt Airport and Munich Airport. Lufthansa CityLine plays a pivotal role in Lufthansa Regional, operating an extensive network of domestic and European routes, and providing seamless connectivity to passengers.

Busiest domestic destinations:
Dusseldorf, Friedrichshafen, Munster/Osnabruck, Frankfurt, Westerland, Hanover, Hamburg, Leipzig


Condor Flugdienst, founded in 1955, is a German leisure airline with its primary hub at Frankfurt Airport. Condor specializes in scheduled flights to popular leisure destinations and provides medium-haul services from Germany to the Mediterranean Basin and the Canary Islands. Additionally, the airline offers long-haul flights to various destinations in Africa, Asia, North America, South America, and the Caribbean.

Busiest domestic destinations:
Berlin, Dusseldorf, Frankfurt, Hamburg, Leipzig, Stuttgart

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Where can I book flights with airlines that speak German?

With Alternative Airlines! Here, at Alternative Airlines we offer over 600 airlines, including many German-speaking airlines such as Lufthansa, Eurowings, TUI fly Deutschland and others. Several of these airlines offer flight services that span across all six continents, ensuring you'll discover a flight to your preferred destination with a dedicated German-speaking cabin crew.

How do I book a flight with a German-speaking airline?

Get your journey underway by utilising our user-friendly search form located at the top of this page. Enter your departure and arrival airports, travel dates, and any other preferences you have for your trip. Afterwards, simply click the 'Search Flights' button to generate your search results.

Within the search results, you have the flexibility to refine your search to display flights exclusively operated by your preferred German-speaking airline, such as Lufthansa or Eurowings.

Once you've found the flight that's perfect for you, proceed with ease to payment. We offer a selection of over 40 payment methods to cater to your convenience during checkout.

Why should I book flights with airlines that speak German?

If you are a German-speaking traveller or feel more comfortable communicating in German, booking with a German-speaking airline ensures that you can easily communicate with the cabin crew, flight attendants, and ground staff in your native language. Travelling can involve various instructions, safety announcements, and inquiries. Understanding these communications in your preferred language can enhance your overall travel experience and contribute to a stress-free journey.

Do cabin crew speak German on Lufthansa flights?

Yes! Usually on Lufthansa flights, you'll find German-speaking cabin crew since Lufthansa is the national flag carrier of Germany. Lufthansa provides high-quality service to passengers, including communication in the German language. While German is the primary language used on Lufthansa flights, the airline's crew often speaks English and may also be proficient in other languages to accommodate a diverse range of passengers from around the world.