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Buy Flights with Zenka

Zenka is currently unavailable

Unfortunately, Zenka is not available as a payment method at the moment. If you are looking to book your flights today and pay back later, Alternative Airlines does offer lots of alternative finance options. To find out more about all our options, follow this link:

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Buy Flights with Zenka

Zenka Finance is one of the most popular payment loan apps in Kenya. It is a popular and rapidly growing flexible personal loan platform, empowering Kenyans to take more control over their finances. With a simple registration and application process, Kenyan users will receive their loans straight into their M-Pesa accounts, in just 5 minutes!

How does Zenka work?

Zenka is a mobile app, which is easy to download and use. To use the service, users simply need to download the app, and install it on their mobiles.

After the app has been downloaded, users can choose how much money is needed, then sign-up, create an account, and submit an application. Once the application is approved, the loan will be available via the user’s M-Pesa account.

Customers can choose a loan amount between KSh 500 and KSh 30,000 ($4.60 USD - $ 276.28 USD)

Zenka offers loans with 61-day term, which is payable in 2 instalments

Zenka’s processing fee ranges from KSh 45 – KSh 870 ($0.41 USD - $ 8.01 USD), which is a one-time charge.

To use Zenka, customers need to be residents of Kenya, and have access to an M-Pesa account.

How to buy flights with Zenka

  1. Use Alternative Airlines' website to search for your flights — you can choose from over 600 global airlines!
  2. Enter your passenger details, then proceed to checkout. Select Zenka as your chosen payment method.
  3. Complete Zenka's easy application, which is quick and easy.
  4. Once approved, you'll be able to book your flights straight away, using your Zenka loan.
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Zenka & Flights

Whether for leisure or business or to visit family/friends, there are many reasons why you might be looking to book flights. However, flying isn’t always cheap. That’s where Alternative Airlines comes in! We’re an online flight search and booking site that makes it easier than ever to book flights on over 600 global airlines, and then checkout by paying the way you want.

Kenyan travellers can currently book using Kenyan shilling, and pay using their M-Pesa accounts.

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Buy Flights with Zenka FAQs

Is Zenka safe to use?

Zenka uses state-of-the-art encryption techniques and is a trusted and safe platform. Customer data is never shared with third parties, except for reporting to authorized Credit Bureaus.

Zenka Finance won the Financial Inclusion ‘Fini’ Awards in 2019, for being the ‘most preferred non-banking loan platform in 2019’, as well as the Digital Tech Excellence Awards Gala 2019 for being the ‘most promising mobile loans platform in 2019’.

Does it impact my credit score?

Yes, using Zenka will impact your credit score. Zenka reports the following Credit Bureaus: Metropol, TransUnion and CreditInfo.

However, timely repayment does increase your credit limit, which means you will be eligible to apply for a higher amount in the future.

What language does Zenka support?

The Zenka app only supports English.

What information does Zenka require to create an account?

The app will need some personal information to be able to approve your loan. Information required is: your full name and National ID.

Can I request a loan extension?

Yes, Zenka does offer a loan extension feature, that gives you more control by letting you postpone your due date by 7, 14 or 30 days. Fees will apply, which will be displayed upon request of extension, and will depend on the extension term.

Can I book domestic flights within Kenya using Zenka?

Yes, you can book a domestic flight and checkout with a Zenka loan when you book through Alternative Airlines. Domestic airlines in Kenya include: African Express Airways, Airkenya Express, East African Safari Air, Jambojet, Kenya Airways, Mombasa Air Safari, and Safarilink Aviation.

Top Tip:
 Our guide to domestic flights in Kenya includes lots of helpful information, including an airline guide and FAQs.

Can I book international flights using Zenka?

Yes, if you have a Zenka and M-Pesa account, have been approved for a Zenka loan, and are a Kenyan resident, you can choose from any of the 600 global airlines available to book through Alternative Airlines. Airlines include QantasAmerican AirlinesBritish AirwaysDelta Air LinesNorwegian, and Emirates.