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Flying with an ID Card

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Flying with an ID Card

Find out if you can fly with an ID card and where you are permitted to use one.

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Can I use an ID Card for Flights?

You'll need to have a verified form of identification on both domestic and international flights, regardless of the length or details of your journey.

International Flights

On International flights, all passengers must have a valid passport, and if required, a valid visa for the country they will be staying in.

You can find out more about passports and their requirements in different countries here, along with different questions for different countries.

Domestic Flights

On domestic flights, you do not necessarily need a passport, but you will still need some form of government-issued and/or approved ID. For ease, some passengers choose to use their passport as it is a valid form of ID, whereas some will use another form of photo ID.

What is a good form of ID Card?

Although it will vary depending on specific airline, airport and country requirements, the following is generally a good guide to what is accepted as ID on flights.

Valid Passport

Valid photographic Eu or Swiss national identity card

Valid photographic driving licence

Valid armed forces identity card

Valid police warrant badge/card

In some cases, an expired passport (up to two years expired) will be accepted as ID on domestic flights. This is the case on airline flybe.

ID Card FAQs

What is an ID Card in Europe?

An ID card was an initiative by the European Economic Area which allows citizens to use it as an identity and travel document. These National Identity cards are available in all European Union member states apart from Denmark, Ireland, the United Kingdom and Liechtenstein. They are an alternative to a passport.

Do Children need ID on domestic flights?

Excluding Italy, children under the age of 16 will generally not need ID on domestic flights as the adult they are travelling with can vouch for the child's identity. On Italian domestic flights, however, children under 14 are required to show some photographic ID.

Do Unaccompanied minors on domestic flights require ID?

On domestic flights within the US, children do not usually need photo ID. However, most airlines will require the person dropping off the minor to display some photo ID and vouch for the ID of the child. If the child is between 15- 17 years old, they will usually need ID to fly.