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Passport Expiry Rules

Expired passport rules

Is your passport expiring soon? Learn what you can and can't do with an expired passport.

Passport expiry date by country

Take a look at our table below which shows how many years after the date issue that the passport expires for each country.


  • Algeria: 10 years
  • Beninese: 6 years
  • Egypt: 7 years
  • Eritrean: 5 years
  • Ethiopia: 5 years
  • Ghana: 10 years
  • Kenya: 10 years
  • Libya: 10 years
  • Morocco: 5 years
  • Namibia: 5 years
  • Senegal: 5 years
  • South Africa: 10 years
  • Sudan: 5 years
  • Tanzania: 10 years
  • Togolese: 5 years
  • Tunisia: 5 years
  • Uganda: 10 years


  • Afghanistan: 5 years
  • Armenia: 10 years
  • Azerbaijan: 10 years
  • Bahrain: 10 years
  • Bangladesh: 10 years
  • Brunei: 5 years
  • Cambodia: 10 years
  • China: 10 years
  • Cyprus: 10 years
  • Hong Kong: 10 years
  • India: 10 years
  • Indonesia: 5 years
  • Iran: 5 years
  • Iraq: 8 years
  • Israel: 5 or 10 years
  • Japan: 5 or 10 years
  • Kazakhstan: 10 years
  • Kuwait: 5 or 10 years
  • Laos: 10 years
  • Lebanon: 5 or 10 years
  • Macao: 10 years
  • Malaysia: 5 years
  • Maldives: 5 years
  • Nepal: 10 years
  • Pakistan: 5 or 10 years
  • The Philippines: 10 years
  • Saudi Arabia: 10 years
  • Singapore: 5 years
  • South Korea: 10 years
  • Sri Lanka: 10 years
  • Taiwan: 5 or 10 years
  • Tunisia: 5 years
  • Thailand: 5 years
  • Turkey: 10 years
  • Vietnam: 10 years
  • Yemeni: 6 years

North & Central America

  • Anguilla: 10 years
  • Antigua & Barbuda: 10 years
  • Barbados: 10 years
  • Canada: 5 or 10 years
  • Cayman Islands: 10 years
  • Costa Rica: 6 years
  • Cuba: 6 years
  • Dominican Republic: 6 or 10 years
  • Grenada: 5 years
  • Jamaica: 5 or 10 years
  • Mexico: 1, 3, 6, or 10 years
  • Panama: 5 years
  • St. Kitts and Nevis: 10 years
  • Trinidad & Tobago: 10 years
  • USA: 10 years


  • Albania: 10 years
  • Andorra: 10 years
  • Austria: 10 years
  • Belarus: 10 years
  • Belgium: 10 years
  • Bulgaria: 5 or 10 years
  • Croatia: 6 or 10 years
  • Czech Republic: 10 years
  • Cyprus: 10 years
  • Denmark: 10 years
  • Estonia: 10 years
  • Finland: 5 years
  • France: 5 years
  • Germany: 10 years
  • Greece: 5 years
  • Guernsey: 10 years
  • Hungary: 10 years
  • Iceland: 10 years
  • Ireland: 10 years
  • Italy: 10 years
  • Latvia: 10 years
  • Liechtenstein: 10 years
  • Lithuania: 10 years
  • Luxembourg: 5 years
  • Malta: 10 years
  • Moldova: 10 years
  • Netherlands: 10 years
  • North Macedonia: 10 years
  • Norway: 10 years
  • Poland: 10 years
  • Portugal: 5 years
  • Romania: 10 years
  • Russia: 10 years
  • Serbia: 10 years
  • Slovakia: 10 years
  • Spain: 10 years
  • Switzerland: 10 years
  • Ukraine: 10 years


  • Australia: 10 years
  • New Zealand: 10 years
  • Papua New Guinea: 5 years
  • Tonga: 10 years
  • Tuvaluan: 5 years

South America

  • Argentina: 10 years
  • Brazil: 10 years
  • Chile: 5 years
  • Colombia: 10 years
  • Ecuador: 6 years
  • Costa Rica: 6 years
  • Guyana: 5 years
  • Peru: 2 or 5 years
  • Uruguay: 10 years
  • Venezuela: 5 years

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Passport Expiry FAQs

How long past expiry does your passport need to be valid until for you to travel on it?

