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Learn the answers to your passport and travel document questions. Find out what documents are needed for your flight and which countries you can travel to with your passport or ID card.


Travel Documents and Visas

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Name Changes

If you are concerned that the name on your flight ticket does not match your passport or ID card, please visit our name changes page or contact Alternative Airlines.


What Travel Documents Do I Need When Flying?

Not all documents are essential for travel. Some documents, like Nexus Cards, are optional programs designed to get you through security, customs and immigration quicker. Whereas other documents, such as visas, are only essential if you're travelling to a country that requires you to have one. 


Some form of identification is required, regardless of the length of your journey or the destinations that you're flying between. For international flights, you're required to bring a passport. For domestic flights, you don't need to bring your passport but will need some form of government-issued identification. Some airlines will allow you to bring two pieces of non-photo identification that match the name and date of birth on your reservation. Whereas others will request that you must bring a photo ID with the name and date of birth matching your reservation.