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Flying with Valuable Items

Flying with Valuable Items

Find out how to transport and fly with a range of valuable items with Alternative Airlines.

From bikes to cash or a laptop, Alternative Airlines provides guidance on travelling with a range of valuable items, regardless of the size.


Travelling with clothes is usually hassle-free as they can fit easily in your checked or hold luggage. But what happens when you have to transport valuable or special-value clothes, such as wedding dresses or suits? Click the icon above to find out the best way to transport these items, and how Alternative Airlines can help.


Find information about which electronic items you are allowed to take with you on the plane, including where they are permitted to be transported. We also provide more detailed information about each type of tech device, including FAQs and what we can do to help.

Important Documents

Read about what important documents you may need for travel, including passports, VISAs, NEXUS card and green cards. Although these items are not valuable in terms of expense, they are invaluable in terms of your travel. In cases where you are required to have these important documents for travel, if you loose them then you may not be permitted to travel. We recommend keeping them safe in a handy zipped pocket on your person or in your hand luggage. If your hand luggage gets gate-checked, you will need to ensure you take these important documents out so they are not left unattended where they are more at risk, and either keep them in a pocket on you, or transfer them to a smaller bag or personal item which you are able to take on the plane with you.

Large Valuables

Large valuables such as musical instruments, bikes and sports equipment can be problematic to take on a plane. Passengers often find themselves debating if it is better to put their items as excess hold baggage where it may be at greater risk, or book a seat and take it with them on the plane. Read Alternative Airlines recommendations for each large and valuable item by clicking on the appropriate icon on the valuables page.

Monetary Items

Travelling with money can be risky. Thankfully, Alternative Airlines guide explores the best way to travel with your foreign and home currency. We also explore other topics to do with money, such as how much money you are allowed to bring in and take out of the country, according to customs rules. Click on the icon above to read more information and advice.

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