The length of time that your passport needs to be valid until for you to travel on it will differ depending on your citizenship and the country that you're flying to.

Usually, the maximum amount of time that a country will require your passport to be valid for will be at least six months. In other cases, it might be necessary for your passport to be valid for 28 days or one month past your date of exit. And, sometimes, your passport will only need to be valid for the length of your stay.

It's best to check with the governing body of the country that your passport is issued from to see what the restrictions are.

When does my passport expire?

Generally, a passport will expire 5 or 10 years past the date that it was issued, but this will differ depending on the country of the passport. The expiry date of your passport will be written inside your passport, along with the date that it was issued, so you can check the date it is valid until yourself.

Take a look at our table which shows the expiration period for each country.

Can you book a flight with an expired passport?

Yes, you can book a flight with an expired passport, but only because a passport isn't actually required to book a flight, regardless of whether it's valid or invalid. The vast majority of airlines will only ask for your passport when you come to check-in for your flight, in which case, an expired passport is not valid for check-in. Check out which places you can travel without a passport!

Can I travel with an expired passport on international flights?

On international flights, you cannot travel on an expired passport. Depending on the country of the passport you're travelling on and the destination that you're travelling to, your passport might need to be valid for up to at least six months past your date of travel. Please bear in mind that you'll be refused entry into the country if your passport isn't valid.

Can I travel with an expired passport on domestic flights?

No, an expired passport isn't a form of valid identification for domestic flights. Although — unlike international flights — a passport isn't essential for domestic travel, airlines do require you to present an in-date form of photo identification (such as a valid passport, drivers license or a form of photo ID distributed by an educational body).

Can I travel with an expired passport back to my country?

No, you can't travel back to your country on an expired passport if your passport expires while you're away. In fact, if your passport is due to expire before the return flight to your country, you won't be allowed to enter the country that you're visiting in the first place. To gain entry to a country, at the very minimum, your passport must be valid for the length of your stay.

Before flying please ensure to check that your passport is valid for the time period you're away on holiday.

What should I do if I realise my passport is expired at the last minute?

If you realise your passport has expired and you're supposed to go away soon, you should contact the authority that is in charge of issuing passports in your country. As long as the date of travel isn't too close, they might be able to arrange an emergency passport to be issued to you before you go away.

Will TSA accept an expired passport?

No, TSA will not accept an expired passport for a flight. For international travel, a valid passport is essential. For domestic flights, a valid passport isn't essential, but you must have some form of valid photo identification that hasn't expired.

How should I dispose of an expired passport?

We don't recommend disposing of your old passport, especially if you have a valid visa's inside of it. An old passport can still hold some value as it acts as evidence that you're a citizen of that country. If you do keep your passport, you should keep it in a safe place.

If you do decide to dispose of your passport, it's a good idea to shred or burn it, to protect it from fraudsters.

Can an expired passport be renewed?

Yes, expired passports can be renewed. It's essential that you renew your passport to ensure that it's valid if you're travelling on an international flight to another country. Passport renewals can be done at any time - please note that when travelling to some countries your passport must be valid at least 6 months before the passport expiration date.

How to renew an expired passport?

To renew an expired passport, you must fill out an application and send it to the authorities that issue passports in the country that you're applying for. In most countries, you'll need to pay for the renewal of your passport.

Can an expired passport be used for i-9?

Yes, both a valid and expired passport can be used for a 1-9 form.

What is a passport expiry date?

A passport expiration date tells you the date your passport is no longer valid. Once your passport runs out of date, you cannot use it as valid identification. During the time of validity, you can use your passport as a form of identification for travel.

Is an expired passport proof of citizenship?

Yes, an expired passport is proof of citizenship and most countries will recognise a passport as proof of citizenship, even if it has expired. In most cases, you'll need to show your old passport as a form of identification in order to renew your passport.

Are expired passports valid id?

Whether an expired passport can be used as valid ID depends on which country the passport is from and what the purpose is.

For example, an expired passport cannot be used as valid ID if a proof is age is required. This includes using it for things such as buying alcohol or gambling.

On the other hand, an expired passport is a valid ID for proving citizenship.