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A Guide to Airport Mailers

Airport Mailers

Did you forget to leave at home your valuable flight banned items that you have on you? This guide is complete with FAQ’s, tips on what you can do at security when you realise you can't board with flight banned items that you possess.

Airport terminal

What is an Airport Mailer?

Have you ever got to airport security unloaded your pockets to find your trusty pocket knife or a large bottle of perfume or even booze in your hand luggage? You have no way or time in dropping these valuable items back home. Many people have been in this situation and without knowing their options they simply hand it to airport security. If you don't want these valuable items of yours to be taken, you can be sure to use these special companies that will send your item safely to your home address.

These items can range from expensive knives, blades, scissors, liquids including snowglobes and lighters. For more information on what airport security don't accept, check out our blog here.

Costs differ from company to company, Airport Mailers, however, are based at 22 destinations offering domestic and international packaging. Banned items being sent domestically excluding postage will cost you around $15, liquids around $22 and a lighter around $20. For international packaging, however, only solid items can only be sent and will cost around $20 excluding packaging. This can be paid by cash or credit cards only as it may delay the process in processing if not paid by those methods. (MasterCard, Visa and American Express only).

How does it work?

Follow these simple guidelines at the airport, if you don't want to lose your expensive possessions.

Take a from Airport Mailers desk

Once you've realised you want to keep your valuable items. Head straight to the airport Mailing desk and ask for a form which you can fill out for your items to be sent to your home. They are normally located in the supply holder.

Complete the form

Make sure that you fully complete the form without leaving any room for errors. Therefore double check once you've completed the form to see if all your details are correct. Also, make sure that your handwriting is readable as it may delay your delivery or render your item as undeliverable.

Pack your Items

Place your item into the order form in the resealable bag and deposit the bag into the box provided.

Which airports offer airport mailering?

Airport Mailers offer services to 22 airport locations. Not all airports have airport mailing services, please see the list below for the airports that offer mailing services. The second table below shows airport mailing companies operating in UK airport.

  • Columbus Regional Airport
  • Akron Canton Airport
  • El Paso International Airport
  • Las Vegas McCarran International Airport
  • Raleigh Durham International Airport
  • Will Rogers World Airport, Oklahoma City
  • Boston Logan International Airport
  • Dallas Fort Worth International Airport
  • Indianapolis International Airport
  • Orlando International Airport
  • Reno Tahoe International Airport
  • Charlotte Douglas International Airport
  • Charlottesville-Albemarle Airport
  • Dallas Love Field
  • Jacksonville International Airport
  • Pensacola Airport
  • San Francisco International Airport
  • Cleveland Hopkins International Airport
  • Denver International Airport
  • Kansas City International Airport
  • Greater Rochester International Airport
  • San Jose International Airport
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London Heathrow Airport, Bristol Airport, London City AirportLuton Airport

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