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The Best Airlines for Moving

The Best Airlines for Moving

Our guide is here to help you understand airline policies when it comes to flying with your belongings, as well as the best airlines for flying with extra baggage. Also, check out our top tips!

Moving boxes

Flying your belongings via a commercial carrier

When moving, you may prefer to bring your most important and precious belongings with you onto the plane, rather than shipping things via a cargo carrier or ship. Some decide that a combination of transportation modes is the best option for them. It is important to prioritise your packages - shipping via a cargo ship or cargo plane can take a lot longer, so for belongings that you want to arrive as soon as possible, bringing them onto the plane with you is a faster and safer option.

You may be planning on moving lightly, without lots of furniture and just a few important items - perhaps you are moving into a fully furnished apartment. University students, who may be moving to another part of the country, or even abroad, are also especially likely to be moving lightly, as the majority of belongings will be left at home.

If you do plan on flying with your belongings, it is crucial to understand airline baggage policies, so you can save time, stress, and (perhaps most importantly) cost!

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The Best Airlines for Moving A Complete Guide


As well as focusing on ticket prices, you need to consider baggage allowance and extra baggage fees. Some airlines will limit the number and/or weight of bags and boxes that you can check-in to the aircraft's hold. It is important to know exactly what the airline will allow (and what the costs will be) before you purchase your ticket. If you plan on checking-in an extra bag or two, this is likely to be absolutely fine. Many airlines allow extra bags to be added for a low fee. To help you understand airline policies, check out our useful guides:

The best airlines for oversized baggage

How to book extra baggage through Alternative Airlines


If you’re moving from one part of a country to another, you may find that catching a domestic or regional flight is the quickest and easiest way to travel back-and-forwards. Moving can be a long process, from inspecting properties to the actual move, and flying can be a great alternative to travelling by car or truck.

For more information, check out our guides to domestic air travel. Our guides offer an overview of domestic flights in countries including the US, Canada, Australia, South Africa, the UK, and many more countries, complete with information on the best airlines for flying domestically and top FAQs.

Moving by plane Top Tips

Minimise stress where you can

Air travel can be very stressful, and that’s when you’re just transporting yourself and your family! Having to arrange, plan and actually move your belongings will likely amplify this stress. Plan ahead, package and label your belongings appropriately, pre-arrange transportation to the airport, and learn how to perfect your airport experience.

Get your documents ready

Make sure that you have all the documents you might need - including passports and/or id cards. Our domestic flight guides also explain passport requirements if you are flying within the same country.

If you are flying internationally, you may require a Visa or eVisa before flying.

Fast-track airport procedures

Depending on where you are flying to/from, many governments have introduced fast-track security or passport control procedures. Understanding whether you are eligible for any fast-track procedure (and security or passport line to queue up in!) can make a massive difference to your airport experience.

US residents can speed things up when flying within or to/from the US with CLEAR membership (for security fast tracking) and premium passport control. 

Flying with unusual belongings?

These guides might help:

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Flying with cash

Don't be caught out - send valuable but banned flight items via airport mailers

There are a number of airports that provide a service whereby valuable but banned items can be sent via airport mailer. Items might include expensive knives, blades, scissors (art students beware!), and unexpected liquids such as snowglobes and lighters.