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Departure Card - Know Before You Go

Departure Cards

Which countries require passengers to present a departure card when leaving a country? Discover all you need to know about departure cards.

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What is a Departure Card?

A departure card is a legal document used by immigration authorities to provide passenger identification and to keep a record of a person’s departure from a country.

In some countries, a departure card is also called an outgoing passenger card or embarkation card.

A departure card can also be used to declare health and character requirements for non-citizens who are entering a country.

The departure card might come attached with a corresponding arrival card and be kept in the passport after passport control is cleared, and kept in the passport until passing through passport control when leaving the country.

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Do I need a departure card when leaving Thailand?

Foreign visitors arriving or departing Thailand will be required to fill out both an arrival and departure card.

How does the departure card work?

When flying to Thailand you’ll be given an arrival and departure card by your airline's flight attendant. You will need to complete your arrival card as this will be needed to pass through immigration when you land. When you successfully pass through immigration, the immigration agent will give you your passport back with the departure card still inside. It is important to retain this card and keep it safe. Many hotels will need the number on the card to check you in. The departure card should be kept in your passport for the entire duration of your stay in Thailand. When you depart Thailand you will be stamped out with an exit date, and the departure card will be taken and retained by Thai immigration officials.

Do I need a departure card when leaving India?

From July 2017, Indian nationals flying out of India will be exempt from having to complete a departure card.

Foreign nationals are not required to fill in a Embarkation (Departure) Card when leaving India, which has been the case since March 2014.

Do I need a departure card when leaving Australia?

Departure cards are no longer required when leaving Australia, as they were stopped on 1 July 2017.

Do I need a departure card when leaving the Philippines?

In July 2018, the Bureau of Immigration (BI) issued travel (departure) cards for international passengers at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA), to be followed by airports across the Philippines.